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  1. The media.

    Be honest, Most of us only know stuff from the media...social,TV or tabloids. How can anyone know what we are being fed is actually true?..take Murdoch if he wants to tell the world his version of events then his outlets will tell us what he thinks..sadly many believe the stories hook line and...
  2. davewebbsbrain

    Mallorca in April

    I am thinking of spending a few days on Mallorca around the start of April. Has anyone been there in April before and can tell me what the weather was like? I am hoping for a bit of warmth but weather sites only say about 12-13 degrees at the start of April which isn't overly warm
  3. Question Sun 30th April

    Can anyone tell me why our last game, against Bury, is on Sunday 30th April at 1200? Never known us not to have a game in May. Cheers............Festive Greetings
  4. So how does that work?

    While Dan Bentley will one day be able to tell his grandchildren that he scored for his own side at Wembley, yesterday's 3rd goal is credited (eg Sky, BBC) to McLaughlin - even though the accompanying reports make it clear the ball only ended up in the net as a rebound off the keeper's back. Of...
  5. Hang them !

    Ex professionals were abused by their coach,some of the stories being told are heartbreaking. I URGE ANY CHILD WHO MAY BE IN THE SAME SITUATION TO CONTACT THE POLICE,TELL THEIR PARENTS. These sick evil blokes who committed these crimes should be hung...or better still put them in a room with...
  6. * ORM *

    For the love of (Adam Barrett)

    Ron, pull the trigger now. We have a squad good enough to hold its own. We have a manager that for the best part of 9 months has got nothing consistently decent out of them. One game doesn't tell the truth, patterns don't lie. The referee, injuries, bad luck. Every team faces this. Phil's time...
  7. Ex-Blues current selection

    Someone suggested selecting a team of ex-Blues based on their current levels,so I've had a go-please tell me any important Players I've forgotten! Team A is players who've proved their ability either with us or elsewhere to play at a higher level:- TEAM A Federici. Bournemouth Francis...
  8. Tangled up in Blue

    Copa América

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jun/01/copa-america-begins-after-scandal-jeffrey-webb-power-broker-illegal-trial-us The tournament K.O. is later today. Never actually been to one,But I did put my name down for WSC's Copa América trip to Bolivia a few years back. Unfortunately that...
  9. Napster

    Damian Scannell

    Joins Tonbridge Angels http://www.courier.co.uk/Tonbridge-Angels-swoop-ex-Sutton-United-Dulwich/story-29268273-detail/story.html
  10. Fred

    Video Editing software

    Now the footballs nearly over and I'm looking for something to cure the boredom, Mrs Fred suggested that I produce an edited version of our 2012, yes that long ago, Florida holiday videos. She bought me some software 2 years ago (Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 Premium) to edit them with but I just...
  11. Sad News. Another Great Shrimper gone.

    I am very sad to tell you that we lost another long term Shrimper yesterday. His name was Tony Livermore from Kent Avenue Leigh. He somehow got the nickname weasel. Tony started watching Southend in the late Sixties. Tony was a great guy, quite harmless. Fit as a fiddle as a teenager, but the...
  12. Where are the Phil lovers then ?

    Very silent so far tonight, You know the one's who tell us everything is rosy and we played great but were unlucky time and time again. Where are they?,cmon Westy and Riggers and the rest,tell us what went wrong tonight,I stayed home by the way! Time for a change ,sorry Phil enough is...
  13. John McDonnell

    On Tuesday evening John McDonnell came to my work and did a speech on Labour's economic policy. The oddest thing was that it was basically a social democrat speech. It could have been given by Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown or Tony Blair. There wasn't a lot that he said that I or any other centre...
  14. Nutella

    Simple! Like it or loathe it. No half measure Pussies in this thread mofos with some standard pussyish Bart/OBL response. The poll is for winners!
  15. Things you have inadvertently broken at work

    I just opened the main door to the office and the handle came off in my hand :smile: Fortunately it's a double door so I could still get in. Before Christmas, I pressed Ground Floor on the lift, doors closed, lift didn't move, doors opened and displayed an Lift Buggered message - which took...
  16. RHB

    Anyone seen where the spirit of Christmas went?

    I don't know whether it's the mild weather, the economic situation or what, but this year's build up to Christmas has been remarkably low key for us so far this year. We've been out to pubs and restaurants that would normally be heaving by now and they're not, shops and high streets are full of...
  17. RobM

    Found in Corringham

    ...an SUFC scarf. If the owner can tell me where exactly and when, I'll see it home.
  18. Yorkshire Blue

    Silverwood named as Essex coach

    Those of us thinking a new broom was needed will be sorely disappointed that this opportunity has been missed, but I wish him all the best. My sources tell me he has some very different ideas to Grayson and that the delay was because the club were aware how terrible it would look appointing...
  19. southend_aussies

    Next month will tell us where we are

    The next month of fixtures, in my opinion, will show us exactly where we are as we head into the New Year. Today - Wigan (H) - 5th 12th December - Bradford (A) - 6th 18th December - Bury (H) - 9th 26th December - Colchester (A) - 19th (but position doesn't matter in a rivalry) 28th December -...
  20. Rob Noxious

    Monday Night Noxious Club

    At the risk of upsetting Berrichonne Shrimper with my unfettered ego, I'd like to tell you about a radio show that I'm kicking off tomorrow night on The Source 96.1FM. As TravelZoners will know, I like to get a bit of Shrimpers-related stuff into my public service broadcasting and I hope to find...