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  1. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Half Time Challenge (when a car was won)

    For purposes of a missive I am putting together on Roots Hall memories, can anyone tell me please what game it was (and when) that someone first won a car with the half time challenge (where i think the task was to put three balls over a barrier in the goal and in to the net from various...
  2. RHB

    Dave has the hump with his local council!

    This made me smile on the BBC news this morning. PM leaning on local Tories?, naughty boy! David Cameron is involved in a row with the Conservative leader of his local county council over cuts to services. The PM has written to Oxfordshire council leader Ian Hudspeth saying he is "disappointed"...
  3. * ORM *

    Russian Plane crash now suspected bomb. What next?

    Wasn't sure whether to put here or in Politics forum. I'm starting to lose faith. The war on terror is 14 years old and I would argue that terrorism on a global scale is worse now than it was in 2001 Wiki is trying to tell me otherwise but I don't feel the world to be a safer place...
  4. 84 Bishops !

    So the 84 demand Dave Cam take 50,000 refugees YET those dear Bishops interviewed all said they would not have them living in their homes.These tell us all how to live and what we should be doing but of course their advice/demands doesn't apply to theirselves. I think the 84 plus Sturgeon and...
  5. Diabetes

    After the newspaper article and the few posts after the Ben thread was re-hashed i thought we could do a thread on the the sugar rush of a diease. so post if you have it type one or two(just for barna) and tell us your stories good or bad and hopefully we may be able to help any new converts or...
  6. SUFC U21 team photo

    Yesterday, Chris Phillips tweeted a link to a team photo of U21 team. If anyone has a look at the photo, please can they tell me who's who? I know the second from left at the back is Nico Cotton, to his right is Harry Kypraniou and then of course Ted Smith. Any help with the others...
  7. Magnum PI

    Fixture Difficulty - Analysis

    I have always had it in my head that over a course of the season some teams might end up getting more difficult or easy fixtures depending on when they play certain teams. I decided this season I would keep my eye on this with some ongoing analysis of League 1. Nothing amazingly scientific but...
  8. Memory Lane The late, great, Reverend Bob - 12 years on!

    Many will read this and think "who?"... However I'm sure there are also plenty here that will think, "crikey there's a name from the past". It's been 12 years since Bob passed away. Many of us will have fond memories and stories to tell... Hopefully some will share them here. And what an...
  9. Greebosan

    How much coffee?

    Been having a discussion at work, after my colleagues expressed their shock, and, no doubt, considerable awe at the amount of coffee I drink in a week. I think that the other week I worked my way through a 200g jar of Tesco instant (strength 3). By way of explanation, I only drink black...
  10. yogi bear up the cagire

    Joe Pigott

    Let's not dream anymore that he is going to return. Came on in the second-half as a Charlton X1 met the Clarets at Chelmsford. The visitors took the lead before that man Bricknell equalled things up just before the break. Pigott was involved in the action...... Charlton Athletic FC...
  11. londonblue

    Does Anyone on Here Happen to Work for Network Rail?

    If you do, can you tell me what this is? I see them on the side of the railway line, but have no idea what they are. The picture isn't very clear, but they're made of wood and painted yellow. The one in the picture has the number 15 on it, but they go up in quarters, so you have 14, 1/4, 1/2...
  12. GregStarz

    The Soccer Manager Thread

    All discussions and news to be posted in here :winking: Have you just signed a great player? Have you just been promoted or relegated? Did you just beat Chelsea in the cup? Tell us all in here :thumbsup: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  13. Idiot Alert!!!

    :dim: :dim: :dim: :dim: :dim: :dim: :dim: :dim: :dim: :dim:... Sorry but i need help(some, who know me, might say that that has been evident for years)! Not normally paid until 22nd of the month but my employers have kindly advanced me my pay so i can now buy tickets for me and my son to...
  14. Wycombe warning

    So, you play the mighty Wycombe Whingers synchronized diving team, eh? Some of you will know this but, for those who have not had the "pleasure" of watching Wycombe, you are in for a dreadful shock. Their stock-in-trade is to dive and feign injury on a truly industrial scale. Astonishingly, they...
  15. RHB

    What do we get after Thursday?

    I have absolutely no idea what the outcome of Thursday's election results will be, apart from whoever gets in, they will not meet the needs of the majority of voters in this country. I've always been a lifelong Labour voter but I'm really struggling to bond this time round and the rest of the...
  16. Will Brown's team bottle it for a 4th time?

    1st there was the Wembley appearance of two years ago. 2nd the play off games against Burton last season. 3rd yesterdays promotion game. 4th now with a possible Wembley final in reach, has a team under his managership the sheer guts and mental strenght to be winners, or are our team, at the end...
  17. Wedding drama

    Tell me your stories! My friend Baz just returned from panama with this story: Maeve also caused drama with one of my mates when we went to Baz's wedding. Not a good wedding without some form of family drama or dispute.
  18. amsemp

    Costochondritis - Help?

    Was having pain in my upper chest, shoulder and upper back for about a week and a half and convinced myself I was definitley dying. My other half persuaded me to go the GP and I've since been told I've got Costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage attaching the ribs to the sternum) and...
  19. Help Needed - Ex-Blues & Daggers players - For my match preview

    I'm in need of a hand for my match preview for www.leigh-on-sea.com, to be published on Thursday/Friday. Need as many players as possible who have played for both us & Daggers. I've got Kevin Maher, Damien Scannell, Micky Spillane & Paul Benson so far. This may become a regular thing, being...
  20. RHB

    Acroynm made me laugh

    On the car radio this morning, Mitsubishi - Must investigate the squeak under bonnet. I should hit it. Not heard that one before though no doubt some will tell me its an old one.