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  1. DoDTS

    Last nights gate

    Really enjoyed last nights game, relaxed and enjoyable, but it was a bit of a shock to see Roots Hall so empty, it's a shame more couldn't have turned up. Having said that it's not so long ago that we were getting gates of 2,500 for league games so it shows, yet again, how far we've come. One...
  2. The 4 Stages Of Man Supporting The Shrimpers

    It strikes me that there is a lot of people posting on here with far to much time on their hands. Which got me thinking about the 4 stages of supporting Southend. 1. Young child, when your about 8 the players of Southend are your all time favourites and seem to a small boy, about 8 foot...
  3. seany t

    Dealing with getting old

    In recent months, I've come to realise that I have absolutely no idea what I want out of life. Around me, several of my very best friends are doing the unthinkable and crafting lives and careers out for themselves, some even going so far as moving to the other side of the world to avoid having...
  4. Matt the Shrimp

    Five teams you love to love...

    ...other than Southend United, of course. As the counterpoint to Uxbridge's thread, let's get that lovin' feelin' going on. My five clubs are: 1. Flamengo. My first love in football, growing up in Rio. How can you fail to love a side that has Zico up front and Junior supplying all the guile...
  5. Xàbia Shrimper

    Yet another game.

    It doesn't last long - I completed it in about 20 minutes - but it's enjoyable all the same: Gateway
  6. Xàbia Shrimper

    The Sweet Escape

    One of my fingers in one of of those huge pies expats need to find and take advantage of is organising sports tours to Jávea; I have just finished an international mixed netball tournament, hugely successful, hugely enjoyable with teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia...
  7. DTS

    What would you do if.

    Was round my mate Ratty's flat on Sunday after a very enjoyable beach BBQ with the lads. Put the TV on the Peter Falconio story was on (Backpacker murdered in bush) Anyway the lads and I were having a debate as follows: "If you found out your loved on had been found guilty of murder of a...
  8. North End eye witness report

    Well, two goals from Maher and one from the Preston reject, a result that was at no point during the game predictable, yes, the game was enjoyable. Several days of fine sunshine turned to drizzle today in anticipation of my journey to the game. I left home just before two o'clock expecting...
  9. Pre Match Atmosphere at The Hall

    Dont know about you lot but this fashion for playing loud "rousing" music for 30 minutes before K.O. which all Clubs now do really narks me off . When the music is turned off just as the players kick off the place is more or less silent and there is no atmosphere . I used to much prefer it...
  10. shrimp and two veg

    the wonder that is tilly

    At the tender age of eight my father took me to the Hall.The waft of cigarrette smoke,old boys with their collars turned up,those misty,freezing winter nights warmed by tea and hot pie.Stepping away from the wall running along the front of the west stand so that i could see over it,i would...
  11. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Match Report v Ipswich Reseves

    Hmmm, first reserves experience in 35 years of Shrimper watching. Enjoyable in an odd sort of way. The day went something like this: 06:15: alarm goes off. Bllcks it's Monday. 06:22: alarm goes off again 06:22: to 16:00: hard day at work, big important meeting stuff up in London, meeting...
  12. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Match Report v Ipswich Reseves

    Hmmm, first reserves experience in 35 years of Shrimper watching. Enjoyable in an odd sort of way. The day went something like this: 06:15: alarm goes off. Bllcks it's Monday. 06:22: alarm goes off again
  13. DTS

    Single Greatest Moment

    Watching Southend for me is a real rollercoaster. Sometimes uncontrollable highs and another time undescribable lows. But what is the single best feeling you have ever had when supporting Southend? For me it was the Juppy's goal. All the way to Cardiff (again) I just had visions of us...
  14. * ORM *

    Reserves Match Report - SUFC 3 LTFC 1

    Was it the unseasonally warm weather or was it the fact that I'd only recently found out that STHs get into reserves games for nothing ? It matters not. The important thing is that after 33 years of patiently and quietly watching the best team in the world I finally broke my duck to watch my...
  15. Custard Splat

    As if the result wasn't bad enough.....

    I'm gutted to have to say this but for the first time in many years I witnessed two racial incidents involving Southend "fans" today   1. A bloke in the back row on the upper called Blackstock a "black c*nt". I know I wasn't the only one to hear this as a few faces turned round at the same...
  16. The Artful Shrimper

    New DVD

    Sorry to raise this old chesnut. Last night I watched the 2004/ 05 season DVD, and very enjoyable it was to see Fredys hat trick and our playoff victory etc. So! When's the new one out? cause now I wanna relive last seaso' before it becomes a blur... (can it ever? ) I wonder if...
  17. Davros

    Donny Dog

    I was reading an article the other day (before the game) about how Donny Dog had been banned from entering the huddersfield field and even the stadium at the beginning of the season due to 'police intelligence'. Having seen his very enjoyable attempt to keep up with the blue-belles at...
  18. shrimperman

    Two things...

    That made today enjoyable amongst the freezing cold weather and poor result. Firstly and most obvious - Goaters goal, another scuff but that is the Goat all over. I wonder how many of his previous goals have be scuffed in - just seems to me that it happens so often, but it works. Secondly, did...
  19. Murkey_Mouse

    Football League Review on SKY Sport 1 at 5.30pm

    Every time I see our goals, the way we pass the ball and our movement and finishing its look good, I compared this to some of the Championship side highlight, they look impressive & show that we can cut it in Championship if we get promoted & add the right players in summer. Forgive me...
  20. shrimpboy

    Mike Bassett: Manager

    Anyone been watching this? 3 episodes gone and I'm really enjoying it. It's a nice, watchable, heartwarming sitcom. The first episode was excellent, 2nd and 3rd weren't quite as good but still enjoyable