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  1. Finish with a whimper or a BANG!

    ? What is it to be for the final stretch of the season? We can't win anything by playing safe: so now lets try and get some goals and entertain. We have 4 very good (for this division) strikers and we may as well have them all on the pitch together. We may concede a few (we are anyway) BUT we...
  2. Previous Lurker

    Hi, New to this so don't give me a hard time, ex seaso of many years but no longer,although get to most home games. Firstly great site and have always been entertained reading posts. Not a great night but on a plus side the guy commentating for Aldershot could be heard calling us a big club...
  3. Shrimp and two veg

    Sturrock has it sussed, well done!

    All this talk of being entertained makes me laugh. Look at what Sturrock was faced with when walking into the job. No money and a squad that had to go. Then ask yourself how the hell would you keep us up in the first season? Bankers to go down from the football league. Sturrock got some...
  4. Question HONESTLY, are you being entertained?

    I know a win is a win, but are people actually enjoying going to watch this? I don't expect us to play like brazil, but are the players we've got really THAT technically incapable? I'm not complaining about our league position, but does it neccesarily have to go hand in hand with crap...
  5. fbm

    Direct football - the associated benefits

    Reading Jack Sampsons interview in todays Echo, it's clear he only came to us because of our league position. I quote - "I had a few different options and a few clubs came in for me but one look at the league table will tell you why I chose to come here." Now I know that many have moaned about...
  6. Blue Voice Today

    Moving to the front in the West Stand along with the use of the drum in the last few months has generally improved the match atmosphere and the support for the team which is a good thing. Today though in my opinion this section was not on it's best form although some positive noise was made...
  7. Post-Morcombe

    Doesn't go out until tomorrow, but I thought I'd let you lot have an early peak.... As usual feel free to agree/disagree, or go nothing at all :)
  8. DTS

    Eastbourne Views

    Got my first pre-season for a few years under my belt today. Eastbourne is only 45 mins or so from home so I made the trip along with my daughter. My first thoughts were I was amazed by big the squad were in terms of height. There are some decent sized players out there which I am guessing must...
  9. Thrills, Spills and Unpaid Bills - The League One Review Part One

    So, another season bites the dust and it’s all over bar the fighting at the Wembley mud bath. As ever, ten months of football has served up more twists, turns and travesties than a Mail on Sunday honey trap and hopefully this should spread some light on the season just gone. Norwich Starting...
  10. manor15

    Best iPod Apps

    Going away for a week, probably with no internet access, and need to be entertained. Any ideas?
  11. Green Street Erupts, And Not a Hobbit In Sight

    Scenes that would make your casual hobbit masquerading as a hooligan squeal were on show tonight, as West Ham entertained Millwall in more ways than one. It was the draw that made half of East London wince and the other half salivate, the draw that made the Metropolitan Police kicked into...
  12. OldBlueLady

    The Apprentice - week 1

    Whoever the 16th person was who "bottled it" before the tv stage, he enjoyed more air time than the majority of those on the men's team - Howard excepted. Tonight was all about the meltdown in the girls' team. Stepping up to the plate in week 1, Mona (surely the a and n are the wrong way round?)...
  13. Hawkwell Blue

    Friends of Katie

    Some of you may have read in the Echo or in yesterday's programme that this Saturday (20th September) we are having the first Friends of Katie Cricket Match and Fun Day at Little Baddow CC in memory of my daughter Katie who passed away in February. For those of you not going to Crewe then you...
  14. ozzy-shrimper

    TB Appreciation

    This threads a place to show our appreciation towards TB for how he has helped alot of us and entertained us on here. If you could add your reasons to this list: 1. For me providing me entertainment on the board which keeps me posting and reading SZ.
  15. Seasons Over Just Playing It Out

    well today confirmed what we knew deep down that the season is over, and probably has been for a while. the only goal now is to get the 20 points needed to stay up. the team on paper is a very poor one. and is quite average, interesting to see the crowd attendance today or lack of it. people...
  16. Davros

    Fun and games on C2C last night

    i have just fired this off to C2C customer relations... i think you'll enjoy.. Dear C2C a bemusing journey home last night... Having been kicked off the train at Basildon circa 10.30pm we were told there would be buses soon to take us further onwards. After an hour (and another couple...
  17. fbm

    What on earth do we want?

    It's a tall order now. We MUST win both games and hope Leeds and Hull both collect no more than 1 point each from their last 2 matches. Possible, but unlikely. But apart from a probable relegation, I fear that as fans we are going to make ourselves a laughing stock of the entire football...
  18. Kent Shrimper

    Councillors, Football Tickets and the Police

    Source: Echo http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/southendnews/display.var.1289103.0.how_did_you_pay_for_footie_tickets_councillors_asked.php CASTLE Point Conservative councillors say they are angry at being forced to fill in a questionnaire about how they paid for their football tickets. Footie...
  19. secondalibi

    Moaning Burnley

    It would appear that Burnley manager Steve Cotterill felt that his side didn't deserve to lose. I'm sorry, but it's teams like Burnley and the way they play that ruin football for the paying public. Cotterill said he felt sorry for the fans who had made the trip down south to see their team lose...
  20. Flinty


    Ever since the Spurs game on Saturday there is something niggling at the back of my mind that make me feel.....well.......a bit dirty. As you may have read in a previous thread i was entertained for the day in one of the Spurs boxes. As part of this the betting slips are readily available and...