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  1. ENGLAND..Where is all our enthusiasm for the world cup??

    I came over for the England v Nigeria game,expecting the country to be buzzing about the world cup,but nothing!! Wembley crowd was poor again,atmosphere i mean,great attendance...but the feeling was dead. i wanted to get ,mabe a official world cup t-shirt ..maybe with England onit or something...
  2. RHB

    Noel Hunt - Gone?.........maybe not

    The Echo has confirmed today that Noel Hunt is still in talks with PB and the club are offering him a deal but it means he has to go on to the list as this has to be put out by a certain time so that other clubs can talk to him. The deal offered is more in favour of the club than Hunt and is...
  3. Kevin Hogg

    Going against popular opinion.

    EVERYBODY (including me) has been crying out for the pace, energy and enthusiasm of youth in the England team. 2012 we looked completely out of ideas and just managed to grind results before losing on penalties to a team that destroyed us..but drew the game. Since yesterday morning all the...
  4. Did Phil miss a trick?

    Loza was fantastic the other night and proved beyond doubt this team operate better with 2 up front with at least 1 forward having pace.Oxford were pressed in their own third by the enthusiasm of Loza,I cannot understand why Phil never had Williams on the bench then at 3 0 sent him on to gain...
  5. Bobby dazzler

    Seriously annoying Tom Tom Drum in South Lower

    Why oh Why has someone decided to bring a drum in the South Lower directly behind the goal ? Please tell this young man firstly that the Tom Tom Drum he has makes a noise that is so high pitched it might as well be him playing a Triangle. Secondly if he is going to bring one then PLEEEEEEEASE...
  6. shrimperjon

    Pompey Away (Tickets)

    With all this enthusiasm for Saturday and the expected large attendance, i was wondering if anyone knew how many tickets we had sold for Pompey away. We bought our 6 first day they went on sale, so couldnt assess numbers then. Normally i would expect us to sell out our allocation for this...
  7. Returnee

    Hi, I used to be a regular on here until about a year ago. I changed my username regularly but was probably best known as TS (or the fuller version of those initials), hence my new user name. I mainly go to away games in the North & Midlands though have done a few less over the last year. I lost...
  8. yogi bear up the cagire

    Will there be eastwood effect?

    Barring miracles will be lining up in League Two next season and apart from the obvious interest about who we will sign in the summer, there is an intruiging situation, regarding Freddy Eastwood. Whether it was a RM signing, in order to get bums on seats and whether PS really wanted him is an...
  9. Question Hard to get excited!

    Im finding it hard to get excited now ,not because of Wembley result or the fact Southend made it to Wembley.Im all for giving PB a chance but find his team selections confusing.Everyday i have come here to Shrimperzone and read all the threads and added a few myself,some not to well received .I...
  10. southchurch

    Ricky Otto

    I loved to watch Ricky when he was at Southend. He is one of my all time favourite players. It was not just that he was a great player but he had a swagger that just made you smile. He had an enthusiasm that just made you will him to score or put in an amazing cross as he often did. Any...
  11. Question On what are you basing your opinion of Phil Smith?

    As far as I know I have never seen Phil Smith play - possibly I've seen him play against us but he never stood out as particularly good or bad. But it's clear a lot of people on here are not happy about the prospect of him signing for us but given the initial negative reaction on here to Barry...
  12. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-1 Bradford City

    What an absolute load of toilet.....Worst game I have seen us play in years.
  13. (18+) The c-bomb in films/TV shows?

    So settling down to another HBO series (Game of Thrones) and it's clearly obvious that more and more US films and TV shows are dropping the c-bomb. We watched Bridesmaids (a 15) and it was dropped, and I commented that it seems to me to be more used and maybe more acceptable in the US, which is...
  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 8

    Curb returned to HBO last night for its eighth season. Looking forward to getting home tonight and firing up eztv for the download. Has anyone else seen the preview where Larry accuses Michael J Fox of using his Parkinson's as an excuse for bumping into him? Priceless...
  15. yogi bear up the cagire

    DSK A tragedy for the world (apart from Mr Sarkozy?)

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13402845 A breathtaking story with the likelyhood of tragic consequences. It is difficult to see how DSK can continue the delicate negociations concerning the problem economies of the Eurozone, with these charges hanging over his head. There seems to me...
  16. Mohsni, on the radio

    Did you hear Mohsni, on the radio his English was good but it was his enthusiasm which was brilliant, really enjoying playing, stated the players took a while to gel but now getting to know each other’s play and looking good for the future. Was so refreshing to hear a player like Mohsni...
  17. jamesmut2000

    Captains Blog Part 2

    EAST ON.... I know this is supposed to be a light-hearted column so I’ll get Saturday’s defeat against Morecombe out of the way first. What can I say, we’re all gutted with the result and the way we lost the three goals in a game where we once again had most of the play. When we equalised at...
  18. Post-Morcombe

    Doesn't go out until tomorrow, but I thought I'd let you lot have an early peak.... As usual feel free to agree/disagree, or go nothing at all :)
  19. Rob Noxious

    'The Road To Redemption'

    Not a bad title for ITV's billing of tonight's England game, though after the crockawotsit we saw in the World Cup, I am finding it very hard to summon up much enthusiasm for the first Euro 2012 qualifier v Bulgaria. I'm pleased that Joe Hart is now finally our number one, but am struggling to...
  20. Tommy2holes

    Pre-Match Thread Southend United v Port Vale.

    Well match day is upon us yet again. Whilst most of the talk has been about Tilly's pay off and Sturrocks need for a striker , its been a strange week of relative quiet on the zone . This has been slow news week that is for sure. There has even been talk that V festival will affect southend...