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  1. LennySUFC

    our stewards

    Our stewards are quite possibly the worst I have witnessed in the 50 away league grounds I have visited. Only we could escort Millwall fans out the ground for death threats and allow them back in! - they threw coins at the W block - they ripped the advertising off of the front of the north...
  2. OldBlueLady

    Memory Lane SUFC legend to be involved with Player of the Month presentation tomorrow

    I'm deeply honoured that tomorrow I will get to escort one of the greatest players of all time at SUFC and his son, to the side of the pitch where the young lad, a Southend Junior Shrimper, will be presenting the Player of the Month award. If you can, please be in the ground by about 2.40/2.45...
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Question Police convoys

    My commute this morning was once more rudely interrupted by a police convoy. The convoy consisted of two unmarked, brown, presumably armour-plated vans flanked by two police cars in front and a further two behind, plus some motorbike outriders. The convoy was heading East out of the City. The...
  4. Thorpe Groyney

    Jade Goody Funeral

    Just quoting BBC News. Releasing doves :D They're not doves, anyway, they're pigeons dipped in Tipp Ex. Fact. "Camped out overnight"? Judging by the look of them they spend every night out on the street anyway. "Police escort to her house." Bet that's not the first time that happened.
  5. canveyshrimper


    Probably been done before, but.... :D A Primary Teacher explains to her class that she is a Liverpool fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they too are Liverpool fans. Everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl. The teacher looks at the girl with surprise...
  6. Benfleet A1

    Uk border control

    Anyone else watching this? Five in a lorry and one throws a paddy, cuts an hole in the trailer roof (about £5000 damage) gets all violent and what do they do? They let the french police escort them out of the port then let them go. Am I missing something here. Are these people not illegal in...
  7. Mr. Benedict


    Sadly, and after 204,000 miles, my car is in such a state there is no point in renewing it's MOT - it'll fail on many points and cost a fortune to repair. I need a cheap vehicle while I save for a properly decent wagon - any (sensible!) suggestions on what I should go for, bearing in mind I...
  8. The Case of Corringham.

    I had known this girl for many years .I lived in Orsett once.She was an old flame of a friend of mine..It turns out she became a hygenist....So there I am in the Dentists and who walks in, this girl.She was kind of Fit and I always fancied her so I ask her out. We ended up dating for awhile...
  9. lee_sufc

    Power Steering Question

    This may be a stupid question, but: I have an Escort Finesse (1998) with Power Assisted Steering and was wondering; is there a way of improving the power steering - or even buying better, new power steering sets to fit????
  10. Leicester at home - The shrimper Truth - more Pride and Passion.

    the refs committee sent its three biggest ******* down to "tiny" Roots Hall hoping no-one would notice. The idiots were duly sussed out by the "small" crowd of ten and half thousand and as the decisions got worse and worse the pressure from the up close Shrimpers blew the officials last...
  11. pickledseal


    Was a very surreal moment on Wednesday walking into the ground to find the exec box I had the priviliage of being in and all off a sudden Sodje followed us in through the gates! He was on foot so I presume he came by bus or tube! I imagine he prob lives in that neck of the woods or...
  12. The Watermill Wino

    Escape to Essex!

    I can now see the reason for the delay in planning for Fossets re ROADS and access. The whole exit strategy from WHLane was farcical, gridlocked cars, traffic management stuttering and wayning, frustrated drivers cutting up on the inside and causing more grief. I was amazed to see the Shrimper...
  13. Leicester Truly is a Hole...

    Not content with looking like a suburb of Baghdad, this pretty much sums up the whole of Leicester... I'm walking away from the ground by the Uni Accomodation heading on to Narsborough road for a bite to eat, and I was walking behind a Family with 2 Kids and another in a Pram. As the...
  14. Songs from Col U board

    Thought some are funny, you could use some v Gillingham! The wheels on your house go round and round, round and round...   We pay your benefits, we pay your benefits... in the same tune as "where's your caravan?" "you're all single mums, you're all single mums!" one man went to war went...
  15. lee_sufc


    I have a Ford Escort Finesse (1600 Zetec Engine) which is due for a cam belt replacement. I can buy the cambelt as I get discount from Ford but what I want to know is how much I should be looking approximately to have someone fit it. I have had a variety of quotes ranging from £80 up to £200...
  16. lee_sufc

    Car Speakers

    I wanna get some new (better) car speakers - nothing too big - i don't wanna go down the street with my windows down... just want something with a bit of bass. basically, I have the bog standard ford escort ones at the mo and am looking at spending no more than £70 on new speakers from Halfords...
  17. lee_sufc

    Car Problems?

    Today, I was driving my Escort at about 30Mph - everything seeming fine....got to a 70Mph road and started to increase speed... Got into fourth gear and started noticing a problem - the car was going about 45Mph, the engine sounded like it was reving (as if my foot was right down on the...
  18. saturday was sent to test me.

    The plan was simple, get up, go to Tescos, eat brekkie read paper have poo, walk to train station, catch train, get Tilbury - Gravesend ferry, catch another train, have a few pints, see game, dance in street, have a few more pints and come home in the mood for love. FAT CHANCE!!! Got up and...
  19. Fighting

    Haven't seen a mention of this so i thought I would voice my disgust: Whilst walking back to our car on Sat after the game my friend and i having lost touch with the rest of our group including my 53 year old father were attacked by seven or eight Grimsby "lads".  We were walking back and a...
  20. What was your favourite car you owned?

    Having just bought a Ford Escort Orion 1.8 SI Ghia I'm really enjoying driving it as it's so comfortable to drive. However, what is your favourite car you've owned and why?