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  1. chrisblore

    Breaking News Steve Evans has left Crawley

    Hands up, this is not strictly speaking SUFC related but everyone's favourite odious fat ******* Steve Evans has left Crawley to become manager of Rotherham :hilarious:
  2. Semi-Spanish Shrimper

    Steve Evans leaves Crawley?

    Rumour has it he's gone to Rotherham? Sounds like something's going wrong at Crawley to me.
  3. Evans, we battered Southend

    In hospital at the time, so unable to see the game. did they, or is this him going overboard again.
  4. Paolo's Green Hat

    Swindon fan here

    Evening Shrimpers :smile: Just registered on here for chat and banter. P.S. Steve Evans is a fat **** ! Hope you or Shrews keep Creepy out of league 1.
  5. The Worlds most hated manager aka Steve Evans

    http://www.terracechants.me.uk/chant/4811 check out this great dagenham chant for the prick that is steve evans... Get this going for the crawley home game !!!
  6. tyrone barnett to peterborough

    Sorry if its been posted already but...... This will p*** Evans off hahaha :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
  7. You, who do you hate?

    Is it; a) Fat crook Evans. b) Fascist Wet Spam scumbag Di 'C*ntio. c) A.N. Other (not to include Dick Bate/Ron Martin/Sturrocks Paul & Blair/Drewe Broughton).
  8. Uncle Leo

    Colleagues with famous names

    If you've got a friend or a colleague who shares their name with someone more famous, away you go. I shall start with the following people from my office: Jerome Simpson (Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver) John Barnes Sam Allardyce (!) Chris Evans
  9. FA Cup helping us out?

    Our 'blip' reached a peak with our poor FA Cup performance at Oldham before Christmas. Since then we've slightly steadied the ship and we're in a good position. In the mean time, Swindon put up a great fight against Leicester 48 hours ago, but lost, and Crawley's distraction in the FA Cup...

    Chelmsford City v Staines Town

    Just waiting for the Blues to start up on BBC Essex when they went to Melbourne Park for team news .. Rhys Evans and Gareth Risbridger start for the visitors
  11. Cricko

    Latest Rumours Transfer window - deadline day - 11pm

    Well here we go with all the latest rumours regarding SUFC and who we will sell/buy/loan during The January Transfer window. Today's first rumour I found is that we will sign striker/winger Craig Westcarr from Chesterfield for a fee. Can't see that myself. Please keep all gossip etc in this...
  12. Alex

    Steve Evans again is a Prick

    Anyone want a laugh go on to BBC website, look up Crawley's result and match report and listen to his post match interview after losing against Gillingham today.
  13. Eva Carneiro

    Gentlemen... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eva-Carneiro/226129340765953?sk=wall
  14. Ricky Otto

    We should beat Crawley

    Went to the Crawley vs Redbridge game yesterday and really didn't see anything to fear. The 5-0 scoreline flattered them. Redbridge had done very well to get to round 2 but they are a very poor team and they actually managed to play some half decent football against Crawley in periods, this is...
  15. Apparently only 1539 on facebook hate Steve Evans. surely not?

    Apologies if this has already been posted but I believe that this facebook group deserves SZ's full support. http://www.facebook.com/search/results.php?q=hate%20steve%20evans&init=quick&tas=0.5037818812695227#!/pages/I-bet-i-can-find-2000-who-hate-Steve-Evans-Crawley-Manager/128873843870478 Thanks
  16. shrimpereeee

    A quick review of Wraggs to Riches (Macclesfied's Message Board)

    Looks like the locals were impressed! http://fansonline.net/macclesfieldtown/mb/view.php?id=71991 http://fansonline.net/macclesfieldtown/mb/view.php?id=72019 Today we were - apart from a spell in the second half after Simmo changed things around a bit - second best against an excellent...
  17. Steve Evans and Crawley Town

    Steve Evans is stating in my local paper that their forthcoming game against Shrewsbury is the "monster fixture" in the entire League 2 season. Personally, I don't think it's even the monster fixture of the weekend. My question is, what have you made of Crawley so far? To me, they look like a...
  18. BBC's accurate stats

    Where do BBC get their stats from? According to BBC Morecambe managed 2 shots on target in their 6-0 win over Crawley :stunned: How do they get their stats? Do they rely on the club to supply information back to them or do they employ someone to keep track? Liking Steve Evans' interview too 'If...
  19. Smiffy

    Pre-Match Thread Creepy Crawley v Southend United

    The view from Mr Evans - Here Your thoughts? Line up? Score? Away turnout?
  20. The Fallen.

    A year ago today saw big knose Martin Cramner shake off this mortail coil and went to the big league in the sky so at kick off today give a shout or maybe a smile or even a secound of thought for the fallen shrimpers that are no longer with us in the matrix of a world we live in. There of course...