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  1. Ricky Otto

    World t20 March 2016

    Am I alone in thinking we have a really good chance? We have a very impressive batting line up which is very very deep, possibly down to 10/11 depending on the squad. I have had reservations about our bowling but seeing what Rashid and Willey are doing in the Big bash is giving me more...
  2. To be PC or not to be PC.

    Understand what the post says but feel maybe its not right to say it as war is not everyones cup of tea but are you PC or non PC,me i say what i think when i think it,if it walks like a duck talks like a duck then i will call it a duck how about you? I took the link down because when i opened...
  3. yet another warm up game

    It seemes as if we put a side out against the scum again today and to put a :smile: on everyones faces we won 3 0 goals scored by jack paine gomes and Lee barnard . It seemes eastwood also go a run out . Full story is on the main site .
  4. Kalala

    If Mkandwire was to end up not coming back. What would be everyones thoughts on Kalala coming bk on deal till end of season?. Personally i liked him and think we miss that steel in the middle
  5. Hello, From Me!

    Hey, I'm Cy. There are a few that will know me from other websites, there are some names I recognize myself. Either way, I can't wait to hear everyones views on what could be an o'ight season. UTB.
  6. wiggy

    Why does Sturrock hate Sawyer....?

    Wasn't pulling up trees in the first half, no better and no worse than anyone else. And then off comes Sawyer for the very ineffective Hall. Everyones MOM Saturday yet again he can't wait to whip him off and hang on for a desperate win. Wish he'd put us out of our misery and declare why he...
  7. Alex McLeish, what's everyones views?

    With Alex McLeish leaving Birmingham to manage fierce rivals Aston Villa, I wondered what everyones views are on the matter? Would there be the same sense of anger amongst Southend fans if John Ward left Col.U to manage us, or, maybe more to the point, if Sturrock left us to manage Col.U?

    Pointless Trivia List

    Whilst enroute to Accrington last night, in an effort to break up the tedium of motorway travel TB, Olli, Jiggens and i were trying to "out trivia" each otherwith various football facts you mostly didnt know, and certainly didnt care about then or now Anyway i thought i'd stumbled upon a...
  9. wiggy

    Club is an absolute joke with Ron Martin in charge!

    ...and will be for the next few years. On the verge of the play offs in a really crap league with a decent bloke in charge and what happens as always? Ron gives us absolutely no chance of going any further. Season ticket in shreads, won't be renewing and can't wait till his little dream is in...

    PL Weekly Points Round 38

    Finally FINALLY the PL bursts into life with an absolute hatful of points being earnt, really there are too many performances worthy of mention i'd be here all night but i do want to offer congrats to Brettie Angell, S2tc and Lucky Luca who haven't shown their best form being honest, all are...
  11. Jack The Flag

    Support for Macclesfield game!

    To all after everyones great effort Friday night, i hope to be seing the same tomorrow evening. I urge as many to join in and come over to Block W and surrounding areas and make the atmosphere fantastic. Its going to be a poor away support from Macclesfield so its simply up to us to get the...
  12. Ricey

    Ricey Reports: F1 Pre Season News. 1/12/08

    Credit Crunch Hits Hockenheim. Hockenheim could join a host of Formula 1 casualties just two months shortly after the Canadian Grand Prix was slashed off the list due to them not being able to pay the commerical rights. The French grand prix has also been removed off the list due to have the...

    Calling all predictors: Important feedback required

    Hi everyone, I want to ask your opinions about a little change i think will make scoring the PL a whole heap easier, though how it would go down with your goodselves remains to be seen Basically it involves getting rid of the polls ... each week we post up a set of fixtures in a single thread...
  14. steveo

    Who is he/she?

    Following the success of the who are you thread, how about a who is he/she thread? Basically you answer on behalf of someone else, then nominate another regular poster and someone answers on behalf of them and nominates someone else and so on. Might be quite entertaining or might develop into a...
  15. Southend_Lady

    Essex FM - Martin and Sue

    Not everyones cup of tea I'm sure but personally I think they are pretty funny together and beats listening to that fat **** on Radio One. Surprised this hasn't actually already been posted......basically, no Martin and Sue because they have been suspended. Something to do with Friday...
  16. Team for tonight

    Just wondering what everyones team wuld be for tonight seeing as we have won our last 2 games, whether people would change it or keep it the same? mine would be federichi in goal and put robson kanu in instead of walker and keep the rest the same. BUT walker will play, ill guarantee ya that one...
  17. Hotman

    Favourite ever Steward

    We've had some ****ing stupid questions recently the one at the east corner of south who checks everyones tickets before they go upstairs
  18. Forever A Shrimper

    Question When would you want Tilly sacked?

    Just so we can get everyones opinion in one place. Poll to follow.
  19. Lets Make Some Noise tonight Boys n Girls

  20. Scotch Eggs

    What are everyones opinions on these beautys, like them or not?