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  1. Uncle Leo

    John Adams

    The former Southend United vice chairman has passed away. Here's a picture of him with Uncle Vic and and old lady courtesy of @SUFC_History 697455578512236544
  2. Raising funds for a Southend Charity: Possibly raffling the Exec Box for a game

    Hi, I hope you don't mind this unorthodox approach but my friends run a small pets rehome charity and we are thinking of local community things to do. I have yet to hear back from the commercial team at the football club so wondered what you all think? Proposal would be to auction off the...
  3. The Reasons Why?

    A wee birdie told me to explain why certain players not signed up yet. Our new chief exec and the gaffer have been on holiday and the physio is also sunning himself. Plus some of his targets are holidaying and negotiating over the phone. Which means one or two of the main ingredients for players...
  4. Matt the Shrimp

    Zone Update ShrimperZone.com Limited - minor admin details

    Folks, In the coming weeks, the more eagle-eyed amongst you (or at least those with nothing better to do than to check up SZ's listing at Companies House) may notice a minor administrative change. The registered address of the company will be moving from its current address - 20 Shell Road, in...
  5. Napster

    A Christmas gift for everyone.

  6. Question New stadium

    Sorry to bring this one up in happier times, however I have a question regarding our new stadium. More to the point I have a question regarding our 3 sided stadium.. I assume the the main stand (aka the 4th) stand would have housed the exec boxes, conference facility, changing rooms ect. If...
  7. sufc_tom

    Mansfield Town appoint youngest chief exec.

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/14901438.stm Biggest question is, Yes or No?
  8. Shrimperstrust

    Premiership Withdraw Funding From Supporters Direct

    The Premiership have withdrawn funding from SD over a couple of Tweets made in May by the then Chief Exec. Dave Boyle. Whilst the Tweets were offensive and aimed at Franchise FC and Winkleman in particular, after AFC Wimbledon secured Promotion to the Football League, the Premiership are using...
  9. Breaking News Tara Brady on TalkSport now!

    well, some time after 8pm. With SVC too!
  10. Zone Update wages

    Wee birdie told me all players been paid but staff have been paid a percentage sone heads of departments havent been paid at all eg manager but these people didnt mind at this mo so the working staff could at least get percentage . Chief Exec working tirelessly to rectify probs financially and...
  11. Managers idea

    Wee birdie told methat phone in was managers idea because his belief that fans should know what direction club going in Chief Exec agrees and has promised manager to bring fan base up to speed on all facets of Southend Football Club.
  12. Zone Update Box Office

    14 days to go before Ipswich match and we have 7 players. I just called the Box Office to ask what their policy is on getting season ticket refund....just for your guide, season tickets are non-refundable (oooh shock horror) but they will give me an e-mail address to put my request in writing. I...
  13. My Dave Webb Conspiracy Theory......

    I am beggining to think that Dave Webb's arrival at the club as "assistant manager" is a smoke screen for a more deeper role at the club. Let me explain my thought....Webb has previous Chief Exec status at L1 Yeovil, SUFC are up S&*t street and desperately need new investors- Dave Webb has...
  14. ozzy-shrimper

    Budget HD TV

    Im looking for a decent HD Television to stick in my room and hopefully take to Uni with me next year, just looking for any suggestions really. Im not that bothered aboout the size as anythings an upgrade to the 14" TV I have at the moment, but under 250 quid. Ive looked around and found this...
  15. Napster


    Alan Gerschlick is also chairman of REG-GSC Property Holdings. Their chief exec is one Mark Rubin (related to our former chairmen?) - turnover £7m but assets of over £100m Another possible connection - Peter Butler used to be chief exec of a company associated with Regis. is this the same...
  16. The Peasants Are Revolting

    Players leaving before the deadline, no signings coming in. Rumours of financial problems circulating amongst fans. Chief Exec held in contempt by supporters. Have you guessed who it is yet? (And I'm not talking about Southend)
  17. palexander

    Question Who is Geoff King?

    The man (or one of them!) that is making a lot of blood boil at the moment - who is he? * Is he associated with Ron Martin in anyway (past business etc) * What is (or was) his 'day job' * Was he successful? * What are his strengths/weaknesses in his background? * Is he 'under performing' in...
  18. Forever A Shrimper

    Scrap the window?

    After recent comments from Arsene Wenger and Chief Exec of Arsenal. They made the point that 14 PL clubs would want to see the transfer window in January go. Do you think the January transfer window is a chance to refresh the squad mid-season, or an excuse for managers to show there lack of...
  19. Napster

    Best Xmas present ever?

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B001N6W8U0/b3ta-21 Hurry before they run out of stock!
  20. Tonight = shambolic

    Observations from tonight: Pre Match and Half Time 1) Pre match what was the club / Tilson thinking of broadcasting an interview with Tilson stating that Sawyer is not ready (great confidence boost) then putting him on half way through second half!! 2) Radio Holmes - the guy obviously love...