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  1. RobM

    Footballers with exquisite names

    I nominate....Hyppolite Dangbeto.
  2. Help Please

    I have had a team going since Dec 07. I've ignored it for a couple of years and have finally broken through to England League IV. Not doing too badly and looks like i'll stay up. However, My key players are getting old and i'm not sure what to do. Any thoughts what I should do from here...
  3. BrettieAngell

    BT20 - Season 23

    Good start for me! I won by 8 wickets with 1.3 overs to spare after being set 140. :happy::happy: Pickels Champions Deep Backward Square Leg Top Order: exquisite remarkable Middle Order: mediocre quality Lower Order: woeful...
  4. EURO 2012 Daily Predictions and Previews.

    Euro 2012 Predictions and Preview: Croatia vs Spain Group Elimination C: Monday, 18 June 2012 - Gdansk - PGE Arena Spain the defending champions take on Croatia in Gdansk in a pivotal Group C game. Both sides are two points clear of Italy, who face the Republic of Ireland in the other pool...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Freddy Eastwood

    With Freddy there's only one place to start: has there ever been a better debut? I very much doubt it, and I include fiction in that. Scoring after just 7.7 seconds of your professional debut against the top of the table team before going onto complete your hattrick is the type of story that...
  6. Strategy

    I have 12.9m in the bank and 2 masterful bowlers, 2 masterful bats, 1 exquisite bat with exceptional keeping...and that's it, trainees aside. I cannot decide whether to spend the money, or sell the rest of the high-wage players and relegate in everything for the season. I wanted to buy young on...
  7. canveyshrimper

    The Blonde Mortician

    A man who just died is delivered to a local mortuary wearing an expensive, expertly tailored black suit. The female blonde mortician asks the deceased's wife how she would like the body dressed. She points out that the man does look good in the black suit he is already wearing...
  8. Chelsea Recieve Nul Points, Again

    Apparently, Carlo Ancelotti’s mother never warned him that if he pulled a funny face and the wind blew, it would stay that way. Ancelotti pulled the same expression of futile, emotionless pondering for 94 miserable minutes as Chelsea, yet again, faultered in Europe. Much had been made of...
  9. loz

    Pops 20/2

    meh. 17. Barry Barnes - 23 yo, BT Rating=109,880 shortcut RH batsman, RF bowler. He is a cautious player with woeful leadership skills and proficient experience. He currently has respectable batting form, proficient bowling form and energetic fitness. Stamina: superb Wicket Keeping...
  10. Favourite Elvis Song Thread

    Now as I said in the other "happy birthday" thread, Elvis Presley is one of my all time favourite artists (**** you Public Enemy and Wonderstuff). So if, like me, you have exquisite taste in music, what is you favourite Elvis tune from my poll selection.
  11. The General

    Poppies 26/9

    Just the one, but a very nice one netherless! Delroy Sookram - 22 yo, BT Rating=116,704 RH Batsman, RM Bowler. He is a defensive player with competent leadership skills and proficient experience. He currently has superb batting form, strong bowling form and sublime fitness. Stamina: superb...
  12. loz

    pops 19/09

    Cairns sneaks a cons pop in while waiting for his final bowling pop.. 10.Ashley Cairns - 24 yo, BT Rating=72,377 shortcut LH Batsman, LH Spin Bowler. He is a steady player with mediocre leadership skills and superb experience. He currently has superb batting form, proficient bowling form and...
  13. Slipperduke

    Arsenal's Better Half

    Ask a new convert to Arsenal what the club's greatest weakness is and you'll get a variety of answers. You might hear that the players are too young, or that there's no cover in defensive midfield, or even that Nicklas Bendtner is a lumbering oaf incapable of even the simplest of motor skills...
  14. The General

    Time to push on! Sell time.

    Well, my bowling has stagnated and need to push on and improve before next season as it looks like i will get promotion in both FC and BT20!! Below is 2 players that im looking to sell - not sure whether to try and get of one or both! Deane is coming up thru the Youth scheme and is currently...
  15. Tangled up in Blue

    A typical bloke...discuss?

    A typical bloke, having split from his latest girlfriend,decided to take a holiday.He booked himself on a cruise and proceeded to have the time of his life, that is; until the ship sank. He found himself on an island with no other people, no supplies, nothing; only bananas and coconuts. After...
  16. Slipperduke

    Beautiful Brazil Spank The Yanks

    Brazil 3-0 USA Melo 7 Robinho 18 Maicon 62 As any Arsenal fan will tell you, it can be frustrating to support a team who are as capable of excellence as they are of ineptitude. Defeats are all the more frustrating when you know what your players are capable of producing at their peak. Imagine...
  17. The General

    Pops 30/5

    Andi Jackman - 28 yo, BT Rating=75,879 RH Batsman, RFM Bowler. He is a destructive player with competent leadership skills and exquisite experience. He currently has superb batting form, superb bowling form and sublime fitness. Stamina: strong Wicket Keeping: abysmal Batting: abysmal...
  18. Slipperduke

    United Blow Their Chance

    Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United Eto'o 10 Messi 70 He may have mellowed with age, enough at least to allow the dignitaries to slip a runners-up medal over his head while still smiling warmly, but Sir Alex Ferguson must be furious with the way that this Champions League final was allowed to...
  19. Slipperduke

    Not So Fab, Lukasz

    Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea Walcott, 18 Malouda, 33 Drogba, 84 The vultures arrived at Wembley expecting to pick the flesh from Petr Cech's reputation, but it was birthday boy Lukasz Fabianski who offered up his own carcass, blundering in the late stages and costing his side a place in the FA Cup...
  20. Slipperduke

    Five From Five

    England 2-1 Ukraine Crouch, 29 Shevchenko, 74 Terry, 85 It was his strongest display of emotion so far. As the final whistle blew, Fabio Capello marched out of his technical area, raised his clenched fists to the sky and roared triumphantly. This was a far more impressive scoreline than it...