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  1. Tangled up in Blue

    Best live stream to watch the playoffs on?

    Anyone got any tips for the best website to watch the playoffs on? I picked up a virus which took me a week to shift watching the Oxford game on Wizwig last month and don't want a repeat tomorrow.(My fault as I hadn't checked that my trial version of Adblocker was still running.It wasn't).:'(...
  2. Mad Cyril

    Engine diagnostic/fault codes

    Ahoy, I was out in my motor last night and the engine suddenly went into limp mode with no turbo and the glow plug light started flashing. Restarting the car seems to have resolved the issue and the turbo now kicks in but I would like to get to the bottom of the problem. On VWs this is a...
  3. Barnard

    It's not his fault that he was brought back to the club ,but it's time to accept that it hasn't worked out and time to go back to Southampton, if he needs a lift I'll drive him there myself !!!
  4. Half full or half empty?

    SZ techno people, please, can you set up a poll/quiz along the lines of; What type of supporter are you? Half Full, you look for positives and make suggestions on how things can maybe improve. Half Empty, you look for fault, see it, and then chunder on about it for the rest of that players...
  5. DoDTS

    Predicition League News Just three predicting weeks left

    This first session is reaching the crucial stage, with just three sets of prediction fixtures left before the final table and the creation of Division One and Division Two of the PL. Many who currently are below the line would readily admit it's there own fault for forgetting to predict. My...
  6. Tangled up in Blue

    Why can't we defend set pieces?

    We've now conceeded four goals this season -two each in our last two away matches-all from set pieces and not one goal from open play. So why can't we defend from set plays? According to PB on the OS:- “It’s very disappointing because we’ve given them all the instructions...
  7. DTS

    Question Your least favourite Southend XI (not based on ability)

    Same as the other thread but a side you hated. Had to go 4-3-3 as hated so many attackers GK - Mark Prudhoe - Northern, fat, useless - what was to like DF - Martyn Booty - Long ball merchant, useless, slow....ugh DF - Dave Morley - Committed but tolilet. As bad upfront as he was at the back DF...
  8. DoDTS

    TABLES and RESULTS won't be up till Sunday

    Sorry folks, but the tables and results won't be put up till Sunday this weekend. I know the suspence will be killing but you will just have to wait. This fault is due to events out of my control, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible (next week actually) DoDtS
  9. Mohave Shrimper

    Care Providers in Essex

    Hi folks, not sure if anyone else on here is a carer and has a parent that has care provided for them by ECC. Had a run-in with my mum's care providers, Carewatch, today over her medication. Basically her meds are provided by the pharmacy in blister packs, ready sorted into doses but last time...
  10. Cricko

    The Nakid Truth

    Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Naked-Truth-CameronIs-he-the-worst-prime-minister-in-British-history/349274725156523 How close was David Cameron to having a week that was not a total disaster for himself or the government. I really thought he was going to make it by Thursday,But...
  11. yugmot

    Maldon blues enquiry

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum so Hello. This is my first post. I have supported Blues since I was 10 years old many, many years ago now! I live in Maldon and have so far never managed to catch up with the Maldon Blues supporters, My fault due to time constraints. However I do want to go to...
  12. Shale Gas/Fracking

    Finally the government has done something that might actually encourage growth. There is an abundance of shale gas in the North of England. It has the potential to dramtically reduce energy prices and also reduce carbon emissions since gas power generation emits a lot less carbon than coal. In...
  13. tickets for the stockport match

    my husband and i are season ticket holders ,this morning we went into the ticket office to get our tickets for the cup match they managed to do my husbands ticket but could not do mine they said i could have the seat in front but i did not want to do this i wanted my usual seat but low and...
  14. Cricko

    Zone Update Tomorrow Wednesday

    Hi all, the Zone will be down for up to 5 hours at some point tomorrow whilst we have some major surgery caused by the recent site crashes. Sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully this will cure all the faults. John.
  15. Andy_S

    Barry Fry

    Seems like we could be up against him in Pre Season, as its rumoured he's interested in the available job at The Daggers! I haven't heard anything about it myself, but their board is full of posts about him and it's supposed to have been mentioned on Sky Sports News.
  16. blues_r_best

    The Guardian

    Are they asking for a bailout, or is it a good idea? http://order-order.com/2012/09/24/guardian-wants-broadband-poll-tax-bailout/ I don't see why every internet using household has to pay a levy to support print media, particularly as I don't buy newspapers. If The Guardian is unable to manage...
  17. Evening Echo

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 3-1 Dagenham & Redbridge

    SOUTHEND United made it three home wins in the space of seven days with a 3-1 triumph over 10 man Dagenham and Redbridge this afternoon. More...
  18. londonblue

    Car Insurance B*st*rds

    I have a renewal letter from my insurance company for my car insurance. However, one thing that I needed to let them know about was an accident my wife had in April as she's a named driver on my policy. A little old lady drove into the side of my wife's car whilst my wife was stationary. She...
  19. C C Csiders

    Faul McCartney

    Now, as we are all very well aware the original Paul McCartney was decapitated in a car crash in November 1966 and replaced by a (vague) lookee-likee, albeit with a different shaped face thanks to M15 intervention. Obviously the clues were all there in Beatles songs, album covers and...
  20. Kevin Hogg


    the current form, the dreadfully dreary football played, financial questions, popularity of Chairman, new stadium taking 27 years and counting and a general bout of recent depression, Southend United is still, without a shadow of a doubt - the greatest football club in the world!! Anyone from...