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  1. Cricko

    Tarquin Fauntleroy

    Has he died and gone to faeces heaven or is he being held against his will by TrueBlue. Other suggestions of his whereabouts please?
  2. Napster

    Battle of the 80s films - Round 2 - Bill & Ted v The Goonies

    Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - Drastic Sturgeon v Goonies - Tarquin Fauntleroy
  3. Cricko

    Round 1 Amy Winehouse v Debbie Harry

    Heat 14 see's Tarquin Fauntleroy's Amy Winehouse take on Canveyshrimper's Debbie Harry. Put your pictures up please and start voting.
  4. Cricko

    Full List of Nominees and Round Draws

    The full list of Nominees is: Canvey shrimper..Debbie Harry. GlasgowSUFC......Florence Welch. Pubey................Lisa Lobsinger. Napster............Susannah Hoffs. Cricko..............Stevie Nicks. DWB................Olivia Newton-John Drastic Sturgeon.....Joanna Newsom...

    PL Weekly Points Round 45

    Well over a hundred points scored today, though Christ i'm sure we'd swop them all for 3 from the match .. i've searched the house for booze and discovered half a bottle of Jack Daniels, so in the words of Tarquin Fauntleroy ... toodle pip !!! 15 Dave the Shrimper 15 ol blue eyes 15 The Big...
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ team of the year

    Following on from the SZ Annual Awards, here's my team of the year: GK - Firestorm, his consistency and the fact that very little gets past him makes him a natural to go in goal. RB - Martin Carruthers, his username may suggest a role up front but given his versatility across the board...
  7. manor15

    Battle Of The SUFC Legends - Last 16 - David Crown vs Stan Collymore

    Vote for who you want to win. Voting closes at midnight. David Crown (Supported by Tarquin Fauntleroy he won group D with 49 votes. David joined Blues in November 1987 after a career with Walthamstow Avenue, Brentford, Portsmouth, Reading and Cambridge. A hard working skilful striker, Dave was...
  8. Mohave Shrimper

    Rnd 2 Heat 2: CHiPs v The A-Team

    CHiPs (Tarquin Fauntleroy) v The A-Team (davewebbsbrain)
  9. Mohave Shrimper

    Battle of US TV: Rnd1 Heat 7

    CHiPs (Tarquin Fauntleroy) v Lost (Dave of the Match)
  10. Mohave Shrimper

    Draw & Discussion Thread

    1. Homicide: Life on the Streets. (Napster) 2. Six Feet Under (Drastic Sturgeon) 3. The Cosby Mysteries (Southchurch Groyney) 4. CHiPs (Tarquin Fauntleroy) 5. The West Wing (Matt the Shrimp) 6. The Wire (blues r best) 7. Hawaii Five-0 (ldnfatso) 8. Band of Brothers (steveo) 9. Studio 60 on...
  11. manor15

    Battle of the SUFC Legends - Group D

    Please vote for who you think is the greatest SUFC Legend. The winner is guaranteed a place in the next round while the runner up may win a place in the next round depending on how many votes they get. Here is Group D: Paul Sansome (Dave The Shrimper) David Crown (Tarquin Fauntleroy) Shaun...
  12. manor15

    Battle of the SUFC Legends

    Welcome to the house of manor15 and the draw for the group stage of the Battle of the SUFC Legends. The draw will be made by brother of manor15. It is more complicated than the usual battle, this will take the form of a group stage until Sunday 30th August when the winners of each group and the...
  13. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Famous, Rich and Homeless BBC1

    Not sure if anyone saw this first part of this 2 part series. Basiclay 5 celebs agree to undertake 5 days in London on the streets with no money and just a sleeping bag and some warm cloths. The Marquis of Blandford............what a ****ing ****** that **** is, if there has ever been an...
  14. Napster

    Rd 1 Heat 12 - Charles Darwin (Numphgirl) v Terry Nutkins (Tarquin Fauntleroy)

    Numphgirl - Charles Robert Darwin FRS v Tarquin Fauntleroy - Terry Nutkins
  15. Stats

    Battle of the tools - prelim draw

    People of the Zone, We had a wonderful 42 entrants for SZone Tool Of The Year which means we need 10 Prelim Round Matches. Draw list and numbers as follows; Jamie Oliver - MrBeard - 1 Russell Brand - Hutton - 2 Jade Goody - Jonny Stokes - 3 Gordon Brown - Fat Shrimp - 4 Pete Doherty - Dave -...