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  1. Mad Cyril

    Dr Feelgood exhibition, Canvey Club

    Worth a visit if you are in the area...... A great place for a pint, right up there with the Barge Gladys.
  2. Amwell Blue

    Phil Brown CD

    Hi my first post...and I have a question..I am sure we all remember Phil Brown's rendition of "my way". What song would you want him to put on his next CD and who would you dedicate it to??? My choice would be a special version of a Dr Feelgood classic "He's a windup" dedicated to Moshni...
  3. The final: Dr. Feelgood vs The Boxer Rebellion

    Here we are then, the final two of this august battle. I think it's pretty much cut & dried here - as much as I like TBR, Dr. Feelgood are a seminal band of the country, let alone Essex, so lets go through the motions! Thanks to everyone who took part. :thumbsup:
  4. Semi Final 1: Talk Talk v Dr Feelgood

    First of the semis. A titanic battle!
  5. QF4: Dr Feelgood v The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band

    Last one of the round...
  6. Dr. Feelgood v The Hamsters

    Round 6.....
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    Doctor Feelgood...All through the city

    The new boxset (3 cd's and a dvd) is out(on the 16th April).Contains all the tracks they made when Wilko was in the band.Time to spend your pennies. :guitar: :thumbsup: http://gu.com/p/36z54
  8. Rob Noxious

    "Crisis? What Crisis?"

    I just wondered if anyone might care to join me in a little levity - to chuckle in the face of adversity whilst we contemplate the current difficulties faced by our beloved club. I thought it might be time to play a tune or two. Now I'd like to propose this ... if you were a DJ, what song would...
  9. Tangled up in Blue

    You really got me-The Film

    Julien Temple really gets the KinksMusic documentary-maker Julien Temple is to turn his attention to the sibling spats of Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks in a new film Buzz up! Digg it Ben Child guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 9 December 2009 14.29 GMT Article history The untold story ... the...
  10. Tangled up in Blue

    Oil City

    Saw this excellent documentary on Dr Feelgood at a special screening here in Barcelona earlier this evening with Director Julian Temple introducing the film. Had a brief chat with JT afterwards and shook his hand while thanking him for making a great film on my favorite local band.Think he was a...
  11. Rob Noxious

    'Oil City Confidential'

    ...is the title of a film coming out in October. It's about Canvey's finest, Dr. Feelgood, and has been made by Julien Temple. Apparently, Wilko, Sparko and The Big Figure have all been very much involved in it and it charts the rise of the band through their 'pub rock' years in London to the...

    4 words you wouldn't mind hearing

    After Dans rather amusing thread, lets have the same again .. only with a feelgood factor I'll kick off with the rather obvious Southend One Crewe Nil
  13. Mad Cyril

    Olympics feelgood factor.

    With even the Daily Mail proclaiming that it is great to be British how long after the Beijing Olympic flame is extinguished will it take for us to return to living in "Broken Britain" and be subjected to daily stories about economic disaster and spiralling violent crime?
  14. Roots Hall - the final days - a Live music festival

    so if such a thing were to happen ....... who would play .... ??? I would start off with a few obvious old uns. Alison Moyet .... ..... Alf, Yazoo etc. Dr Feelgood Eddie and the Hotrods but there must be more....
  15. grayhound

    Thursday 7th @ The Marlborough Head, Rochford

    After reading the forum about "music that makes your hair stand on end" and some of the comments about decent music i thought id post for a decent band that are playing down The Marlborough in Rochford tomorrow (Thursday). Band (Bif Bam Pow) Start at 9pm (Free Admission). Their set is made up...
  16. Slipperduke

    Attention Matt the Shrimp!

    Last season, you may recall that we had a pint after the Blackpool fightback and basked in the glory of knowing that promotion was just around the corner. There we were, singing Tilson's praises and reflecting on our progress, when I went off on a tangent. "You know what, Matt?&quot...
  17. C C Csiders

    South East Essex Bands and Solo Artists

    Heard Milk and Alcohol by Dr Feelgood for the first time in ages on the radio yesterday, and had forgot what a quality song it is. So, it got me thinking what are the top tunes ever by Bands or Solo Artists from our Area (Southend, Canvey, Bazzo). My top 5: 1. Life's What You Make It -...
  18. Southampton Shrimper

    Sad and silly stereotypes

    This morning I bought a copy of "The Pink", the local Saturday evening sports newspaper to see if there were any previews of tonight's game. The only thing they have is "The Bluffer's Guide to... Southend United". I know it's supposed to be a humorous and light-hearted article, but it does make...
  19. Let Me Introduce Myself

    Well I've kind of been following these forums over the past year and I decided to register yesterday. I currently live near New Orleans in Louisiana, but I was born in Leigh and lived there the first 6 years of my life, which I remember very well. After my dad passed away (Lee Brilleaux...