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  1. Mad Cyril

    Best jacket potato filling

    For me it has to be chopped sausages in Schwarz peppercorn sauce although cheddar cheese is my every day favourite. Beans or tuna mayo have to be the worst.
  2. Opinion - Fossetts Farm

    It seems like it will never happen, but I don't think I am the only person against Fossetts Farm..... I just don't like the idea of an out-of-town stadium. They never seem to have any atmosphere (Col ewe, Shrewsbury) and take the club out of the community. Also I can never see us filling it...
  3. Blues4LifeDan

    Question How are you filling your time on Saturday?

    With there being no blues match this weekend, I was wondering if anyone was doing something more interesting than Christmas shopping. Anyone going to a non league match?
  4. Ricey

    General Boxing Thread

    To save filling up the fight of the year thread with off topic stuff I thought I would start this. Interesting GBJ your views on AJ, I thought from what I've seen albeit he has had some pretty easy fighters but he looks the business and will go onto be one of the best heavyweights in the world...
  5. JAL

    Southend United Academy Trials question?

    When filling out the forms to apply for a trial for Southend's Academy, do you have to be from a club locally or around you?
  6. Question Why is Brown not filling the 20th and last place in the squad?

    Just wonder, if he is waiting for someone. Maybe on a 93 day loan starting beginning Oct taking us through to the transfer window, when they could sign. He may well be saving the place for an emergency, but it wouldn"t surprise me if he had someone lined up.
  7. Facebook spying, Edward Snowden & The NSA

    After the "shock" tip off that the NSA are apparantly spying on us all via Facebook etc, I have been strangely non-plussed by the whole thing. Yes, it's illegal but isn't it the old story if you've got nothing to hide, then there's nothing to worry about? I think it's quite hilarious the the...
  8. Mad Cyril

    DIY tips

    I am redecorating the house at the moment so thought I would start a thread to share collective knowledge..... Cover your roller tray with a plastic bag before filling with paint. That way you don't have to wash it up when you are done....
  9. danburyshrimper

    Home + away ... Different managers ?

    First off , I like Paul Sturrock , admire greatly what he has achieved & his managerial skills away from home are absolutley second to none. His style of filling midfield, keeping it tight + hitting teams on the break works perfectly away. However its becoming painfully clear when we are at...
  10. Question Would promotion at this point in time be good for Southend

    I ask this question ,as i see the same scenario as last season.Dont get me wrong ,I love SUFC and believe they are big enough and should be playing 2 divisions higher than they are, they proved that a few seasons back when they played in championship, filling the stadium at almost every home...
  11. decorating help

    just papered a wall with some lining paper (dodgy walls!), and have some gaps (some quite wide). what's the best way to fill these? My dad just suggests filling and then sanding and painting. dad-in-law recommends decorators caulk(?), but to do a coat of paint first, then fill with caulk and...
  12. DoDTS

    A Mohsni Christmas Carol

    A MOHSNI CHRISTMAS CAROL A little bit of seasonal ShrimperZone Dickensish rubbish. It was Christmas Eve and Ebenezer Mohsni was home, alone tucking into his bowl of French Onion Soup mulling over the events of the past six months when he heard a clanking noise coming from another room. He...
  13. Paul Sturrock Q+A

    ? Any chance of filling in those that couldn't attend last night on what was said. Did we learn anything new? Did he say anything about the possibility of being able to keep hold of the better players inJan? Offers or bids etc. I couldn't make it so hopefully those that did can provide me/us...
  14. Austerity sandwich fillings.

    Here are a couple of my creations. Can anyone come up with a better sandwich filling for less than 50p? 1. Egg Mayo and half a bag of frazzles. 2. Laughing cow triangle and half a bag of pickled onion monster munch.
  15. Question Bilel Mohsni - Where will he go?

    Now I’m, like many, a big fan of Mohsni, but when everyone’s fit where will he go? For me he’s not an option long-term as a striker – I feel that when Dickinson and Corr are both fit they will certainly be a better option than Bilel. Although Dickinson only came on toward the end I saw enough to...
  16. Tommy2holes

    Ailments / illnesses and embaressing/painful injuries

    Now i have had some ailments over the 33 years since my creation but my most recent has proved painful embaressing and is taking time to get over. So i wanted to know yours. I'll go back to mine. Bout 3 weeks ago i started getting a pain in my arse after going for a bike ride . I just put it...
  17. Thorpe Groyney


    I was chatting to my old mate Ritchie the other day. It's not his actual name but he bears an uncanny resemblence to Ritchie Rich from Bottom. Anyway, he's not exactly a babe magnet, so he's been trying out dating websites. This is, in his exact words, what happened when he tried eHarmony: "I...
  18. another slice of incompetence

    by not filling his contractual obligations genius RM has lost the club loadsa money in lost ransfer fees - cos SUFC contracts are worthless cos one side has defaulted - i.e. Ron Martin - any player can go walkabout and the club gets zilch- i always laugh at people who think business people are...
  19. Mad Cyril

    If a Breville toaster is the Iranian embassy....

    What filling is the SAS? I am going for cheese and onion with HP on the side.
  20. SKY Sports and Players Wages

    Donot know if this is old recycled news by Sky Sports, but at 6.30 am this morning, they announced that Southend players have not been paid again. As above not sure if its old news and they are filling in time, whilst assessing Rooneys injury to make it a headliner, or they have just received...