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  1. OldBlueLady

    Happy New Year - here's to a successful 2017 for our boys

    Fantastic fireworks, hope everyone's had a great evening, here's to the year ahead and hopes for success on and off the pitch! Happy New Year one and all! :cheers:
  2. Fireworks.....ban them !

    Recent news stories show thugs aiming these mini bombs at police and children,in fact anyone . Must be time to ban the public from buying the bloody things...keep them for professional shows. How many people are injured every year,far too many,the noise at any time of day scares animals and...
  3. Mad Cyril

    Best place to buy fireworks of dubious legality

    I have been invited to a BYO firework display which is quite clearly going to turn into a p1ssing contest between the adult males. Can anyone recommend an establishment that sells fireworks of almost unimaginable power at surprising low prices? None of this Standard/Black Cat crap that...
  4. undercovershrimper

    Holland v Latvia

    Anyone else going to this? According to T&C's for tickets your not allowed to stab people with fireworks in the Amsterdam Arena!
  5. Wills & Kate having another baby

    They seem like nice people. Congratulations.
  6. TrueBlue

    The Mario story so far.....

    £10,000 in parking fines. Car has been impounded 27 times. £300,000 fine for throwing darts at the youth team. Won £25,000 in a casino, gave £1,000 to a tramp outside the casino. Threw tomatoes at a Serie A manager. Threw Water Balloons at a Serie A disciplinary hearing. Started a fight with 4...
  7. superblue24


    So.....It's that time of year again..... This year I want to do a home display and I want "the good s**t" at an affordable cost. Does anyone on here "know their fireworks" and would be able to advise me on what would make a good display.... Also, does anyone know of a place or person where...
  8. Cricko

    Round 2 Heat 6

    The last heat of this week is one I have been looking forward to. Phil Collins - Crawliano v Paul Weller - MK Shrimper. Let the fireworks begin.
  9. BigKahunaBurger

    Jose at Real Madrid

    Is anyone else intrigued to see how it all goes down this season with Mourinho managing Real Madrid? I can't wait. I'm sure they'll be fireworks at some stage.
  10. Ricky Otto

    Tommy Widdrington fireworks?

    I play football with the sons of Gary Hill, former dagenham and rushden manager. Whenever I see him I ask about what's going on as he is good friends with Tilly and often has a few interesting tit bits. I didn't get anything on Tilly but Gary isn't the biggest fan of our new assistant manager, a...
  11. Interpol Shrimper

    Keeley Hazell v Lanny Barby

    Duck & cover - I expect some fireworks with this tie... Keeley Hazell (Ulysses) v Lanny Barby (Rusty Shackleford)
  12. callan

    Question Tin of Sweets for Xmas

    With the festive season about to come into full swing, and having completed the budget you can imagine my Joy when despite the credit crunches worst efforts, we have enough money to buy a tin of sweets for christmas. Now I'm no grinch when it comes to the season of goodwill, so hastily arranged...
  13. Slipperduke

    Football Must Refer To Cricket

    If you've been keeping an eye on the cricket recently then you'll have noticed some interesting experiments taking place in the West Indies. No, don't worry, England are still reassuringly hopeless, they'll never toy with that. It's the officials who are changing; test-piloting a new system of...
  14. seany t

    I hope the Bluebelles are doing something pretty spectacular tomorrow

    Hand held fireworks? A racy routine to make Ashley think his wife is a crap dancer? A menage-a-onze involving Elvis the eel?
  15. Vange Shrimper

    Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver

    Is it possible to download these programs anywhere, or do I have to be a good girl and buy it from such places like PC World? If anyone knows anywhere I can download them from, please let me know as I need these for the summer! Ta.
  16. Slipperduke

    Euro 2008 part 2

    Even without England's involvement and, in fact, maybe even because of their absence, the European Championships are a mouth-watering prospect. Three weeks of Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, Klass-Jan Huntelaaar and Franck Ribery at the top of their professional game, battling for supremacy...
  17. Slipperduke

    The Grand Slam

    The tension that has been slowly building all week is now approaching critical mass. The clock is ticking down to Grand Slam Sunday and the mind games have begun in earnest. This is what football is all about and I love it. Mind you, I don’t support one of the big four, so I can settle back and...
  18. * ORM *


    FFS ! I turned to the Echo last night to see pictures of kids at Santa's Grotto Lakeside. We've only just finished with the bloody fireworks - or not as the case currently is around my neck of the woods !! Whose bright idea was this and what parent in their right mind would take the kids this...
  19. lee_sufc

    sodding fireworks!!!

    Seriously....if I here ONE MORE firework I am going to go sodding mental!!!!!! What is the point in spending out on fireworks at your house when there are 20 people around you doing exactly the same? RANT. OVER. :mad:
  20. wiggy

    Well done Tilly, Wiggy's ratings!

    What a nice surprise to see that Tilson had abandoned the Maher is an automatic choice and let's give Matt Harrold yet another chance to prove he has got any ability as a footballer as the team was read out. Rating's as follows.... Collis 6 very little to do but am now more convinced than ever...