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  1. How to generate a table from Excel - Tutorial

    1. Make your table in Excel. 2. Save it as a CSV file. Some warnings will flash up but in general you can ignore these 3. Open the CSV file in notepad. 4. Go to this website: http://truben.no/table/ 5. Go to FILE, IMPORT. Select Comma Separated Values from the drop down, and paste all the...
  2. Keith Curle comments

    “Southend are very much a good side,” he said. “They’re playing with confidence so it’s going to be a tough trip. “We go there with nothing to fear and with the same attitude as we use to approach every other game. We’re going to try to get the points. We want to get back on a winning run and...
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    Adobe Flash Player problems with Chrome

    I can't get sound on some (youtube and other) videos. Any techies out there know the solution,pretty please?
  4. Jam_Man

    X-box 360 4gb Flash memory model

    Anyone got one of these? Buying a Dell Ultrabook and getting a free Xbox, which is pretty pointless as I have an old 20GB Xbox 360. Am I right in thinking its a cut down version of an X-Box 360? Reckon it will go straight onto Ebay to subsidise the Ultrabook anyway...
  5. Jam_Man

    Bike advice please

    Looking to get a new bike, as the one I have has rusted due to non use and non-careful storage and I would like a new one that I can ride once and then leave to rust in the back garden. Anyone have any good recommendations ? Doesnt need to be amazing as it wont get used for anything other than...
  6. Shrimpergarry

    watching Blues Player highlights on an iPad

    Anyone got a workaround so I can watch match highlights (flash video) on an iPad? It obviously won't work in Safari, but has anyone tried an alternative browser such as Skyfire?
  7. Question Blues player

    Guys need some help or advice from you technical boys. I currently subscribe to blues player. more often than not I'm unable to get to away games therefore I use the player or listen to local radio. Recently I've been travelling on a Saturday. I have a Blackberry as my phone. This is not...
  8. davewebbsbrain

    Jexaa 708 Tablet

    Guys, If you are looking for a Tablet on a budget, check the Jexaa 708 tablet out . Jexaa 708 Android 2.2 and updateable, flash 10.1, Android market, UK spec. Well worth a punt.
  9. Gillingham game

    As I’m planning my yearly pilgrimage to the Hall for the Gillinghamgame on the 13th Sept, looking through the fixtures we seem to haveall the pre-season contenders and front runners apart from perhaps Burton inthe next month. It will be interesting how we are stacking up by then or is a flash in...
  10. Evening Echo

    Corr out to prove he's no flash in the pan

    SOUTHEND United striker Barry Corr is out to prove he is not a one-season wonder. More...
  11. Question The 4th stand trust..

    Anyone interested in the idea of having a 4th Stand Trust. An independant fans group to ensure if the 4th stand doesn't get built we the fans can build a stand in it's place. Nothing flash - something modest but better than a gaping hole.. Could organise fund raising events and finance raising...
  12. Colchester and proud!

    England under 21's in September

    A weird kickoff time but cheap enough if you fancy seeing a few prem stars at the WHCS http://www.cu-fc.com/page/News/0,,10424~2100655,00.html U's Flash: Club Host England's Crucial Clash Posted on: Fri 23 Jul 2010 Colchester United's Weston Homes Community Stadium has been named as the...
  13. DTS

    Skype phones.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, With Fathers day around the corner I have decided to treat my old man to a skype phone to plug into his laptop so he can see my lovely boat everytime he cals (More to the point see GoDoDtS grow up week by week). When it comes to technology I have the understanding of a...
  14. Blackberry Trouble

    My Blackberry got wet 2 weeks ago and it still won't work. The only thing that happens when I put my battery in, the flash light comes on. I don't think water damage is covered under the warranty. Help?
  15. Cricko

    Rules for women during the World Cup.

    I am not sure if this has been posted before or not. 1. From 11 June to 11 July 2010, you should read the sport pages so you are aware of what's going on regarding the World Cup and will be able to join in conversations. If you fail to do this, you'll be looked at in a bad way or be totally...
  16. TrueBlue

    A Lesson to you all

    When I was 18 (younger and even more stupid then now) I use to drink on pier hill at Charlies Bar (Motels) mainly because I use to work at the Palace Hotel when I left school and I use to drink with some of the worst people in Southend, Druggys, ponce's and thieves the lot but during that time...
  17. A little birdie told me...

    From the O/S: You can now find out all the latest special offers from the Club Shop via their twitter page..... ...... Also if you have twitter mobile then check out our twitter site during half time of every home game to see if there is an exclusive 'flash twitter offer' for after the game...
  18. Slipperduke

    Sullivan Can Save Hammers

    The arrival of David Gold and David Sullivan at Upton Park is the best news that West Ham United fans could have asked for this year. Their team may be locked into a relegation battle, their money long since squandered on shoddy goods, but finally they have people in the boardroom who know what...
  19. Christmas Songs .....

    Type in a Christmas song and they sing it. Linkage
  20. Slipperduke

    Tweet That, Darren

    Have you ever Twittered? I have to confess that, like European federalism, gardening and 'Jedward', I always thought it was something for other people to worry about. Twitter, I found out this week, is a chance to spurt 140 characters of whatever you're doing at the world, or at least those...