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  1. DoDTS

    Anyone fancy going to Dorset?

    We were due to go on a five day break to Dorset on Monday (16th May to 20th May) but unfortunately we cant go. It is all paid for and we want nothing for it, and if anyone wants it they are more than welcome its just a shame to waste it. It is a three bed-roomed wooden lodge situated on a...

    Cheap travel in comfort to Morcambe!

    Hey all...I'd love to drive up there on Sat, lifelong Shrimper!!...will be going from N London/Herts border (flexible within reason here)...Problem being I am not working and cash a bit tight!...If anyone would chip in a bit for diesel then all of our dreams may just yet come true...
  3. Flexible bulk tickets?

    I was wondering whether it was worth approaching the club to see if they would be interested in offering flexible bulk tickets if the current three match mini card experiment works out well. My thinking is along the lines that full ST's and half ST's get a discount, quite rightly, for buying...
  4. tice_18


    Myself and some friends are thinking about going backpacking accross Europe next summer, using the Interrail. We're not planning on doing Barcelona etc, more Eastern Europe and countries we've not been to. We're looking for about 8-10 different spots, spending 2-3 days in each place...
  5. Shrimper_Wez

    Coaching for kids - help please!

    Shrimpers I need your help! I am currently doing my FA coaching badges and will soon be seeking football volunteering opportunities with children up to the age of ten or eleven (I have plucked this figure from the air so I am open to suggestions!). I am 24 years old and my relatively short...
  6. Razam

    Interesting Article On New Stadiums

  7. Smiffy

    Breaking News Ron's Blog

    I feel that I should be letting you have my thoughts and feelings about the season now it is effectively at an end but I promised that I would answer all the questions that are put to me and I am continuing to do so. However I will need to bring this to an end soon as it was only meant to span...
  8. Attention site team!!!

    To Admin Team I posted a non imflammatory post on the thread regarding the stewarding at Stockport.My post was well constructed and unbiased but it appears an over zealous moderator has unwillfully deleted it.I would just like to point out that before registering on ShrimperZone.com the rules...
  9. steveo

    Mara Yamauchi

    Yamauchi was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England to Dorothy and Norman Myers but lived with her family until she was 8 years old in Nairobi, Kenya.[3] She started running with Oxford club, Headington Road Runners, while still at school, but took up running seriously when she was an...
  10. Harold Bishop Killer

    The Boss

    Mine is up her own arse, mid-30’s Aussie female who loves never better than do patronise me. The one thing I hate most in a personality. The way she conducts herself and speaks to me feels like I am back in infant school when you had to have her hand held to cross the road and they give you...
  11. Jam_Man

    Bell - Petrol Station Cloning...

    My mum had her card cloned at the petrol station at the Bell. Whats the world coming to ? These people have nice jobs with flexible working hours where they get their own office and are their own boss, yet they still turn to crime. Beware....
  12. Interpol Shrimper


    Anybody know how I can get Dell to amend my delivery timings? Ordered a notebook from them last night, but just found out it's due to be delivered between 8am & 6pm (how in this day & age can they not be more specific) next Thursday (which unfortunately co-incides with my drive down south that...
  13. The BBC are looking to interview

    I have been asked to find 3 or 4 Southend fans to be filmed tomorrow for a Football Focus special on our game on Saturday. The person should be articulate and preferably able to be filmed in Southend, midday tomorrow but they are flexible with that. You will need to give a short opinion on what...
  14. Wake up Tilly

    Tilly has said that he is going to use the full squad available to him as we have two games in three days and suggests he has learnt from the Mansfield game. About time too!. Firstly it is saying he has been inflexible in his selection for more than half a season and secondly he has his...
  15. Bad Jokes

    Getting away from the Beckham jokes so let's have your poorest jokes. Me first! My mate said to me "I have just been chatting up a Cheetah!" So I said to him" Well, you must be trying to pull a fast one!" I said to my Gym instructor " Can you teach...