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  1. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Be kind, give the chap carrying the ball out tomorrow a cheer

    Long story, not wholly sure why yet, no I didn't pay for the privilege (I was asked to do it), none of that "Who are yer" stuff please.:smile: A choice of top, which one to wear? Retro Colly shirt, the 2006 centenary one or last years? Choices choices :cool: Maybe I can flog my book to the...
  2. Helmand

    456 British soldiers killed in action for what exactly ! The Taliban now control 65% of the province,whilst Afghan commanders flog their weapons leaving their troops high and dry,drug cartels controlled by the Taliban all fight over the £2 billion pound a year opium industry,the generals now...
  3. TV screws

    Without wanting to take away from Pubey's DIY threads, I've recently moved into a new place and while I had my TV mounted on the wall where I used to live, the landlord's a bit funny about fixtures and fittings, so I'm having to place it back on its stand. That wouldn't be a problem at all...

    Chumpions League Final 2013

    Wembley to host the 2013 final ... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13783154.stm Now Platini claims this is to honour the FA in their 150th year, fair enough at first glance, though in which case why award them 2011, as surely they knew about our 150th anniversary before the award for...
  5. Tommy2holes

    Breaking News Season card prices for next season announced!!!

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2325750,00.html Not sure people are going to be rushing out for these. With what we have seen this season i would have a further reduction would have been needed. The bottom line for most is an increase of £50 to £350. They must be the...
  6. Smart businessman, or outright scoundrel?

    Over the course of the weekend I was tasked with finding a friend of mine a ticket for V Festival as she'd been ripped off on eBay and was in a bit of a panic about missing out. As it happens, I know someone from Uni who's a bit of a dab hand with these occasions. As something of a prologue...
  7. Question Is this dodgy?

    Saw an advert for this website on TV, so thought i'd check it out. Thing is, i can't work out if it's truly legit or not. How can the flog a 37" Sony Bravia for a tenner? http://uk.madbid.com/
  8. Andy_S

    Phone call from the club tonight

    We received a phone call from the club tonight trying to flog the lottery thing to us. For about the 17th time in the last 12 months.... Nothing unusual there I hear you say. The thing is, when my Dad made the comment you're still working then - they said is there anything you want to know about...
  9. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Hull City 3-1 Southend United

    My first game of the season and I was really impressed with our performance and the confidence our players displayed when in possession, despite the fact that Hull fielding a weakened side. Mildy - 5 - I'm afraid he was the one player who didn't earn his money tonight. He had pretty much...

    Question Shrimper on BBC2 just now

    Just turned on the telly, it happened to be on BBC2 ... the programme was Flog It - Ten of the Best and there was a Shrimper on there with a painting, bald head, quite stocky with glasses .. he was wearing a white polo shirt with the club crest on the left breast and Portugal 2004 on the right...
  11. MK Dons ticket

    My missus can no longer make it unfortunately so I have a spare which I'll happily flog for £10. PM me if interested though I shall be away from the PC at 2pm and not back until tomorrow morning, so PM Cricko for my mobile.
  12. should drugs be legal ?

    in this day and age where its legal for people to drink into oblivion and cost the taxpayer shedloads with policing and hospital care,or its allowed for people to eat crap and have many health problems which again costs bundles. is it time to legalise all substances. my view is simply yes...
  13. Happy New Year...

    ...or not as the case may be. Absolutely woeful performance from us today, never looked a real threat, never looked like we were going to create anything and never looked like we were bothered about the game. Collis - 6 - Virtual spectator for the majority of the game. Made one decent save...
  14. Matt the Shrimp

    Hattrick - Youth Team

    Hurrah and huzzah - I've finally been allowed to pull my YT keeper: Dharmayoni Kanjilal (185013333) 17 years and 80 days, passable form, healthy A pleasant guy who is temperamental and dishonest. Has disastrous experience and inadequate leadership abilities. Next birthday: 08/01/2008...
  15. Ron Manager

    Rugby World Cup

    Press Release International Rugby Board (IRB) Rugby World Cup 2007 Following complaints to the IRB about the All Blacks being allowed to motivate themselves by performing the ‘Haka’ before their games, other nations were asked to suggest pre-match rituals of their own.The IRB...
  16. seany t


    Whats with all that then? Why lay out £6m for a player you know is merely half decent, then flog him at a cut price 3 weeks later?
  17. Southampton and 'fans' selling tickets on ebay

    ...I don't get it. Here we are at the end of best season we've had in over 10 years, beating Man U, Brum, West Brom, Sunderland etc 3 years after we looked like swapping places with Canvey Island and our last game is a bank holiday trip to the south coast to a cracking ground against a cracking...
  18. Lee Barnard

    Spoke to a mate today who is a Spurs nut he claims we should take Lee Barnard on loan.He has been the leading scorer in the reserves for the last couple of seasons and is meant to be very hot player.Take him on season loan and flog Lawson to Notts County.
  19. Congratulations you *******

    Well done lads a well deserved promotion, great game off football. If only we could defend we would be joining you. Glad you all had a great day amongst our animal fans and hoolies, shame we didn't invade the pitch and take out Freedie Bloody ell he is some player. Do us a favour will you...
  20. sufcintheprem

    YP this week

    17 year old with well over 1000 TSI. Thinking I'll probably try and flog him to a defender trainer... Speciality: Powerful Nationality: England Total Skill Index (TSI): 1 120 Wage: 415 £/week Owner: Southsea Commoners Warnings: 0 Injuries: Healthy Stamina: inadequate Goaltending...