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  1. Todays weather

    Anyone got any disaster stories to report?. 5.30pm in Campfield Rd, Shoebury, manhole cover gushing like a fountain & road completely flooded. Then along front from Shore House to Maplin Way, road resembled a paddling pool. Extreme caution needed to drive through, but surprise, surprise, Range...
  2. KrustyTheKray

    2014 Superhero Fun Run in aid of The Brompton Fountain

    Hello all you fellow Zoners out there, My Wife, Kids, and I are running a 5K fun run dressed as superheroes this Sunday at Regents Park. It's in aid of The Brompton Fountain Charity, of which all donations go to the Royal Brompton Heart and Lung hospital in Chelsea. This hospital saved my...
  3. DoDTS

    Pub Name Changes

    I took a phone call this morning from a bloke in the Black Country which then set me off boring my workmates with long gone stories and in particular one of a pub in Dudley. It had the very descriptive name of the “Tipton Slasher” named after a prize fighter, the name of this pub...
  4. ShrimplyTheBest

    CELEBRITY CHARITY FOOTBALL MATCH - Tomorrow (Saturday July 9th!)

    Morning guys, Mods please don't delete this... its all for a good cause! So a little while ago now your votes helped my football team win 'The Great Football Experiment', and as part of the programme we are now playing a team of celebs this weekend to raise money for Charity: IVORY FC VS...
  5. * ORM *

    Old fashioned sweets

    New shop called timeless opposite the Oakwood pub in Eastwood. Not been in there but from the outside looks as if it contains all the old favourites. Mmmmmmmmmmm aniseed balls, mmmmmmmmmmm winter comfort, mmmmmmmmmmm sherbert fountain, mmmmmmmmmmm ................
  6. Hotman

    Rollerball pens

    This might seem a really stupid question, but here goes. I normally use my fountain pens for day to day use, and fond them extremely reliable etc. However, I've also got a Rollerball for when I travel by plane and need to have something a bit nicer than a parker pen. Because this doesn't get...
  7. CC51DAS

    Latest Rumours Motor racing 'baron' to take major stake in SUFC

    As if we haven't had enough going on today, I have heard from a mate of mine who was at the Belgian Grand Prix at the weekend that he heard from a 'fountain of knowledge' that a prominent figure in the world of Motor Racing is about to take a major slice of our beloved Blues. I have tried to...
  8. Another one for the ladies!

  9. Einstein

    Hiring a van

    As ShrimperZone is a fountain of knowledge, I thought I'd ask to see whether anyone knows how much it would cost to hire a van from say Friday morning to Sunday night.... It'd be going overseas (Essex to The Netherlands) if that makes any difference. I've spent a while doing googling searches...
  10. Harold Bishop Killer

    Australian Tourism

    These were posted on an Australian TourismWebsite and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a sense of humour. __________________________________________________ Q: Does it ever get windy in Australia? I have never seen it rain on TV, how do the...
  11. pickledseal

    Where to live? (Me working in Chelmsford, the missus in the City)

    Hi guys, As this is the fountain of all knowledge, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.... Basically, me and the missus are thinking of moving in together. Should mean I get my weekends back to visit the Hall for a start! However, we are trying to find a decent location and decent...
  12. J

    Favourite Poster on SZ

    Let's be positive for once.. mine is: trueblue always a fountain of wisdom and i like his' "in your face" attitude.. and then smiffy, always love reading his' posts.. always intellectual and very true.. my last has to be: Xabiá shrimper, always quotes...
  13. pickledseal

    Cheap Places to Stay in Portsmouth

    As a fountain of all knowledge and wisdom, and having a wide geographical spread of members.... I was wondering if anyone knew any cheap B&Bs, hotels in Portsmouth area? Me and two friends are doing Great South Run in October and need somewhere to stay for Sat21st and SUn 22nd Doesnt...
  14. Letting Agents

    Knowing that you lot are a fountain of useful (and sometimes useless knowledge) I'd like to pick your brains... Has anyone let out their property before and if so can you recommend a Lettings Agent who are particularly good in the Southend area? Also any general hints and tips would be...
  15. BoyWonder2

    Just Got Sent This Via Email

    The questions below about Australia, are from potential visitors. They were posted on an Australian Tourism Website and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a sense of humour. Q: Does it ever get windy in Australia? I have never seen it rain on TV...
  16. TrueBlue


    Is anybody like me worried that our goals realy should be from our strikers and not a defender don't get me wrong Barretts been superb but I just dont think he can be a fountain of goals forever!