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  1. Mad Cyril

    Gym question.

    I have taken advantage of the subdidised membership benefit at my new employers to join the local gym. I am 44 years old and have not used a gym for a while although I do cycle a lot. My question to any regular gym goers is should I buy Hi Tec Squash or Silver Shadows to excercise in? If it's...
  2. Floval Flyer

    Forest Green v Tranmere on BT Sport

    Really exciting 1st half, FGR have a few decent players, like the look of Traore in midfield and Doidge up front. Wonder if PB is watching? FGR 3-1 up at the moment.
  3. Blueronron

    Aaron Lennon

    My sincere best wishes to Aaron Lennon, who last night was taken into hospital, re Mental Health issues. Many people will think or comment, why ? He has money, cars, a wonderful life style many of us would want, but just because he has these finer things of life, does not mean he is happy...
  4. The Eternal Optimist

    It's my fault I said Millwall away would haunt us!

    How annoying things you say in jest have an annoying habit of biting you on the arse. I said to my mate on the way to the game that the premiershite quality ref would bottle it in front of the hostile home support. Not only did he send Atkinson off for a challenge that he only gave a yellow a...
  5. RHB

    It's now Sunday morning, how do you feel?

    When the final whistle went yesterday my mood was oh so disappointed and angry. Oxford had done us a huge favour and yet again we still didn't take the opportunity to capitalise on Millwall's **** up. My mood didn't really lighten all Saturday evening and reading on SZ about 'bottled it' and...
  6. Tommy2holes

    Next season

    What needs to happen next season to move the club on again? I know we could still have a shot at the play offs but we don't deserve to and frankly we haven't beaten average opposition the last few games. Any teams in the play offs would destroy us on present form. I think the following need...
  7. Memory Lane old NORTH BANK songs

    Sitting here in Germany,watching for at least the 15th time,the team we call UNITED(sad git)..i LOVE the old North Bank_PAK songs...long gone are those days,but anybody who stood in the North Bank will ALWAYS remember them as the best times. Now on tv some songs are tv adverts,but we use to sing...
  8. RHB

    We've lost two on the trot - What to do?

    First Bolton and now Charlton, two defeats and the wheels have fallen off, what the **** is going on? What can I do to advertise my total state of upset and disappointment. I know, I'll start a thread about Striker options on the bench that way I can really get posters...
  9. Floval Flyer

    Syria - Football on the Front Line

    Well worth a read if you have time.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/syria_football_on_the_frontline
  10. OldBlueLady

    Lenny's role at attacking free kicks

    Has anyone else spotted what Lenny does when we have a free kick near the opposition area? We noticed it at Coventry and saw it again yesterday prior to Coxy's goal. Basically, he goes and stands in front of the goal keeper and mirrors their movements - you know, like kids play that game of...
  11. Time to stop charity fat cats.

    It's utterly ridiculous, Some charities demand donations whilst paying out crazy salaries to the bigwigs and others,it must stop! Save the children pay 6 million per year on just one of their leased premises...6 bloody million,how many people have chucked a couple of quid into buckets thinking...
  12. RHB

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Oldham Athleitic 0-2 Southend United

    And the beat goes on......... a very good win but at what cost on the injury front? Reports and ratings here please.
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    Brexit: an apology

    During the referendum campaign I was guilty of talking down the benefits of Brexit down. In particular I was highly sceptical of the health advantages that this would bring despite this seemingly being a huge part of the Leave campaign (see picture of leading Government minister in front of a...
  14. Napster

    Maidstone v Macclesfield

    Maidstone v Macclesfield Went to this game on Saturday with one of my staff. Nice stadium, good clubhouse, decent support. Three ex-shrimpers in the squads: Macclesfield: Jack Sampson - well he's found his level. Won every header, got stuck in, but rubbish on the ground, can't control the ball...
  15. DoDTS

    I'm away for No, 11 and No. 12 fixtures

    I am going away for a couple of weeks and will be away for No, 11 and No. 12 fixtures. I wont know till I am away if I will have an internet connection, and if so how much, so please be aware. If I have little access I ,may not be able to send the usual reminders and Tables may not be up till...
  16. PB transfer Window explanation...

    Chris Phillips (@CJPhillips1982) 01/09/2016, 11:00 Brown: “I was keen to bring in a striker but I only wanted to bring in people who would have improved us, not those of lesser quality." Chris Phillips (@CJPhillips1982) 01/09/2016, 11:06 PB: “Fans are entitled to say what they want...
  17. RHB

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 2- 0 Brighton U23s

    I suspect this will be quite a short thread. It was really a game of men against boys. Brighton were a skilful team and passed and moved very quickly but their end product was very poor, Teddy had very little to do, but what he did have, he did well. John White proved again that he is Mr...
  18. RHB

    Official Match Thread Southend United v Fleetwood Town

    For those that wanted Bridge up front, PB has listened!! Oxley, Demetriou, Barrett, Thompson, Coker, O'Neill, Leonard, King, McLaughlin, Bridge, Cox On the bench: Smith, White, Sokolik, Atkinson, McGlashan, Mooney, Williams Come on you Blues!!
  19. Good one to open with ?

    Another Gills defeat, more goals conceded and a lack of goals at the other end must give boss Edinburgh plenty to ponder with the opening League One fixture against Southend United just a week away. In addition there was another injury to the Gills squad as midfielder Lee Martin was stretched...
  20. LennySUFC

    Breaking News Changes agreed for the EFL Trophy

    EFL Clubs have agreed, at their 2016 summer conference, to pilot a new format for the EFL Trophy as part of their ongoing commitment to creating more and better home grown players. The one season trial for season 2016/17 will include 64 teams made up of EFL League One and Two clubs, plus an...