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  1. Napster

    Interview with Anton Otulakowski

    Born and bred in Yorkshire, Anton, a former international schoolboy gymnast, caught the eye of Barnsley while playing for Ossett Town and joined them in 1975 for his first pro team. Whilst at Barnsley, Anton was also holding down a full time job as a surveyor with the then Gas Board and he...
  2. Shrimper

    Southend fans at Tottenham

    I was on another website's forums talking about secterianism in Scottish football and about how the Irish chants have offended so many people. I used a bit of quoting to back up my statement but when i went to look for it i found this on a website that stated some examples of secterianism: I...
  3. Bluesmanager

    Why Men are Never Depressed

    Found this on another forum (family friendly so there shouldn't be anything wrong with this but mods, feel free to edit, delete or what have you) WHY MEN ARE NEVER DEPRESSED: Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is...
  4. Magnum PI

    Ex-Shrimpers League Goalscorers Table 2008-09 # Week 3

    As already mentioned previously, Football League goals by Jamie Forrester and Garry Richards, and Conference goals for Jason Lee and Roscoe D'Sane. Also notable goals from David Lee for Canvey Island in a 4-0 win at Margate, and Neville Roach netting for Didcot Town in the British Gas SW1...
  5. Southend_Lady

    Women Vs Men drivers

    After reading the thread about the twit of a woman driving into the gas mains in Benfleet and the few slightly sexist remarks that followed, it made me think about which of the sexes really is the worse drivers. Don't get me wrong, Im the first to admit that there are plenty of idiot women...
  6. Traffic alert a13 for tonight

    Just to let you guys know if anyone uses the A13 through Benfleet, a woman in a car has hit a gas pipe, and now there is a major gas leak on the main London Rd. It is shut from tarpots to kents hill rd, a major chunk. Road opens again at Bread and Cheese hill. Either take Church Rd or the A127...
  7. Southend_Lady

    Question Rayleigh High Street Roadworks

    I drive to Rayleigh Station everyday and I have to go through the High Street to get there. As of yesterday, there are major gas works which means the road is closed. I heard on the radio that it is from Eastwood Road to Hockley Road. I was going to drive towards the High Street to see whats...
  8. Napster

    Shane Wardley

    SUDBURY TRIO JOIN LEISTON 17/06/2008 Ridgeons League Premier Division club Leiston has announced the signings of Stuart Boardley, David Head and Shane Wardley, all formerly of now British Gas Business Southern League Division One Midlands side AFC Sudbury. Former Ipswich Town, Torquay...
  9. Benfleet A1

    Has there been a problem?

    Seems very quite and I had trouble getting on the site. A PLESK site informed me that Shrimperzone didn't have a registered domain. Someone forgot to pay the Gas bill?
  10. Cyclone in Burma

    I am baffled by the appeals for money for Burma. As I understand it, the country is a major exporter of pearls rubies and sapphires. It also has offshore gas and oil supplies. My question is- where has all this money gone. I know Burma has had a military junta since 1962 so is the answer that...
  11. Beaver

    U18's Thrash Col Ewe

    U18's have just thrashed Col Ewe 5 - 1 at Boots & Laces :clap: 4 - 0 at half time and could of been 7 or 8 if it wasn't for their keeper. SUFC took their foot of the gas for the 2nd half. An enjoyable game to watch.
  12. Winkle


    Its getting tough out there folks and I think we are for a bit of a pasting if fuel prices keep rising and our economy is slowing. Recieved my gas bill today. for one quarter £311, and the only thing run on gas is the boiler. Lots of colleagues I worked with last year are really finding it...
  13. DTS

    Dave's cooking corner -Week One.

    Right lads, Now MK Shrimper is back with his Mrs and with a number of you having dating related issues of late I have decided to pass on my skills as a master swordsmen onto you all. The key I think is to cook for your partner to be. In the new series Dave's cooking corner (Part one probably...
  14. Moving out

    Forgive me for being nieve but I'm looking to move out and have been briefly looking at flats to rent but i'm a tad confused. When it says say £550pcm what does this include? Do you still have to pay for gas and water ect or is that all included in that price? Apart from food obviously, what...
  15. Kenny

    Peter Butler

    one of my WHU supporting mates just sent me this over.... Peter Butler Unleashed by iaindale on Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:40 pm I had a long email from former Hammers midfielder Peter Butler this morning explaining what he has been up to since he left West Ham. It's a brilliant and very funny read...
  16. Horizon last night

    Anyone see it? Regardless of your stance on the death penalty you've got to raise your hat to Michael Portillo who breathed in CS gas, went in a simulator where he experienced 5G's and apoxia...literally seconds from death (ok, there were people with him), but I'm not sure I'd fancy being in his...
  17. smudger66

    Swansea tickets

    Due to a disaster (my heating has packed up/major gas leak) I will not be able to go to the Swansea game tomorrow. I therefore have 2 tickets up for grabs. Any offers ???? You will have to pick them up in Leigh on Sea.
  18. Mad Cyril

    Job for a day

    Can anyone think of a normal job they wouldn't mind doing for one day only? It has just ocurred to me that I would quite like to work as a Canary Wharf security guard for a day. They get to drive about in gas powered golf buggies and cruise around in boats looking for bombs. It looks more...
  19. RobM

    Sulphur hexafluoride

    Great stuff! Six times heavier than air, non-toxic gas so dense you can float an aluminium foil boat on it and pour it from one container to another! Oh and opposite to the effect of helium, it makes your voice go really deep! :cool:
  20. Winkle

    Just the worse Interview!

    It always happens to me..Why.....?f**k nows. Had to be up early today for an interview in Brentwood,so before leaving home I quandered wether or not to have the proverbial dump as Knowing my system I am regular as big ben. Usually after about fifteen to twenty minutes after getting up I get that...