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  1. Bluetonic

    Is this true?

    http://football.guardian.co.uk/News_Story/0,,2200772,00.html specifically: If that actually happened, that's absolutely disgusting.
  2. House Clearance. "Freebies" or a Donation.

    I have just purchased a house in Braintree and I am in the middle of clearing it out to redo up and sell....I have alot of fittings which I am willing to give away or maybe you can add a few quid to the Zone Paypal button... The only thing is you would have to collect them. The house is only ten...
  3. pickledseal

    SUFC on tour in Ethiopia - an update!

    Evening guys, Really sorry but internet is slow out here - its running REALLY fast this evening and it has still taken nearly 20 mins to get on and then fianlly logon! Still having an amazing time out here - although suffered a bout of gastric-flue which was not so nice (always bad when you...
  4. Bob Cratchitt

    Fixing a Boiler

    Just thought I would put this up to see if anyone can make recommendations. Just got back from hols and low and behold the boiler has packed in, I spent 2 hours Saturday night trying to get it working . However on Sunday morning 2hours after it was meant to, it suddenly started up and worked...
  5. Fao: DtS

    The ocean rooms in Brighton? Is it true about these "Gas rooms?"
  6. Exiled Shrimper

    Neville Roach

    Has today made his move from Nationwide Conference South side Basingstoke Town to BGB Southern League outfit Maidenhead United permanent. From http://www.nonleaguedaily.com: Striker Neville Roach has had his contract with Nationwide South club Basingstoke Town cancelled by mutual consent and...
  7. Winkle

    When dog farts smell bad!!!

    Monty, a loveable three year old pedigree labrador who unfortunatly after his last visit to the vets was advised in no uncertain terms that he was suffering from a curable labrador disease... obesity! Not massive but enough to start the poor fella down the road of the worst words none to dogkind...
  8. Ron Manager

    Ads during games

    This is an article about the National Rugby League (NRL) in Australia. I've posted it on here because I think this is a worrying development for televised sport in general and football in particular. Ours is a sport that's run for TV by TV and don't be surprised if we have ad breaks during...
  9. Uncle Leo

    Five go mad in Sunderland. Or have a few beers anyway...

    Here's a review of Saturday in Sunderland, courtesy of Statski.... I think when the fixtures came out at the start of the season the away day trip to Sunderland ranked high upon peoples away games to do. One hell of a way to go for 90 minutes of football but seeing The Shrimpers playing in a...
  10. Bob Cratchitt

    What happened by the Sea Life Adventure

    Hit a bit of a tailback this morning along the seafront, at first thought it was road works causing the traffic problem, however when I got to the Old Gas Works Jetty a Police crime scene cordon had been setup to the Kursaal, 2 Police Vans and a paramedic were present and when I passed the...
  11. Beaver

    Fire In Rochford

    Major Fire in Rochford at Rochford Tyres. Ashingdon Road is Shut. Fire is adjacent to the Jet Petrol Station at the junction of Sweynes Ind. Estate. Added problem is road works at that junction to repair a gas leak.
  12. chadded

    S*it Story....

    If this was me, I think I'd be quite proud. Alas, it's taken from another messageboard: No personal experience of this since about the age of three...sorrryyy but I did see this story online.... Funniest damn thing that has ever happened to me. A couple of weeks ago we decided to...
  13. Xàbia Shrimper

    Muslim Fury

    Apparently the ragheads are now getting all upset because the 2012 London Olympics clashes with Ramadan, putting Muslim athletes at a disadvantage and preventing people from watching the games. Islamic Human Rights Commission chairman Massoud Shadjareh, said: "They would not have organised...
  14. Vange Shrimper

    Gas and Electric suppliers

    Are there any suppliers that you can recommend for half decent prices, customer service etc. Currently with nPower, but read in the Telegraph today that they were to increase their prices by up to 17.5%, so I fancy changing it. Plus I live with 3 other girls, and a new guy is moving in soon...
  15. Xàbia Shrimper

    Danish Embassy On Fire

    Lebanese protesters have set the Danish embassy in Beirut on fire in protest at the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Thousands of people rallied outside the building and security forces fired tear gas in an attempt to keep them at bay. But smoke was later seen rising from...
  16. * ORM *

    Sticky Gonads Anyone ?

    Kenneth Slaby of Pittsburgh is suing Gail O'Toole, with whom he broke up in 1999, after dating for 10 months. Slaby then began dating someone else but, according to the lawsuit, O'Toole invited him over to her home on May 7, 2000, where he fell asleep. When he woke up, Slaby found that...
  17. blues_r_best

    Surviving Terrorism

    In the event of a terrorist attack, you will need to react quickly.  Please read the following carefully. <span style='color:red'>1. IF YOU ARE EVER TRAPPED ON A PLANE WITH SOMEONE WHO APPEARS TO BE A MUSLIM AND/OR A HIJACKER:</span> Do not panic. Often young Muslim men are not terrorists...
  18. Southend Song  - Urgent Appeal

    Can anyone make the recording session which is between 1.30 to 2.00 at Belfairs School or knows anyone can? I have heard that BBC Essex and the Evening Echo will be in attendance as well as some of the players straight from the training ground. It sems that Mick Gaster is a bit short on...
  19. Recording a Southend Song today

    I know that this is very short notice but there is a recording session this afternoon at about 1 or 1.30 at Belfairs School to record a Southend song which will be played at Cardiff and hopefully issued afterwards if the necessary permission is granted. Mick Gaster, a member of the Shrimpers...
  20. fbm

    The fbm review and ratings

    A TALE OF TWO ERRORS AS FREDDY EQUALS RECORD Freddy Eastwood equalled the Southend scoring in consecutive matches record by hitting the net for the 7th game running as this league 2 encounter hinged on two errors in the first half at the Hall on this Good Friday. So often form goes out of...