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  1. Uncle Leo

    England - Summer 2018

    A new thread to follow the trials and tribulations of the national side. Starting with news that former Middlesex/Kent batsman and current TMS commentator Ed Smith is set to be named as a new national selector. Hope he can unearth a few gems...
  2. Ebou Adams-a missed opportunity?

    This young "box-to-box midfielder" has just moved from Dartford to Norwich City for a fee. Now I am not suggesting for one minute that in a straight fight we have more attraction than City. But there are, as we all know, some gems out there. The Thames basin is a fertile ground for talent. Once...
  3. The Zones Zoner New Years Honour List.

    Ok very simple just put forward a zoner for an honor and put why,nothing too rude as the mods will go into meltdown. POSTER OF THE YEAR. Sonic of course,came back in to the fold this year and is more bonkers then ever,gives me a run for bad spelling and grammer and every post is a gem. Plus he...
  4. Hi everyone from a former Echo sports reporter

    Hi to all members. My name is James Colasanti and I am a former sports reporter and sub editor on the Echo's sports desk. I left that position in April this year and have now set-up an independent sports news website for Essex - www.sportinessex.com I specialised in coverage of Essex non...
  5. Not In Mohave Shrimper

    History of the world until 1914

    History of the world until 1914 (compiled from student howlers). https://budgiehypoth.wordpress.com/2011/11/12/saturday-smile-3-the-history-of-the-world/ So many gems it's hard to know where to start.
  6. Finding gems in Essex Senior League-Dwight Gayle

    As an example of what Luggy could find in non-league, take a look at Gayle who, according to the BBC web page following his loan move to Posh this week, scored 57 goals for Stansted in the 2010/11 season before being snapped up by Daggers who then loaned him to Bishops Stortford for whom he...
  7. Evening Echo

    Southend United Paul Sturrock out to unearth some jewels from the non-league

    SOUTHEND United manager Paul Sturrock wants the club to improve their scouting system in a bid to unearth some gems from the Essex non-league. More...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    Random musings on our signings so far

    It's a small sample size but all three signings are League Two players. No fringe players dropping down from higher leagues in search of regular football. No non-league stars looking to better themselves. No past-it pros hanging on for one last pay day. All sideways moves from players in their...
  9. Mohsni

    A wee birdie told me to waylay any fears about bilel, at the minute that media coverage is agents politicing and trying to remind any keen manager. He emphasises that bilel like any player at southend has a southend price because like any team in div two and most of div one must be a selling...
  10. Custard Splat

    Memory Lane Greatest Zone post/thread ever!

    Inspired by Pubey's thread about greatest posts of 2012, just spent some time hunting out some of my favourites from years gone by. Some cracking stuff out there... I'll kick off with a couple of gems... Cockles adventures in Leyton (couldn't qoute so follow link!)...
  11. fbm

    Something for separated or divorced Dads maybe? Or just to laugh/sympathise?

    After over 4 years of separation my divorce finally came through just before Christmas. Everything is now sorted and I can move on. However, something I find quite cathartic is writing... so I have penned a blog. I intend to update every 3/4 weeks and will share some gems from the...
  12. Smiffy

    Have we turned the corner 1 year on?

    Cast your minds back to July 2010. The negatives: We had just been relegated to League Two. We had just lost Steve Tilson. We had been in court several times that season. Players were going unpaid regularly. Pretty much all the squad had gone and we were in danger of not fulfilling our...
  13. Benfleet A1

    The mongol rally 2012

    Well I had intended on leaving this until nearer the time but things have moved on a little quicker than expected so here goes. Several years ago I was being all funky and surfing the net when I happened across an web site called TheAdventurists. Through my drunken haze I read about a totally...
  14. Thorpe Groyney

    It's Grim

    The joys of people taking football far too seriously on club message boards the world over is gems of bile and anger when things go breasts up. This worthy effort from a Grimby Town fan far outstrips any whinge that's been aired on here...
  15. Smudger

    Question Best Place in Europe for a stag weekend?

    I'm due to be on Best Man duty this Summer and due to the groom's sudden inability to make a decision I've been given carte blanche to select the stag venue. Long-haul trips are out, so no Vegas, no Thailand etc...anyone got any gems? Also, has anyone tried using a stag company to take the...
  16. fbm

    Song title game

    Here I am sitting with Shrimpero and I've introduced him to the game we play during gigs with my band (when we are setting up or sitting around waiting to play). Basically you have to contrive a song title around a subject to make it funny (or at least mildly amusing). So, for instance, if the...
  17. number11

    Random Article on Youth Set up

    Was looking for something else and stumbled across this article on the youth set up in 2000. All sounds very similar to what we are hearing these days, with the 'Score' team sounding like the development deals we now have.....have things really changed that much?! Soccer: Babes to give...
  18. canveyshrimper

    Scousers leave it late.

    Benayoun scores in the second minute of added time. Craig Burley must be the worst summariser I have ever had the misfortune to hear. Such gems as "I don't know why this game is 0-0" I do nobody has scored you ****.
  19. fbm

    Tilly and Brush - going nowhere

    Oh my God - yes it's (yet) another Steve Tilson thread... and I would like to say that in making this I am only too well aware that this is a public forum and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But Christ there is a lot of tripe spouted on here. OK, lets start just by recapping on two...
  20. Slipperduke

    Bye Bye Thaksin

    Everyone expects a rush of transfer activity on deadline day, but even the most seasoned of observers would have been surprised to see an entire football club change hands yesterday. Only Manchester City could provide such drama, but the joy felt by its supporters today is tinged with sadness...