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  1. Shrimpergarry

    Chavs smashing up family stand toilets last night

    Did anyone else see/hear the chavs in the family stand who started smashing up the gents loos in the family stand last night? There was a whole group of them who were sitting in the front row 2nd half, one of them in a distinctive pink jumper. I was washing my hands when they smashed a light...
  2. Cricko

    Quarter Final Heat 4 NSFW

    The last heat in the Quarter Finals is between, Jessica Jane Clement - CasualBlue. v Rosie Huntington Whiteley - Kent shrimper. Pictures and votes please gents.
  3. Cricko

    Quarter Final Heat 2 NSFW

    Heat 2 in the Quarter Final is between, Kaley Cuoco - Mr Gilbo. v Rosie Jones - SUFC Tom. Lots of pictures and votes please gents.
  4. Cricko

    Round 2 Heat 7

    Which one of these 2 ladies will go through into the final 8. Daisy Lowe - Pubey. V Anne Hathaway - pickledseal. Pictures and votes please gents.
  5. Cricko

    Round 2 Heat 6

    Heat 6 is the battle between, Emma Watson - Ayrshire Blue. V Emily Atack - SupaBlues. Pictures and Votes please gents.
  6. Cricko

    Round 2 Heat 4

    Half way through the second round now with the heat between, Inna - Davros. V Christina Hendricks - Rusty. Pictures and votes please gents.
  7. Cricko

    Round 2 Heat 1

    On to Round two and the first heat is between, Karen O - Dick Bates Protege. V Kaley Cuoco - Mr Gilbo. Pictures and votes as per usual please gents.
  8. Cricko

    Round 1 Heat 16

    The last tie in this round brings together the battle between, Belinda Stewart Wilson - THE-WAR-CHEST V Brooklyn Decker - Harold Bishop Killer Pictures and votes please gents.
  9. Cricko

    Round 1 Heat 15

    The penultimate heat in round 1 brings the battle between,<br><br><strong>Carmen Electra&nbsp;</strong>- Onion_Bag_Dave V&nbsp;<strong>Antonella Rocuzzo</strong>&nbsp;- JoshC<br><br>Pictures and votes please gents.
  10. Cricko

    Round 1 Heat 13 - NOT SAFE FOR WORK

    On to heat 13 which brings the battle between, Bar Refaeli - MtS V Rosie Jones - SUFC Tom Pictures and votes please gents.
  11. Cricko

    Round 1 Heat 12

    Heat 12 brings together the battle between, Jessica Jane Clement - CasualBlue V Irina Shayk - davewebbsbrain Pictures and voted please gents.
  12. Cricko

    Round 1 Heat 7

    On to heat 7 which sees the battle between. Daisy Lowe - Pubey V Mila Kunis - Museshrimper Pictures and votes please Gents.
  13. Calvin Candie

    Gents Night with Barry Fry

    Just Booked for a gents dinner at resturant circa in Leigh with Barry Fry hosting giving us a chance to grill him.... also theres a few stand up comics and bunny girls... Its on friday 4th Feb- Day before shrewsbury at home. Should be nice to get a few shrimpers down there...
  14. OldBlueLady

    Now everyone knows who the owners are!!!

    Nice to see you've all got nice new all over blue suits gents! ;) Identifies who is who from the owners and mods!
  15. Shots vs Southend

    Morning gents - for anyone interested, our "Shots From The Terraces" is now online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8f2RLvd_xlM
  16. Mad Cyril

    Gents shoes - slip ons v lace ups.

    What type of formal shoe do you go for? I am a 100% lace ups man because I think slip ons are just too used car dealer/Nick Berry as Simon Wicks circa 1986. In my opinion the only people that can pull off the slip on look are the likes of Tony and Junior Soprano.
  17. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Question You are granted an evening in the pub with two celebs. Who do you choose?

    Ok, lets put to one side replies like 'Katie Price, both of them' etc, or 'Glasgow Shrimper and True Blue' (sorry gents, no reason for pcking on you) etc. Who do you think it would be great to just while away a few hours in a pub over a few beers and just have a damn good evening/laugh? For my...
  18. Cricko

    The Quarter Finals- Natalie Imbruglia v Katy Perry

    The 3rd Quarter Final is between Dave Smiths Love Child's Natalie Imbruglia and Brad the Shrimper's Katy Perry. Pictures and votes please Gents.
  19. southend4ever

    join me in the chat room

    Join me in the spread eagle chat room for a half hour chat please ladies and gents.
  20. Benfleet A1

    The Wet Head Shave.

    I suffer from dry scalp. I have tried everything on the market, chineses herbal remedies, shampoo's, oils, the lot but nothing makes a blind bit of differance. I would walk into a barbers for a razor cut and the very second my head was touched the entire shop would disappear in a Sibierian...