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  1. Southend addiction problem

    I face my biggest ever Southend United realted dilema!!!! I have travelled from Manchester to nearly every game this season, but due to my dissertation being in for monday I was not going to go this saturday! However, I don't think I could live with myself if we were to...
  2. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    The RBS Scandal

    In the gents on Saturday the tap was still running. As reported on SZ a month ago and possibly earlier than that. At an estimated flow of two gallons per minute, that's 120 galls per hour, 2,880 per day which at a guess = £28.80 per day (working on the theory that it's a penny a one gallon...
  3. fbm

    the fbm view and ratings

    I was suprememly confident about todays match until I passed a sign near Cowley, about 2 miles from the ground. It said "LDV - Maxus". A bad omen, I thought. Still, I took my seat in one of the strangest settings I have ever been in (only 3 sides and an open end that gives the...
  4. LDV Pre Final Party tommorow Night

    Good Evening 24 hour party people, Just a quick one, me and the chaps and chapettes, are having a hopefully celebration dooo in 1 East in Southend after tommorow nights game (but obviously only if we win) Last year we had an excellent funky night in the SUN ROOMS, but this year its just across...
  5. South Bank Hank

    Friday Fun

    Just to pass a few moments: Five footie things which make I laugh! 1) Whenever someone calls the keeper a custodian 2) Those moments when someone shouts "Sh*t ball" half a second before a cross is headed into the goal. 3) "Early doors" 4) "He hit it too well&quot...
  6. canada shrimper

    quite funny

    This news just in . . . Math Teacher Arrested . . . ========== NYC ========== At New York's Kennedy airport today, an individual discovered to be a public school teacher was arrested for trying to board a flight while in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a setsquare, a slide...
  7. The General

    Christmas Day

    Just thought i'd be nosey and ask, "What does everyone do on X-mas day!?" This year for me sees my Nan and G'dad coming round at about 11(ish) and whenever me and brother wake up will be pressie opening time. We'll have dinner at about 2pm and finish an hour later...
  8. Hump or Dump?

    Very easy thread this one Gents..... C4's Hollyoaks. Izzy (Eliza De Tout) - posh blonde one - would you shag her?