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  1. Ricey

    Disgraceful Fan Behaviour

    At today's game there was a group of gobby young lads in their teens maybe early twenties in the uncovered stands but one lad stood out. During half time he started to pick on the ball boy who must of been about 10 calling him a 'ginger ****'. The kids completely ignored it and hadn't done...
  2. Mr Gobby and his Rotherham Allstars

    Only downer on the week is that Evans mob have pushed us down a place:angry: just remembered though , we hammered them at their place !!:smile:
  3. RobM

    East Black gobby pillock

    "Naah! Saffend manor are better than this! Saffend are rubbish! canvey could beat this lot"! Who is this gobby tw*t? He even annoys me on the train!
  4. DTS

    Question Worst away sides to come to Roots Hall

    Whilst the result didnt really show how bad Barnet were last night I cant help but think the bulk of people that went will feel they are absolute ****. The only player that looked like he could kick a ball was Deering the gobby midgit and even he wasnt good. The black right back that got subbed...
  5. DTS

    Simon Francis from the horses mouth

    I have just come back from Berlin on a stag weekend. On the way out we flew from STN and who should I see in the bar before the flight but Simon himself. Being the gobby ******* I am I spoke to him of course. I was a but ****ed so I didn't really ask as much as I should but long and short of it...
  6. OldBlueLady

    The Apprentice - week 1

    Whoever the 16th person was who "bottled it" before the tv stage, he enjoyed more air time than the majority of those on the men's team - Howard excepted. Tonight was all about the meltdown in the girls' team. Stepping up to the plate in week 1, Mona (surely the a and n are the wrong way round?)...
  7. danburyshrimper

    James walker tomorrow

    Ok guys + gals quick question on how we are going to welcome tuesday nights hero + youngster most in need of a boost in confidence from his own fans -- james walker -- at roots hall tomorrow 1. Boo him regardless of his efforts just because thats what the plonker at the back shouted last...
  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Team you hate for some obscure or irrational reason

    I'm sure the 'which team do you hate the most' thread has been done before, and the usual scum have been discussed - Wet Sham, Col Ewe, Borient etc. But is there a team out there which you just don't like, and you can't really explain why? Or a team you despise for some bizarre and entertaining...
  9. Ron Manager

    End of an era...

    .....for me anyway. Doncaster was my final game as a Southend United regular before I head off with the family for a new life in Australia. I will of course remain a Southend United fan till my dying day and trips home will be planned around getting in as many games as I can. However I no...
  10. EnglandShrimper

    Huddersfield Fans view on the game....

    Basically, it pains me to say it but it's true. Huddersfield Town Football Club are an absolute ****ing joke. From top to bottom, the awards we won the other week are just papering over the cracks. First of all, regarding the match - we weren't very good. Southend deserved to win, they played...
  11. DTS

    Three players you would most hate us to sign this summer.

    I am not talking about real targets but really three players who you would really hate us to get for one reason or another. Please lists reasons and in the intests of making it a debate Duguid is exempt from this as we all hate him. 1) Gary Alexander 2) Nathan Abbey 3) John Mackie. Hate...
  12. Elvisisashrimper

    How many dislike Man U?

    Is it just me or does everyone dislike Man U and there gobby fans? Watching the Man U v Liverpool game on SKY last weekend the pub was full of cockney Mancs....no fans from Manchester of course. Everytime Crouch had the ball some tw&t shouted freak....he was in his thirties so not some...