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  1. Napster

    Michael Ngoo

  2. On this day - 13 years ago...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO3tzMZRhgA&feature=youtu.be I'm going out there by suggesting that Freddy Eastwood was pretty pretty pretty good
  3. Matchday Experience Survey

    Hi all, I'm doing a study on certain aspects of the match day experience at EFL & PL clubs, and would much appreciate it if any of you could take 3-4 minutes to complete the following survey: https://goo.gl/forms/YO0iXNl4G2SQ6u9I3 Any other comments you'd like to add please email...
  4. cerbera45

    Michael Ngoo

    ex Youth (08/09), just signed for Bromley FC http://www.bromleyfc.tv/site/squad-update-michael-ngoo-joins-club/
  5. Cricko

    When were times good

    A great article on the Yesterday Tv thingy about WW2 last night. People were saying what the war meant to them. Most said it was the most frightening, terrifying time of their life, which we all can understand. There though was an anomaly to this. I remember my Grandfather saying to me, god...
  6. steveo

    Could be good

    I might have a punt at this. Brabham F1 used to be my favourite F1 team, especially round the late 70's early 80's. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/project-brabham
  7. Canvey striker John Sands

    John Sands is very highly rated in the non league. I know he has attracted interest from league clubs before. Here's our new report on Conference national side Forest Green showing an interest. Have any of you seen him play and do you think he is someone Blues should take a look at? (No - I am...
  8. RHB

    10 Weirdest song lyrics of all time

    The Beeb have just published the results of the 10 weirdest song lyrics of all time competition, with the Killers coming in at no 1. Anyone got any better ones?? The Killers, Human "Are we human, or are we dancer?" The Beatles, I Am The Walrus "I am the eggman, they are the eggmen, I am...
  9. Ex-Bournemouth striker Jordan Chiedozie on trial for Southend against Charlton

    Our new report on a game happening today. Jordan is a bright prospect, I'm told. Ex-Bournemouth striker Jordan Chiedozie on trial for Southend against Charlton - http://goo.gl/KttTHo
  10. Jamie Forsyth: Why fans missed out on Spurs and Colchester games http://goo.gl/xeV6Wz

    A new Southend piece from one of our regular bloggers, complete with a mention of ShrimperZone! We hope you enjoy it. Jamie Forsyth: Why Southend fans missed out on Spurs and Colchester games - http://goo.gl/xeV6Wz
  11. Pre-Match Thread Winger Ben Greenhalgh looks to impress Southend United in friendly

    Ben always impressed me when I've seen him play for Concord. Please let me know what you think of him if you see him in the Concord game on Wednesday. Winger Ben Greenhalgh looks to impress Southend United in friendly - http://goo.gl/YIKc51
  12. yogi bear up the cagire

    Breaking News JACOB BLYTH.........Another named target

    As Clinton Baptiste predicted correctly, yesterday, Jacob Blyth is the new striker target being tracked by Phil Brown. If we appear to have failed with Jakub, at least we may get Jacob in. Yet another player named............I'm starting to wonder whether there is some ulterior motive for...
  13. Monday

    We will secure play off on Monday as our goal difference is to good
  14. DTS

    Question Is there an argument for youth players to stay at Southend

    Just thinking to myself that its great having Daniel Bentley in goal. A local lad and been with the club a few years. I imagine we will get a season or two service from him and then he will be sold on for a profit just in time for Ted Smith to step in. I don't think any SUFC fans begrudge a...
  15. gpd

    A Prem club stirker on loan at League 1...mmmm, who could it be?

    Here are a few possibles..... Cardiff:- Jarvis, Darko Chelsea:- Bamford, Lalkovic C Palace:- Appiah Liverpool:- Ngoo, Morgan Man City:- Henshall Southampton:- Barnard, Hoskins Stoke:- Sidibe There may be more - but there's a couple of interesting names with previous Southend connections.....
  16. ex shrimper Michael Ngoo

    Just signed a season loan at Yeovil Town , looks like our centre backs going to have there work cut out in the league cup game.
  17. Pak Power

    Michael Ngoo

    Signing for Yeovil maybe! link; http://www.ciderspace.co.uk/ASP/news/news.asp?NewsItemId=19805
  18. The difference between ourselves and crewe

    On a few posts I have seen people questioning whether Brown should allow youth players such as Pinnock and Njie to have a shot at the first team. People have also compared ourselves to the renowned success of the Crewe youth team and the talents they have produced! Lest we forget the players...
  19. ARSEna

    How had Wenger not be sacked? 8 years without a trophy, beaten by Blackburn & Bradford. He must be the most teflon coated manager in the world. If I was a gooner (and thank god I'm not) I'd be holding my head in my hands and wondering why.
  20. amsemp

    Michael Ngoo

    Been watching a few of his goals in the SPL and can't help but feel we were a bit short changed when we sold him to Liverpool for £250k as a 16 year old! The boy is class, 6ft 6 and still only 20 years old. The scousers absolutely rave about him and I can see why. Anyone know anymore details...