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  1. Firestorm

    Breaking News Greater anglia

    http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/16228889.Buses_will_replace_trains_for_four_months_mid_week/?ref=mr&lp=2 Anyone intending using GA for evening kickoffs in the early part of next season will need to rethink their travel plans Plus anyone wickford and beyond staying out late in town too
  2. * ORM *

    Random musings of a journeyman footballer

    Saturday 12th May sees me play my last competitive football game. That will have been 42 years of league football since my old teacher at Westleigh Junior School entered us in the Southend Junior league back in 1976. Since then I make it I have played for 16 different clubs in 15 different...
  3. Spaceman Spiff

    Pre-Match Thread Oldham Athletic v Southend United

    Another game on the road in Greater Manchester tomorrow. Thoughts on team and scores?
  4. OldBlueLady

    Responses required re iFollow

    Back from the Trust's first liaison meeting with the new Head of Operations, Steve Waggott, along with Finance Director, Patrick Van der Waag, and one of the topics up for discussion today was iFollow. Now, to summarise best I can, it seems that you can't use this in more than one additional...
  5. A GERMAN seaon ticket price!!!!

    Just to upset some of you,about being "tucked up" The German team,in the the German second div..FÜRTH have been selling seaon tickets,standing,for only 130 euros!! Thats 17 games...about 8 euros a game???? Fürth is a town next to Nürnberg,like Southend-Rochford, BUt if you buy a season ticket...
  6. LennySUFC

    Have we ever played slicker football?

    I've been going week in week out since 01/02, and the football on display at the moment IMO is on par if not greater than the football we saw under tilson in the 05/06 campaign. It's one thing to be confident enough to attempt the flicks and skill but the players we have actually have the...
  7. Tommy2holes

    Would championship football bring forward the stadium build?

    It's obviously a very big ask of this team to gain championship football, but would championship football affect the build of the new stadium. It would certainly highlight a greater need to house bigger support. It would definately put us in a greater shop window to seek additional investment...
  8. Rail replacement buses on Saturdays in Feb/March

    For interest of any Shrimpers living in the mid/north of the county: Greater Anglia have announced that rail replacement buses will replace trains on the Southend Vic line on weekends throughout February and March. This is to add to the engineering work over Christmas, and the two months of work...
  9. ian180

    C2C tonight

    Problems between Fenchurch Street and Barking. Fenchurch Street shut. Been directed to district line or Greater Anglia
  10. Cheaper Rail Travel from Greater Anglia

    It has been mentioned on Social Media, among great outcry, that Wet Sham fans can get cheaper match-day train travel. The good news is, so can we--- provided you are using the Liverpool St line. More details here...
  11. londonblue

    Football Parking Next Season

    I've heard that Southend High School aren't opening their car park next season. Obviously this is going to inconvenience the people that park there, but the knock on effect will be that people who usually park in the main car park may well be squeezed out due to greater demand. Where are all...
  12. Rob Noxious

    Great British exports

    Well, I never. "According to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the UK actually has a much greater proportion of citizens living overseas than any other European country."...
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    Being called up by England after 3 Premier League starts

    Forget the Fourth & Upwards Cup Knockout European Revenue Securing League results, is there any greater indictment of English football than the lack of depth that leads to this?
  14. Razam

    Travel & Weather Watch

    Though it may be useful for some.... C2C No planned service alterations for 23rd May http://www.c2c-online.co.uk/travel-information/service-alterations/ Abellio Greater Anglia In connection with Southend United FC playing at Wembley on Saturday 23 May 2015 train services to/from Southend...
  15. Fred

    Travel arrangements

    Just thought I'd get the ball rolling by starting this thread. It appears that there are no engineering works planned for next Saturday on both train services into London. C2c have said they are laying on extra carriages only, and I await a response from Greater Anglia.
  16. RHB

    SNP - What next?

    For whatever electoral voting reasons we now have 56 SNP MPs in the House of Westminster. Given 'Call me Dave' has a working majority, I'm struggling to see what material difference they will make to the mix apart from putting a far greater focus on Scotland in the media, brassing off the Welsh...
  17. callan

    English Votes for English Laws

    Council leaders across England have joined forces to demand Westminster gives them more powers to run their own affairs. The cross-party group of 119 leaders say voters in England will not accept greater devolution to Scotland unless there is a similar redistribution of power south of the...
  18. Hello

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself to Shrimper Zone, I now live in Greater Manchester, but come from Hockley, My first Southend match was the famous Liverpool game in 79 ( yes i know, glory hunter !). Still go and watch the blues, when they are up norf, and get to about 5 home games a season...
  19. Kevin Hogg

    Reality at last, relief..and maybe greater urgency?

    At last!! After what seems like several season of not winning but clinging onto a false position (false because we had played more games) in a Play-Off position - the league finally has a more realistic look and feel about it. Is almost a relief. Plymouth Argyle currently deserve to be in 7th...
  20. RHB

    Boxing Day Heads Up

    C2C and Greater Anglia have announced that there will be no trains on Boxing Day. So the trip to AFC Wimbledon will have to be made without the aid of the train. Should be fun on the roads.