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  1. Question Sun 30th April

    Can anyone tell me why our last game, against Bury, is on Sunday 30th April at 1200? Never known us not to have a game in May. Cheers............Festive Greetings
  2. Rob Noxious

    The Rob Noxious 'Me, Myself & I' Thread

    Greetings to all my fans, friends and associates on ShrimperZone, old and new - and those yet to be discovered. I thought that it might help your ease of reference to know what great things I'm up to if I plonked the relevant information here on this new 'Me, Myself and I' thread. It's my...
  3. Greetings from Bratfud

    Hi there. I'm an Essex native - born at Orsett Hospital and lived in Grays - who went to Bradford University, aged 24, in 1980 and never came back. I actively followed West Ham through the 70s and I'm still an armchair Hammer, so I guess I'm due some stick on this board from more than one...
  4. Rob Noxious

    Memory Lane FM247: Radios In Motion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrZyqo-kiZE&nohtml5=False This might resonate a little for anyone who's come back to Southend after a little while away. I was staying in town over the w/e and was at a bit of a loose end between an afternoon curry and seeing a gig at The Railway. I had a...
  5. IronMike

    Greetings Southend United

    Hello all, How not to create the best impression - well here goes :facepalm:... I'm a West Ham United die hard, (fourth generation), season ticket holder for twenty years, plus countless away games. :omg: Currently going through a typically stressful and unnecessarily, long drawn out house...
  6. Marc Laird

    Greetings from a Tranmere fan :smile: . We have today signed Marc Laird who you recently released.What can we expect from him please ? Were you glad to see him go ?
  7. Greetings from Fleetwood Town

    Just thought I'd pop on to say hi to our new friends for the forthcoming season, and point you in the direction of The Independent Fleetwood Town Fans Forum. Everyone welcome, so pop along and say hi. :winking: http://www.independentftff.proboards.com/index.cgi
  8. Greetings

    Just a quick hello from a long time Blues supporter (last 10 years as a season ticket holder-South Upper). Remember being in the 'old south bank' watching Bill Garner work his magic with the ball. Often a visitor here reading with interest the views of fellow blues fans, and thought id join in.
  9. Jonny_Stokes

    Merry Christmas

    Season's greetings from your favourite/least favourite Orient fan. Be advised that I stand to win about £400 if you get promoted, so you best make sure you cheer Moshni et al on to plenty of wins come 2012. Ho ho ho, J_S
  10. TrueBlue

    Happy Month

    Lets all forget about arguing now and be kind to everybody. OBL I hope you have a nice day and seasons greetings anybody else?
  11. Mucho respect

    Greetings! AFC Wimbledon fan here who also suffers from Parkinsons Disease. Just wanted to register how brilliant it is you've given Sturrock the opportunity to manage your club despite his condition. Pleased to see that faith is being repaid and am genuinely thrilled to see you top the league...
  12. Ron Manager

    Greetings from a chuffed exile

    It's been ages since I've posted on here, not that I've stopped supporting of course. I still read the forum regularly but not being able to watch the team I find it hard to contribute with anything meaningful. But have to express my delight (and suprise if I'm honest) at being top of the...
  13. Newbie signin in!

    GREETINGS SHRIMPERS! newbie Paisley Shrimper droppin in 2 say 'allo!'. Big shout out to 'wino' who invited me to the zone, over a pint at Bayview, East Fife, last W/end - Thanx M8. Some of U may av seen / heard me there, I was wearin a retro Shrimpers shirt n dodgy sideburns! I've never been...

    PL Weekly Points Round 1

    And away we go again ... greetings to you all whether you are a PL veteren or a newbie fresher Doubtless there'll be twists and turns aplenty as per usual, but first name in lights goes to old hand Drastic Sturgeon for a fabulous 13 point haul Spiff .. ahem, look away now sir 13 Drastic...
  15. Napster


    Silvio Berlusconi was criticised for again calling Barack Obama "suntanned" and extending the insult to his wife, Michelle. At a rally last night Berlusconi said: "I have to bring you some greetings, greetings from a man, what is his name, what is his name - just a minute it was someone with a...
  16. beemamad

    Miserable !!

    Morning peeps, just posting as I need some outside contact whilst stuck in a hospital bed at good old Southend General. At least from my restricted view of the window it doesnt look sunny, so not missing out. :darkcloud: Must also thank those who sent me birthday greetings.:):)
  17. TrueBlue

    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Xmas to you all xxx its nice to be back!
  18. Greetings from Yeovil...

    Hi all, I come in peace and shan't mention either (a) the ref, (b) the sending-offs or (c) the penalty award from now on...;) I just wanted to get your views on our programme, from those who travelled. I work on it and would appreciate both kinds of feedback as we're always in the market for...
  19. Ron Manager

    America's Cup

    Greetings from New Zealand where the locals are all going mad for the America's Cup sailing. Because of the time difference races are on at 1-30 in the morning and many of them are still getting up to watch the sporting equivalent of paint drying (even duller than golf as a televised event)...
  20. March 31st+The Abolition Of The Slave Trade

    Greetings to all at Southend. You may or may not know that you will be meeting us, and us been Hull City, in the middle of our city's 'Bicentenary Of The Abolition Of The Slave Trade Act', celebrations. In which, as I'm sure, due to much recent publicity, you will already be aware that, x Hull...