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  1. Nick Griffin bankrupt

    Has been declared bankrupt. Fascism working out well for you Nick? :hilarious:
  2. danburyshrimper

    Question Best goalkeeping display ever ?

    Last nights performance from Paul Smith was unbelievably brilliant. He made so many World Class saves you could see that Brentford were starting to think it wasnt their night despite 90 minutes shooting practice. If you were at Griffin Park to see it , was this the best goalkeeping display...
  3. fredheim_holm

    Question Parking at Brentford

    Anyone in the know on where's best to park around Brentford? The Football Ground Guide mentions a small car park that's free after 6.30pm, but I'd guess the home fans may well take all that up? Any insight very much welcome.
  4. Ref Watch ..... Cup replay Brentford

    As we look to improve on a poor recent record at Griffin Park (no win for over 22 years) the man in charge of tomorrow's replay, weather permitting, is the shaven-headed 41 year old, Darren Drysdale from Lincolnshire. A sergeant in the RAF, on the human resources side, he began refereeing in...

    Britoli Assombalonga

    Now that Watford are out of the F.A.Cup, am I correct in assuming that he will be available to play in the replay at Griffin Park?
  6. The Watermill Wino

    Travel to Brentford FA CUP Replay: Details

    The TZ Travel service to Brentford Kick off 7-45pm TUESDAY 15th Jan 2013 Prices set at ONLY £10 per seat. SEAT AVAILABILITY: SEATS AVAILABLE Our usual high class service as always. It's easy T-Ze to book a seat and you can either PM me here on ShrimperZone...
  7. Tommy2holes

    Brentford replay

    Anybody know what the away capacity is at griffin park? Given the level of opposition that awaits us in the third round i think its safe to say that we will take a full away support. Be great to take small army there on a tuesday night. If we can also beat oxford on tuesday and face orient...
  8. Irrationally Nervous About First Post

    Hello, a season card holder living in west London (about 3 miles from Griffin Park) here. Been going home and away since PS took over as never really had the money to do so before that. I solemnly promise never to post any comment relating to events before this era. Thanks for having me on board.
  9. fredheim_holm

    Bosman List & Others Available

    Thought it would be good to have one place that lists all of the players we've noticed are either released or otherwise available (transfer listed or been told they can find another club). I won't have time to constantly update this so it would be great if when the mods are on, if you see this...
  10. Twitter followers...do you follow anybody you don't like and why???

    Following on from the Glasgow Shrimper thread in the main forum, and somebody mentioning the fact of why do people follow him if they don't agree or like his tweet's, I got stuck in a deep trance for all of five minutes at the desk, trying to understand why we follow people we don't like. The...
  11. maninasuitcase

    Simon Royce

    Royce has not had his playing contract renewed by Brentford for next season. I assume he is still on the coaching staff at Griffin Park. Royce made two appearances for the Bees last season.
  12. Official Match Thread Stockport County v Southend United

    Team is Morris, Clohessy, Barker, Coughlan, Hall, Stevens, Woodyard, Grant, Sturrock, Crawford, Soares Bench: Rhys Evans, Kyle Asante, George Smith, Teddy Nesbitt, Adam Bouzid, Barry Corr - 6/7 subs.:thumbdown: Stockport Team Starting XI: Glennon, Lynch, Brown, Rose, Griffin, Wallace...
  13. manor15

    manor15's Football League Round-Up: Week 1 (7/8/10)

    Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the football season, and in particular the brand-spanking new npower Football League for the 2010-11 season. After a summer of World Cup action in South Africa, the country, well at least a small part of its', eyes switched to Carrow Road on...
  14. Shrimper

    Official Match Thread Southend vs Stockport

    So. Little over an hour until the new season starts. Will be interesting to see the line-up; Stockport's is tipped as follows; fon Williams, Lynch, Swailes, Assoumani, Williams, Vincent, Turnbull, Tansey, Griffin, Conlon, Donnelly. Come on you Blues!
  15. pickledseal

    Nick Griffin denied entry to Buckingham Palace

    Nick Griffin denied entry to Buckingham Palace garden party after he "overtly used his invitation for political purposes" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-10723764 Shame, I'd have loved to hear the exchange between Griffin and Phil ;)
  16. Thrills, Spills and Unpaid Bills - The League One Review Part One

    So, another season bites the dust and it’s all over bar the fighting at the Wembley mud bath. As ever, ten months of football has served up more twists, turns and travesties than a Mail on Sunday honey trap and hopefully this should spread some light on the season just gone. Norwich Starting...
  17. Vange Shrimper

    Nicknames for Important People....

    Been in Ireland all week and just got back earlier today, but when reading the papers over there the Taoiseach of Ireland has been given a very unflattering nickname of Biffo, which stands for: Big Ignorant Fat ****er from Offaly - as he's screwed so much stuff up over there since he took over...
  18. Matt the Shrimp

    Prediction Time

    So, folks, what are your predictions for how things will look on May 7th? You don't necessarily need to go into all the detail I've gone into below; you can just come up with a basic summary and/or choose the option in the poll which you think most closely reflects how you think it will go...
  19. pickledseal

    Being patriotic doesn't make you a fascist

    An interesting read, especially considering some of our recent discussion and debates on here. I'm a firm believer in this idea, and thank you Mr Billy Bragg for writing about it in this morning's Telegraph. ----------- A poll published this week suggested that the English were the least...
  20. Tangled up in Blue

    Rise in hate crime follows BNP council election victoriesBuzz

    <Robert Booth guardian.co.uk, Friday 15 January 2010 19.20 GMT Article historyReports of racial and religiously motivated crime rose following the election of British National party councillors in several far- right strongholds, police statistics have revealed. Complaints of hate crime...