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  1. OldBlueLady

    Wanted.....local (to Benfleet) social media guru

    Hi all I am looking for someone to set up social media platforms for a local business in Benfleet. Please send me a pm if you are interested, detailing your suitability for this project. Thanks.
  2. Uncle Leo

    South Essex constituencies for 2015

    Our politics guru, knowing I'm an Essex man, has sent me the Ladbrokes odds for next year. Looks like the Conservatives have it all sealed up down that way... Southend West 1/50 Conservatives 25 Liberal Democrats 25 UKIP 100 Labour Rochford & Southend East 1/50 Conservatives 20 Labour 20 UKIP...
  3. Breaking News Allegations of a Top Departure

    Word is reaching ShrimperZone Towers that allegedly our Youth Guru and all-round top man Ricky Duncan has been offered a job at Arsenal. Normally we would hint and wait for confirmation but that "we know something but can't say" provokes dissent on the Zone so we are posting this with allegedly...

    PL Weekly Points Round 31

    A marked improvement by so many (though sadly not your guru and spiritual leader) sees a decent scoring week, with title chasers Cyril, Creaky and my lad all to the fore, along with a couple of lads less used to the limelight in ol blue eyes and Wickford. At the other end of the scale the South...
  5. DTS

    Thoughts/Comments on my potential new logo.

    Ladies and Gentleman, Your thinking caps on please. I have enlisted some help from guru god Ayrshire Blue to help me knock up a logo for my new business. As an IFA I will be selling - Protection, Mortgages, Wealth Management and Investment and Pensions (Altought you better of speaking to Rob...
  6. Napster

    RIP A Hip Hop Legend

    http://www.mtv.co.uk/artists/guru/news/209740-rapper-guru-dies 43 is no age. He and DJ Premier, as Gang Starr, were pioneers of using jazz samples in hip-hop. RIP
  7. Zone Update New Mods

    Over the next few weeks, ShrimperZone will be going through a major upgrade and with this in mind we have brought on board 4 new Moderators..The new board will be much bigger than the current one and we will have an exciting and very much improved site. The new Mods are: GlasgowSUFC. Yorkshire...
  8. pickledseal

    Sacked for helping 'the poor'

    The Bank of America fired 23 year-old Jackie Ramos of Fairburn, Georgia for breaking with bank policy to help desperate customers find a way to pay back their debts and avoid penalty fines. Listening to her explanation for her actions, I want to say that I would join a bank employing people like...
  9. DTS

    Bug thank you to Tillys Prodical Son

    Just wanted to say a big public thanks to Tillys prodical son for the fantastic signature thing that he kindly designed me. For those of you that are in the know its Ldn Fasto praying to a higher god, a sexual guru if you will (eg myself) for forgiveness for driving Mark Gower away. A top guy...
  10. number11

    Random Article on Youth Set up

    Was looking for something else and stumbled across this article on the youth set up in 2000. All sounds very similar to what we are hearing these days, with the 'Score' team sounding like the development deals we now have.....have things really changed that much?! Soccer: Babes to give...
  11. Ricey

    Ricey Needs Help, Music Fans.

    I am really into Dance, house and Drum and bass at the moment and need all your superstar DJ's to help me out. I am thinking about getting some decks and having a play about in my garage. Some suggestions for tunes for me to legally download would be great. It was the song Infinity 2008 -...
  12. TrueBlue

    TBTV - The Art Of Hotel Inspection

    TBTV take time up our nations capital to enjoy the life that every media guru should have! http://www.truebluetv.co.uk/latest_videos.php also you can pop over to my archive page which is forever growing and I will be adding some more vintage TBTV very soon. and as a treat here is a classic...
  13. Stats

    Battle Of The Tools - Prelim 5

    Today pits chat show guru Robert Kilroy-Silk (Overseas Shrimper) against Premier League high flying footballer Ashley Cole (Statski77) . So does Kilroy come out with too much stuff you think is way below the line or does cash grabbing, referee bashing, chocolate stabbing, general r'se CAshley...
  14. Kent Shrimper

    New PC

    Right i have a grand to spend on a new PC, it need to be powerful enough to do some video editing via Adobe Premiere Elements, Bit of Photoshop, Web browsing, Video streaming, P2P file sharing and obviously Shrimperzoning. What would out resident Guru's recommend? Cheers Andy
  15. mattytheshrimper

    I'm the guru!!!!!!

    can anyone on here challenge me with negative rep. i think i must be one of the most members on here with the most neg rep. i do love this rep stuff very funny although not too sure why mines so bad but still pretty funny. i have had some great comments on why people have repped me. -no reason...
  16. Hattrick Team

    This team is my league.:Void (56319) Could you hattrick Guru's have a quick peek at his players, sort it by age. What do you think he is doing? Why has he got so many old geezers with so much experience?