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  1. RHB

    Should 45 minute halves be scrapped

    A proposal to scrap 45-minute halves is to be looked at by football's lawmakers to deter time-wasting. Instead, there could be two periods of 30 minutes with the clock stopped whenever the ball goes out of play. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40311889 There's a poll for you to vote on...
  2. Napster

    Top ten Wes Craven

    That I've seen at least 1 ) The Last House on the Left - a great remake of a Strindberg film, this is two halves: the first half, gruesome at it seems, is only a set-up for the revenge in the finale. 2) A Nightmare on Elm Street - a perfect 80s slasher but it was much deeper symbolically and...
  3. Yorkshire Blue

    Adam Thompson

    May yet turn out to be the best of Brown's signings from last season and that's not something I ever expected to be typing. I must admit I didn't rate him as any more than squad filler last season and the thought of him being first choice centre-half this year filled me with trepidation. But...
  4. TrueBlue

    Question Blue Voice - North or West?

    Serious question this one people... After Saturday there was some really good feedback about being in W block in the west, its a question that has been bugging me all weekend and on this issue I don't know which way to turn do we go back to W Block full time or do we continue to use the North...
  5. Ntfc view

    Don't be fooled by the 6 goals, that was a very dull game. Almost nothing happened first half, an Assombalonga shot wide and we had a header saved. You seemed nervous and hesitant on the ball, to be expected with your start, and seemed content to let us have the ball. We had it, but didn't do...
  6. Both Daggers centre halves out !!!

    Reading on there OS says that both centre halves are out for the game on Saturday. Arber is infured and Doe suspended, happy days !!!!
  7. DTS

    Gift ideas for the wives birthday.

    Lads, Sure you all know the score. Basically its the wifes birthday coming up. Its a time I dread as I never have the slightest clue what to get her. I dont know what perfume she wears, I dont know what jewellery she likes - Terrible I know. So I am turning to you all - my fellow shrimpers...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    Memory Lane Sam McCrory v Peter Watson 2:1

    First tie of the second round throws up an intriguing clash between one of our best centre-forwards and one of our best centre-halves. You know the drill: post up your tales, I'll add a poll and if it then if it's still a tie, I'll judge it on the evidence posted on the thread (and then if I'm...
  9. Magnum PI

    Thoughts from Torquay Fans Forum

    Had a quick look today on the rival fans forum:- In a nutshell ......... Re: FL2: Southend v Torquay Utd 4th Sept 2010 « Reply #71 Today at 8:52am » Good point about Danny there Simon - the lad Clohessy really impressed me a couple of seasons ago at Salisbury, and I remember Merse remarking...
  10. manor15

    manor15's Football League Round-Up: Week 1 (7/8/10)

    Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the football season, and in particular the brand-spanking new npower Football League for the 2010-11 season. After a summer of World Cup action in South Africa, the country, well at least a small part of its', eyes switched to Carrow Road on...
  11. * ORM *

    The offical I've still not seen a ball kicked in anger thread.

    Count me in. I may have to break that to watch us go out against Slovenia. Perhaps then we can get a) An English manager b) A manager who is worthy of a ridiculous salary c) A manager than can turn around to the overpaid, overhyped and clearly not international class superstars and tell them...
  12. Thorpe Groyney

    Scottish Cup Final; Ross County v Dundee Unitred

    There's only one place to be this weekend. West Stand at Hampden Park. It's another Highland Clearance. Dingwall, a town of just 5,200, and Ross & Cromarty barely making it past 20,000. It's going to be a relatively empty part of the UK come Saturday, though, with over 17,000 descending on...
  13. Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 3-2 Hartlepool

    Post your Match Reports and Ratings here please. Talk about a game of two halves.:unsure:
  14. England's Second String Made to Swelter.

    A second string England team fell to a single moment of brilliance in Doha, in an otherwise completely forgettable international friendly. As has become a familiar case for the meaningless friendlies outside of qualification matters, the England side consisted of Wayne Rooney, Gareth Barry...
  15. Yorkshire Blue

    In honour of the Gillingham manager.....

    ....can we come up with a Southend Slow XI Obviously Stimson at left-back and probably captain, pushing out Che Wilson (FACT: Che could run quicker backwards than forwards) and recent loanee, George Friend. Centre-halves - we've had a few who could be outsprinted by a crippled, asthmatic ant...
  16. Please please - no

    Gary Doherty has revealed he is looking to secure a move away from Norwich City after failing to break into manager Paul Lambert's plans. Former Tottenham defender Doherty has not featured in a League One match for the Canaries since Lambert took charge at Carrow Road last month. The...
  17. Breaking News Revelling in it! 05/08/09

    Revelling In It This week starring: ‘The Legion Of Doom’ aka Osei Sankofa and Jean-Francois Christophe Ian ‘Sideshow Bob’ Joyce Adam ‘Right Said Fred’ Barrett We’re all a little bit worried at the minute as ever since not being allowed to play in the Toomey Trophy, no-one has seen the...
  18. who said...?

    .... Finances He said: "There aren't many good centre-halves out there if I'm honest. "It may be we have to go down the loan route with a younger player like we did last year with ..... "There are a couple of people out there we're looking at but again it's down to finances." Could easily be...
  19. Rebuiding starts from here!!!

    Right to start with two centre halves(Clarke and Dorian gone) Left back(Liked Jackman from the Cobblers looked very good) Right back(Im ok with Francis and Sankofa) Midfield(Happy with what we have but Sawyer would be nice) Wide men(Need a left and right wide men-sorry to say but...
  20. seany t

    Wembley: A Nation(al Stadium) divided?

    As a stadium, I still feel entirely undecided about Wembley. It's most impressive outside, lit up at night - a glowing beacon calling sports fans to its central hub. And it's a very slick operation, delivering colossal volumes of food and drink at breakneck speed, being very sensibly laid out...