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  1. Brown:We Just Need a Striker.

    Yep, big headlines on the back of todays Evening Echo. The penny has finally dropped. Some of us have been saying this all season, even last season as well. In October Phil Brown informed us that our strikers would come good. This hasn't happened as chance after chance goes begging. Well done Mr...
  2. Shrimpergarry

    Pre-Match Thread Burton (H)

    Can't believe one of these threads hasn't been started already - there's a game TONIGHT people! Will be interesting to see what defence Brown chooses tonight, changes are enforced with Binnom-Williams suspended and now that Sokolik has returned to Yeovil probably the most obvious change is to...
  3. Blues4LifeDan

    Where is Brown?

    Brown hasn't turned up for press duty again and was supposed to be doing talk sport today and as far as I know didn't turn up! Late talks with Ron last night?
  4. Lee Barnard

    Like many of you, I am fed up of Barnard and I cannot for the life of me understand why Brown persists with him. He hasn't delivered anything and surely its makes more sense to use either Layne or Williams. Now I know I have no idea how these 2 boys would play as they've only had one appearance...
  5. Question Scapegoats

    So why is Shaq the scapegoat for this seasons poor start ? Some of you are already criticising him heavily. You are also criticising PB for bringing him in. Question for the doom mongers then...... Why haven't you questioned PB's decision to bring in Worrall and Bolger with equal vigour, one...
  6. Online ticketing

    Just noticed that tickets for all of the first four home league matches this season are now available for sale online. I thought I remembered that last season the club could only sell in advance this way two league matches at a time. If that ever really was a problem then it seems it's been...
  7. Kris

    Southend United manager Phil Brown set to trial random Spanish youngster

    Southend United manager Phil Brown has said the club's trip to Spain is primarily about fitness but that hasn't stopped him eyeing up local talent, including young and hungry forward Rodrigo Bautista. More...
  8. Loza back for play-offs?

    Now Norwich have finished their season (and he hasn't made the bench today) will Loza come back for the play-off's? Is he allowed to? Not necessarily a starter but a useful option off the bench.
  9. Barnard

    It's not his fault that he was brought back to the club ,but it's time to accept that it hasn't worked out and time to go back to Southampton, if he needs a lift I'll drive him there myself !!!
  10. Westcliff Shrimper


    The media seems to be dominated at the moment with the Premiership clubs signing different companies to be their official supplier of certain things - the latest one is Liverpool having Dunkin' Donuts as their official supplier of snacks (or something like that). Got me thinking why the club...
  11. Time for a Q&A?

    Hasn't been one for a while and there are some serious issues to be asked. Ron said that if work didn't start in 2013, it was "back to the drawing board". What exactly does he mean by this? With Sainsbury funding the 3 stands with the 4th to be built later, how much can we cut back? For the...
  12. ryansm05

    Ryan Cresswell

    Went back a few pages and couldn't see a thread on Mr. Cresswell. Now we're sitting above Fleetwood, playing well and scoring goals along with a decent defensive record, it made me remember how worried I was when he left us. But after checking their recent line-ups, it appears their captain...
  13. Those were the days.

    For all our Bilel lovers/haters check out sky2 right now,could be interesting if nothing else,always assuming he hasn't gone missing somewhere!!!:nope:
  14. Ricey

    Mauricio Pochettino

    Nearly a year as manager of Southampton and he still cannot speak English. I really do think that is shocking. Tevez spent so long in England and refused to learn the language and did all his interviews in his native tongue. I know it obviously isn't affecting the team as they are doing great...
  15. Rattus Norvegicus

    Justin Edinburgh

    Surprised there hasn't been a thread regarding this gentleman. I remember him playing for Southend as a rather skinny lad, us playing well against Tottingham Hotspurs (Lineker and Gascoigne included), him going to them on loan .......... and then he suddenly "beefs out" and then playing for...
  16. Ref Watch ...... Exeter A

    The referee currently appointed to the match on Saturday is Steve Bratt from Walsall. I say currently as he hasn't done a game for a couple of months and only 5 all season. He started young as part of the "talent group" of referees who were being groomed for future "stardom" and it all went...
  17. Strikers Who Leave And Score Goals...

    Matt Harrold - Useless for us, only scored 3 in 2 seasons. Has since gone on to play for Wycombe, Shrewsbury & currently Bristol Rovers. Has scored a total of 45 goals since leaving. Gary Hooper - Usually 3rd choice behind Freddy & Foran (Unbelievably). Currently with Norwich in the Prem. Since...
  18. Amwell Blue

    Latest Rumours PB to go to Middlesborough

    I can't believe that no one has started this rumour yet.... So I will, I have absolutely no evidence, but hey that hasn't stopped us before :smile:
  19. Blue_Wes

    Joe Yoffe set to challenge FIFA's transfer window.

    Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet. Seems ex-Southend trialist Joe Yoffe is set to take FIFA to court and challenge the transfer window. He currently ply's his trade in Iceland, where due to the adverse weather they endure, the season (and subsequently many player contracts) ends outside...
  20. Tangled up in Blue

    Are we "a small island that no one listens to" ?

    Are we "a small island to which no-one listens " as that Russian diplomat said at the G20? I've long thought so. Presumably the US won't be doing so now (at least in the short term)and Europe hasn't for some time...