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  1. Checkatrade lincoln Chelsea under21s

    Will be cheering on the Crowley brothers Lincoln City tonight. Hopefully the 5k a week Chelsea boys get to see the other side of pro football . I reckon 6 + Chelsea wearing gloves a chance of tights and hating every second. Lincoln 1 pair of gloves and loving every second.
  2. UEFA Considering Cross Border League's.

    What with all the recent changes lately in our own EFL Trophy, I found this article from yesterdays Times newspaper. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/uefa-warms-to-idea-of-cross-border-leagues-to-close-europes-wealth-divide-dxjjh635g Long and short of it being that following a UEFA meeting...
  3. Ricky Otto

    West Ham's new stadium

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/33214058 Have just been reading about the Olympic stadium conversion and the whole thing from start to finish seems a shambles. I am not your typical West Ham hating Shrimper, I come from a West Ham supporting family and if I'm honest quite like to see them...
  4. South Bank Hank

    Choice Away Days 2013/2014

    Chesterfield is a step too far right now but the upcoming Wycombe fixture has always been a favourite for me. Easy to get to, cracking little club (with a history of hating Col U), nice ground, nice location, reasonable chance of points, etc. I'm only looking a couple of games ahead but I...
  5. The Big Shrimp

    Will a Certain PS Hating "fan" Be Going To Wembley!

    I've already had this discussion with a ******** at work who said he will no longer line RM's pockets any more, but will still go to Wembley in April. Who gets the gate money?? More annoying is a certain person who is banned from this site, I believe, who slags off PS at every opportunity he...
  6. fbm

    I wonder how long it will be...

    ...before people will get to the same place that I am in, which is a complete indifference about anything football related apart from the results of SUFC? Cricko's post yesterday about falling out of love with football is totally understandable, as was True Blue's response about not being so...
  7. Kenny


    I think I realised yesterday that as much as I enjoyed their football this season - I do hate Chelsea as a team. They have the highest concentration of p-ricks in any Premiership team. The sight of Drogbas first half petulance and then hatrick, Ashely Cole barely stringing a sentence together...
  8. Fine for wearing a Burka.

    Seems those naughty frenchies are going to fine women £700 if they wear a burka in public and double that if a man makes them wear it. Now i care not what people wear but strongly feel all women should wear stockings but could this law work in the uk-stan or is it a tad racist.I do think that it...
  9. What does PHB stand for?

    Under the name of the holy ones avatar OLD BLUE LADY are the letters phb,now what do they stand for or what do you think they stand for. Im going for PENIS HATING BIRD( WAS GOING FOR BITCH FOR THE B BUT THAT MAY OFFEND). So whats your offerring.
  10. pickledseal


    I thought my fellow anti-BNP friends would enjoy my friends take on BNP and UKIP leaflets for the Euro-Elections: "This evening as I settle down to more work, I choose to not not respond to the provocation of European election flyers from the UK Independence Party and the British National...
  11. Benfleet A1

    Setting the record straight

    Just to put this to bed. It appears that I have rattled a few feelings with my hating France thread so to put the record straight heres a couple of confessions. I proposed to my missus at the top of The Eiffel Tower during a romantic trip to Paris, had one of the best meals of my life there and...
  12. Benfleet A1

    Why I Hate the French

    It has long been known that I hate the French and I have often been asked why that is so. Well here it is, Charles De Gaulle, port blockades, burning sheep, Sangatte, cheap wine, Napoleon, bone idle farmers, mime artists, Renault, Charles De Gaulle, French military tactics, awful army, worse...
  13. Essex Nights - The alternative to bland radio

    Hello, My name is Jamie Edwards, one half (and some might say the shorter half) of the presenting duo that bring you the unaward winning Essex Nights. Just to let you know that the brand new edition of Essex Nights will be on Saturday 11th December 2008 at 2000 on MDR. We have the classic...
  14. Forever A Shrimper

    Reasons to hate the Football League 92.

    We all have the teams we hate for one reason or another, and then there are the teams we all share a bitter hatred in (Orient and Colchester). This is the thread that tries to bring all those reasons together. Just post the team you hate and the reason why and I’ll put it on the list...
  15. Robbo

    Tilly's pre-match speech for Friday's game leaked!

    :clap: IF you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't...
  16. You give a little love.....

    And it all comes back to you! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA Three points: I love the coca-cola GTA style ad I love Bugsy Malone (the film, not the man, well, he's OK) And let's stop hating and start mating.
  17. peanut12

    I'm so angry with Wiggy on so many counts..

    1. Spouting nonsense 2. Spouting more nonsense 3. Hating Collis for no good reason 4. Loving darryl for no "current" good reason 5. Biased ratings 6. Knowing it all 7. Having the knowledge we all desperately lack ok, I'm just jealous......Wiggy for US President:thump:
  18. Davros


    Is there a corrolation between liking/hating marmite, and liking/hating licourice? I ask this, as both foods tend to be those that people either love or hate, without much middle ground, and i was wondering if the science of a SZ test would prove my theory that liking one would would mean...
  19. Malcolm Middleton

    Stick two fingers up to the evil music hating get Cowell and let's get Malcolm the Chrimbo No.1.... http://music.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,,2209776,00.html
  20. match preview from - Up the Saddle dot com -

    Thursday 18 October 2007 Walsall vs Southend preview exile @ 12:30 pm Thursday 18 October 2007 The Saddlers look to continue their run of good form this weekend at home as they entertain Essex’s finest, Southend Utd. The Shrimpers themselves have their eyes on promotion, a new stadium, selling...