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  1. my view on this season !

    Now as far as im concerned this season is over , we are safe from relegation ,so what is my view on this season, Well as far as im concerned its been a disaster,so much preseason hope,was it ruined by so many injuries and the absolutely bad pitch , yes too an extent,but even if we had no...
  2. Taunton_Shrimper

    Ron's Deep, Deep Pockets

    Apologies if this has been discussed among the many transfer threads around at the moment but of the back of the turner & kightly announcement and the possible "wow" signing still to come I'm asking myself, have we ever had a wage bigger wage bill? I don't know what these ex-prem guys are on...
  3. TV Highlights good for a laugh

    i was watching the highlights from Southend v Bury and when it finished i noticed a highlights from the crowd invasion orient v clo ewe ,so thought i would watch that, after that finished a lot more video s came up about Leyton Orient , there was two i thought you may like to watch if you havent...
  4. Jam_Man

    Run Fat Boy Run - 'Running'.

    Im 46, until I was 30 I weighed under 9 stone, couldnt put an ounce on. Then my 30's came and now Ive peaked at 13 stone. Lost a stone a year or so go using slim plan but have put it back on, mainly because I now work from home most days so dont get any excercise whatsoever. As I was so thin...
  5. Tommy2holes

    Millwall tickets and Col u home tickets

    Are selling like hot cakes. Picked up both today and both will sell out. If you havent got your tickets yet i would suggest doing so quickly.
  6. fbm

    Latest Fossets Farm developments

    From a friend of mine "For all my SUFC supporter friends to make you aware Cabinet debated a report yesterday on the withdrawal of the CP order on Roots Hall / Fossetts Farm, as current CP order is now Null & Void. Owner has been given several opportunities to address concerns & has failed to...
  7. Napster

    Top ten Wes Craven

    That I've seen at least 1 ) The Last House on the Left - a great remake of a Strindberg film, this is two halves: the first half, gruesome at it seems, is only a set-up for the revenge in the finale. 2) A Nightmare on Elm Street - a perfect 80s slasher but it was much deeper symbolically and...
  8. Napster

    Top 50 players

    This months 442 has their opinion on the top 50 players in the FL. Obvious nonsense as Barry Corr isnot 1,2 and 3.But Assambalonga is 30ish. And just missing out on the 50 is former CB John Egan and current defender Ben Coker. Ps theres a spread on Roy McDonough in there as well which is ok if...
  9. Are we headed toward mediocrity !

    When PB first came to SUFC i was delighted , my first thoughts were that we was heading on the right track ,iask a question now as many ,myself included thought that with his signing we would also be able to bring in some high profile players ( for this division ). But as yet we havent,even...
  10. next up - Morecambe

    Morecambe are having a worse time than us - haven't won in 10 games and just got stuffed 5-0 v Plymouth and havent won since December This has to be the game to get us going especially with Scunthorpe up after
  11. Tommy2holes

    Life changes thread

    I am at a crossroads. I'm 36 years old working silly hours at a mental health unit. I love the job but the politics and lack of progression mean that staying would lead to me working the same job until I'm 65 and I'm burnt out already. Has anyone else been in a position similar and changed jobs...
  12. Jam_Man

    England for the English ?

    Not a BNP thread this one... The new rules state that a player who is resident in a nation for X amount of year (I believe 5) can play for that nation as long as they havent played for another. Therefore the likes of Arteta and Almunia have been touted for England in the past and now Januzaj...
  13. Tommy2holes

    The inland revenue

    I was wondering if anyone has had the same sort of problem. About 4 years ago i got a tax return out of the blue in the post. Im PAYE and have been since about 2000. I rang them to ask why i was asked to fill out a tax return and was told it was sent in error and thought no more of it. About a...
  14. Jam_Man

    Junior Blues

    Still havent signed my kids up and will try to remember to get my finger out this weekend. In the meantime though can someone clarify for me how it works? IS Junior Blues part of the club or the Trust? Where does the membership money go?
  15. The General

    Help and Suggestions Please. Holidaze's / London!

    Good afternoon all, 2 things ... 1) Me and the better half have booked up our honeymoon for July/August next year and have 2 weeks of bliss lined up in Barbados and St Lucia ... What we need to look at now is to book up a little 5 day trip straight after our wedding; something they call a...
  16. Jam_Man

    Secondary schools in Southend

    My daughter is at that age we are looking at her next school and have been going to a few open evenings. To be honest Im horrified at the schools in the area and would appreciate other peoples views. She is a bright girl and is going for her 11+ and I think its 50/50 whether she passes it, if...
  17. players coming and going

    Now am I right in thinking contracts finish on the last day of this month . And from what I read we can bring in freebie player and loan players from the 1st of july . Now before you all shout me down is it just possible that Brown and penny has a list of players who they might be able to call...
  18. zelx77

    Phil Brown podcast - Five Live Monday Night Show -

    For those interested, Phil Brown was on last night’s Five Live Monday Night Club show – the podcast is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/5lfd I havent heard it yet.
  19. Southend fans!

    I ve read earlier about how good the Southend fans are, how well they support the clubetc etc etc. But then i read the threads on here, and some of the threads tell me the opposite,are some of you really fans or is this just an excuse to vent your frustrations in your personal life.Do i think...
  20. Shrimpin

    I Couldnt get to last nights game I NEED YOUR HELP

    I am upset and sad, but I was on a district line train heading home when a small break through in reception gave me the score. I looked around the carriage and as you would imagine going through Plaistow, there didnt seem to be many football fans around.......... a tear of joy rolled down my...