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  1. RHB

    Game of Thrones - S7 - Spoilers allowed on Wed each week. Be warned!!

    Not long now. 7 episodes this time round, and it appears season 8 could be even shorter at 6. We've just ploughed through season 6 again, enjoyed every one. Bring it on HBO.
  2. Ref Watch .... Doncaster H

    With matches against Doncaster tied at 13 wins apiece, tomorrow brings a referee who we hope will do much better than in his last Southend game. The man in charge tomorrow is Lee Collins from Surrey. He was fast tracked through the system and rose to the level of League referee remarkably...
  3. Ref Watch ....... Blackpool H

    League matches against Blackpool are nicely balanced at seven wins each (with two draws) but we have won four out of our last five home matches against them. Saturday's referee is Graham Horwood from Luton, in his 7th year as a League referee and refereeing his 10th Southend game. It will be...
  4. Napster

    League One Backroom Staff

    Someone posted that we have a big backroom staff so I thought I would contrast and compare. Ive removed physios/doctors and youth/academy coaches, masseurs and kit managers for clarification. Basically, yeah we could do with more backroom staff. Barnsley Head Coach - Lee Johnson Assistant...
  5. Ref Watch ..... Stevenage A

    Tomorrow we visit a team we've never lost to but we have a referee who we have never got a point with - one of those records will have to go! Man in charge tomorrow is 34-year old, Geoff Eltringham from Sunderland. He is in his sixth season as a League referee and will be refereeing just his...
  6. Mad Cyril


    Anyone a fan? Finally got round to watching this and whilst it is not as good as The Sopranos or The Wire it is pretty compelling viewing. Ian McShane in particular is fantastic. You have to say HBO have the magic touch.
  7. Ref Watch ............... Crewe

    Tomorrow's referee will be Andy Woolmer from Northampton. He is a very short referee with even shorter hair and, as shorter officials sometimes do, he has the capacity to be slightly officious or worse. He is in his 8th year as a League referee and has refereed Southend on very many occasions...
  8. (18+) The c-bomb in films/TV shows?

    So settling down to another HBO series (Game of Thrones) and it's clearly obvious that more and more US films and TV shows are dropping the c-bomb. We watched Bridesmaids (a 15) and it was dropped, and I commented that it seems to me to be more used and maybe more acceptable in the US, which is...
  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 8

    Curb returned to HBO last night for its eighth season. Looking forward to getting home tonight and firing up eztv for the download. Has anyone else seen the preview where Larry accuses Michael J Fox of using his Parkinson's as an excuse for bumping into him? Priceless...
  10. pickledseal

    New HBO Offering...

    Broadwalk Empire <link> Written by Sporanos Terence Winter, Martin Scorsese is involved, Steve Buscemi is lead and somehow Stephen Graham is Al Capone!? Trailer here...
  11. seany t

    Generation Kill

    Well, a bit late to the party but just finished watching all 7 hours and must say I thought that was a colossal piece of work. Brilliantly acted, stunningly filmed, really funny / sad / gripping / interesting. It probably won't get raved about as much as The Wire or various other HBO shows but...
  12. FlashForward

    Did anybody else catch this tonight? I saw it advertised while I was away this Summer and people were making quite a big deal about it, saying it was the "next Lost" and is a joint project by ABC and HBO. Looked decent I have to say, interesting storyline and it promises to be pretty good, it's...
  13. Jedi Shrimper

    Rnd1 Heat 16: Six Feet Under v Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Six Feet Under (Drastic Sturgeon) v Buffy the Vampire Slayer (bluesmanager) Six Feet Under is an American television drama series created and produced by Alan Ball. It premiered on the premium cable network HBO in the United States on June 3, 2001 and ended on August 21, 2005, spanning five...
  14. Jedi Shrimper

    Rnd1 Heat 13: Battlestar Galactica v The Sopranos

    Battlestar Galactica (seany t) v The Sopranos (graysblue.jr) Battlestar Galactica (often abbreviated as BSG or just Galactica) is a British-Canadian-American military science fiction serial drama television series and part of the Battlestar Galactica franchise. The show was created by Glen...
  15. seany t

    Great interview with the writer of The Wire about the two sides of America

    Really great piece in The Guardian at the weekend written by the creator of The Wire (HBO series) and former journalist, David Simon. Its basically about what its like living in America (in this case Baltimore) if the local government decide to turn their back on you. Its pretty shocking stuff...
  16. steveo

    Bury my heart at wounded knee

    This was on the box a few weeks ago and I missed it. Made by HBO who did the super Band of Brothers, did anyone watch it? Was it any good?