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  1. Headphones

    Any recommendations? I fancy some wireless ones, not too expensive (say no more than £50) that are good for both the office and when I do some running/gym. Ta in advance.
  2. Ipod tunes "crackling"

    I've noticed that songs on my Ipod have started to "crackle" like an overplayed vinyl album....now surely this is impossible? My headphones are brand new, so can rule out them and it also does it on my Ipod dock at home - and it's only certain songs. Any ideas or have I just destroyed technology?
  3. Jam_Man


    Starting to get the train more and more these days and my in-ear headphones are on their way out. Need to replace them and see a lot of people using full headphones these days so thought Id have a look at them. Anyone have any recommendations? Requirements are around £60 and for no sound...
  4. As a manager I would change..........

    Di Canio has banned mobile phones, ketchup and mayonnaise from the training ground at Black Cats. He explains why clearly and it makes sense, mainly. If you were manager in the current game what would you change now so much more is organised and specified, measured and prepared for.......what's...
  5. Worst start to the day ever?!

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/is-this-the-worst-first-day-in-history-rookie-news-anchor-aj-clemente-sacked-after-first-words-on-air-are-f-s-8582622.html Brilliant! Anyone rocked up to work and straight away done something stupid? I once got the lift up to our offices with...
  6. Ipod volume

    All, does anyone know of a simple program that will increase the volume of an Ipod. Apparantly due to stupid nanny state rule, thre EU have enforced a limit of -100db which is all very well in the office but on the train I can still hear people talking! I need volume to drown out the plebs! And...
  7. chadded

    Awkward gift situation

    Got back to Germany this afternoon, and my housemate presents me with a Christmas Present, in the shape of a new set of headphones. I'm quite chuffed, as these might not be expensive, but they're decent JVC ones, and he's put some thought into it. I did say to him before he gave them to me...
  8. Your Christmas List.

    Not sure if this has been done at all but was just wondering what the good people of SZ had on their christmas lists this year? Personally i'd like a new leather holdall for light travelling and some of those funky wireless and sound reduction headphones. It's my birthday on the 23rd so usually...
  9. Slipperduke

    Musical Kryptonite

    Some soft **** in the office has just inflicted The Carpenters - Greatest Hits on us all by whacking it on the office stereo. I now have the headphones on and Metallica's 'One' turned up extraordinarily loud. I feel better, but I'm still in shock. The Carpenters are my musical kryptonite...
  10. chadded


    Amateur Transplants If you go to listen, then click any of the headphones for a listen. I recommend Nothing at all. I'd also recommend making sure the boss isn't around, or any lasses.
  11. Interpol Shrimper

    Friday joke

    A World renowned expert in the sounds of European Wasps is walking down the High St. one day when he spots an advert in his local record shop for "Wasp sounds from around the Globe". On further enquiry he discovers that a vinyl recording of this subject has just been released and a few...
  12. MP3 and other players

    hi there, Just bought a creative jukebox zen MP3 player, and the headphones are cack. Anyone recomend any decent ones to get? Thanks, Tim