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  1. steveo

    Long story, power cuts and a water dowser.

    If I had posted this when it started, it may have had the legs to match MK's fridge post. So i'll keep it short but you may get bored. Earlier this year, probably February time, I saw some damp patches on the left side outside wall of my house. Thought they would dry up but they didn't. We...
  2. Mad Cyril

    Recent DIY wins

    I recently noticed the pressure gauge reading low on my combi boiler. I re-pressurized the system only to notice the pressure drop off again over the next few days. This pointed to a leak in the central heating system which could have involved ripping up newly laid floors at worst and at best...
  3. Ref Watch ...... Shrewsbury A

    We've generally had the better of matches against Shrewsbury over the years - a good time to consolidate that situation! The referee will be Carl Boyeson from Hull, an experienced official in his 13th season who will be officiating his 10th Southend match. The 45 year old, central heating...
  4. Central heating

    Can anyone out there recommend a decent local heating engineer? Got a constant drip from my boiler overflow and it's winding me up. Heating and hot water all fine. If you can pass on the name of anyone local (ss9) I would appreciate it. Cheers
  5. OldBlueLady

    Electric heating systems

    Guys, a bit of help and advice required. I have Economy 7 and night storage heaters which are about 20 years old. They're bulky, discoloured, rubbish during the afternoon and frankly, bloody awful. I know there are electric radiators out there but can't find a great deal of information about...
  6. Fix your heating bill!

    As Scottish Power have kindly raised their gas prices by 19% and Electricity by 10% my advice is to get on a comparison website and get a fixed tariff. I did this, this morning, saved myself £8 p/a but fixed my prices until 2014. Get on it before they wise up and pull the offers, cos you know...
  7. chadded

    Anyone know a good car garage?

    It's only a minor problem, but the pocket rocket (Fiat Punto)'s heating is not working. The dial for hot/ cold air works fine, but the dial for the amount of heat (1-4) just spins round. It will need the facia to come off, but as I'm probably selling her soon, I could do with getting it fixed...
  8. Random pipe thread.

    All, Need a bit of building advice - I've been bashing off (ooer) some quite revolting plasterwork that the previous owner put over two fireplaces in my house. Now on the side of one, I uncovered a copper pipe that doesn't get hot when I put the central heating on. There's no gas fire nearby...
  9. Pale Blue Dot

    my computer keeps shutting its self down

    without warning and powers down totally. then takes about 20 goes to boot up. thought it might be a virus so took everything off of the computer and reinstalled windows and it keeps happening. had a quick look online and its been said that it could be due to over heating but i have moved my...
  10. CSBLUE

    Question Gas & Electricity suppliers...

    Just bought a 2 bed mid terrace house in Southchurch. Had new combi boiler installed and have finally got round to sorting out the Gas and Electricity suppliers. Have a 3 week old boy so heating currently on low/medium 24/7 and with this missus home I guess our electricity consumption is...
  11. DIY help

    Has anyone descaled their central heating system? Mine suffers from terrible banging and clanking and looking online, it maybe that the gasses produced from the limescale is the answer. I'm a bit crap at DIY (well apart from electrics!) and any advice would be appreciated. I have a combination...
  12. Sean 2

    Touring caravans

    ...the type that you tow. Anyone else got one? Mine's an Avondale Dart 556-6 berth with alloys, tinted windows (one shade down from limo black) and soon to be fitted under 'van neons:D What a larf! Wished to god i'd bought one when i was in my twenties, no need for hotel rooms or sneaking about...

    Will the new pitch have?

    Will the new stadium pitch have under soil heating in it? PS if and when we build it?:darkcloud:
  14. pringlejon

    Any boiler people/clever people

    My house is cold. Electrician/Plumber/Corgi people are expensive. All thermostat's are pointing to 22 degrees. Yet house temperature was 16 degrees, so we look at the boiler and come to the conclusion that the radiator thermostat is too low to be able to heat the house. However, this knob has...
  15. The Big Dady

    Brighton's New Stadium

    Brighton's New Stadium starts on 17th Dec Dream will become a reality when work starts on Falmer Some dates are imprinted in the minds of Albion fans. May 21, 1983, and April 26, 1997, are two obvious examples. Now December 17, 2008, can be added to the list. A quarter of a century after...
  16. Question Black gunk

    Ok Shrimperzonians, have a small query... Yesterday I had an electrical fault at home that I had to rectify and when open up the junction box it was full of a tarry, black gunk. Now I've noticed this stuff in the cellar on the central heating pipes and (strangely) underneath the bath. Now I...
  17. DTS

    Have you ever own/worn a "comedy" cartoon tie?

    Sat on the train today I had some right nobber opposite me. Bloke clearly thinking he is the mutts nuts sitting there in a waistcoat (1970s) and had a pocket watch - What a ****. It was hot on the train as the heating was on the Chernyobl setting so even I was hot. Anyway the bloke opposite...
  18. Mad Cyril

    CORGI registered plumbers - boring post alert.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable CORGI registered plumber/heating engineer who works in the Benfleet area? I need a new boiler (Probably a Worcester) installed el pronto. No less than four seperate engineers visited my house last November and not one of the b*****ds bothered to get back to me...
  19. smudger66

    Swansea tickets

    Due to a disaster (my heating has packed up/major gas leak) I will not be able to go to the Swansea game tomorrow. I therefore have 2 tickets up for grabs. Any offers ???? You will have to pick them up in Leigh on Sea.
  20. Winkle

    Could you rough it?

    Just walked my dog monty down by the river (and no he didnt get bashed up the dirt box) and as it was just drawing into dusk, I thought, If there was a nuclear war,and I survived, could I rough it? What I mean buy rough it would be going into "hunter gatherer mode". Could I build a shelter...