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  1. Slipperduke

    Chelsea are back.

    It's time for the world to sit up and pay attention because not only are Chelsea are back, but they're better and more beautiful than I've ever seen them before. On the evidence of this overwhelmingly sexy opening day victory, it seems that The New Paper wasn't the only organisation to get a...
  2. callan

    Interview with a Zoner - part 3.

    Our third interview is with J, a man who has had many guises on on SZ over the years and yet is probably an enigma to most., so lets find out more about him. ----------------------------------------- Q. You've had many zone bans over the years but these days you seem seem to court less...
  3. ian_the_girth

    The hidden records

    Has anyone read the book "the hidden records" before ? wrote by wayne herschel i heard about it on the radio today he claims to have pics obtained from NASA of pyramids on mars !!! theres a website link direct to his site, but it wont load for me... www.thehiddenrecords.com
  4. Slipperduke

    A bullet with Avram Grant's name on it.

    He took them to within a slip of the European Cup and a Steve Bennett of the league, but when a bullet with Avram Grant's name on it came whistling in from the Chelsea boardroom it came as a surprise to absolutely no-one. This good, proud man had always been the wrong choice as Jose Mourinho's...
  5. What to watch this weekend

    Saturday BEST SCI-FI: Doctor Who, BBC1, 6.45pm The Doctor (David Tennant) meets the most important woman in his life - his daughter Jenny - and gets caught up in an endless war. Martha, meanwhile, gets kidnapped on the planet Messaline. BEST DOCUMENTARY: Secrets Of The Forbidden City, BBC2...
  6. SUBBlue

    VirginMedia Crewe vs Southend

    Can't see a post for this unless it is clandestinely hidden in another thread: http://www.football.virginmedia.com/page/southendvideo/
  7. Slipperduke

    Sorry Spurs

    Juande Ramos said earlier this week that the clash with PSV Eindhoven would be a barometer of his team’s progress since he took the helm, but if that’s the case then there’s a grim storm on the horizon. Most people put Tottenham’s abysmal showing at St Andrews last weekend down to a hangover...
  8. Football Manager Live

    Thought i'd give you guys an update on the game as i've been testing it now for 2 months. Since I last posted, they've added a ton of new features to test that'll be included in the release version. The new Match Engine seems Ok... More of a fixed FM08 Engine now but still a little bugs to be...
  9. The General

    Week 4 - The Cup

    Tomorrow is when it starts to get serious for most of us, and the General Stars welcome Goochies Googlies to the General Allstars Arena. A IV battle and my opposition has started the season well in both competition's. His obvious strength is his opening bowlers. He possess 2 £20,000 p/w (one 44k...
  10. Yorkshire Blue


    Any recommendations for any good ones? I'm currently subscribed to about 20 of podcasts, although most of them either seem to have stopped or only have new stuff every 6 months. As there are thousands of them, I'm sure there is plenty of hidden gems out there. So any recommendations? I'll...
  11. Hidden Message

    Can you guess it?
  12. I come in peace and with thanks

    hi shrimpers, two of your guys posted on one of our message boards and i thought it was very dignified of you if its the general consensus to say what you did. the link is http://www.thefootballnetwork.net/boards/read/s115.htm?115,8051402 anyway, as you will see, my reply is as follows...
  13. Come on then...

    Hidden pleasures, what have you discovered that you really enjoyed.. Mine is Buxton and Blue John caverns.. lovely part of the world, and a nice real Bakewell tart from Bakewell.. which is more like a flan to tell the truth.. these are things that are relatively undiscoverd, yet beautiful..
  14. Benji91

    Doing up your tie

    In the gym this morning i noticed an above normal number of blokes doing their ties up in the mirror. Now I find this weird as i can manage to do a tie up perfectly well without the need to look in the mirror, whereas the guy next to me swears he cannot do up his tie without looking in the...
  15. Einstein

    Thursday's Dilemma - Gay or Not?

    Like the website hot or not, I am bringing you a one off special gay or not vote. As many of you will know SZFC went on their first tour since their existance to Amsterdam this weekend. Amazing weekend and all that, however while in the hostel a fellow SZFC player noticed this on another's arm...
  16. NZamba Legend

    The Fruits of Your Labour?

    After a period of sustained work this afternoon (about 35 mins) I decided to treat myself to an orange and I have to say it was absolutely delicious. This got me wondering whether any other Zone fiends had a favourite fruit. I am sure many have but up until now have kept their laurels hidden...
  17. The case of the Curtains ...

    Dedicated to SlipperDuke. Having to set the scene first..This occured about 10 years ago ..I had at that time spent many months decorating my bedroom in the then "Vogue" colours of the time...Beige on Beige. She was a Girl (and I use that term loosly) who I had known some 20 odd years. She...
  18. shrimptank

    Inside the Meeting.

    Well, what an afternoon. Myself, BLUEBLOOD and SUFCEssex got to the meeting and has to blag our way in and finally took our seats in the public gallery about 13.55. There seemed to be a lot of totally pointless wasted time as the councillors, debated the finer details of the application. We...
  19. Southend_Lady

    Bill Paynter leaving?

    Hidden source
  20. Ron Martin & Finance

    The new stadium plans look cracking, but does anyone know how we are to pay for it all? I'm not talking in the long term, because hopefully Ron will have done his sums right, but in the short to medium term. As far as I'm aware Martin Dawn plc lack the finance. Delancey were originally...