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  1. C C Csiders

    My visit to the Doctors

    Firstly, I apologise in advance for sharing this with you (you may feel it too much information!). However, I now feel I know, in a virtual sense, you all on here. Indeed, for what I am about to shar e with you, I could say that I have shared the SZ urinal with you with DtS one side...
  2. MrB

    Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris used live ammunition during all shoot-outs. When the director said he can't, he replied, "Of course I can, I'm Chuck Norris" and roundhouse kicked him in the face. If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris you may be only seconds away from death...
  3. Slipperduke

    Worst Thing To Happen In Bed

    Right, it's officially Friday afternoon and that means storytime. What's the worst thing that has ever happened to you whilst in bed with a lady? Or in bed with a chap if you are a lady. Or any combo, really, it's all cool. It could be a horrific injury, an ill-advised comment, an...
  4. chadded

    Simon Jordan

    This guys a legend. Taken from the Observer: Forget Bruce, trouble starts with true blue Sullivan David Sullivan doesn't like his players. 'They're on £20-30,000 a week and they're not earning it; it makes you resentful,' he says, 'I've reached the stage where I don't like footballers.' Fair...
  5. MrB

    HT - Week 8

    Who needs midfield. Having pi$$ed off my opponent by somehow beating him last week I then nabbed a 0-0 this week despite an absurd midfield difference!! The Horse Shoes Player rating and team formation Team Attitude: (Hidden) Tactic: Normal Tactic skill: (no tactic)...
  6. Southend in the FA Youth Cup

    Can anyone out there help me? I am trying to compile a full list of all the matches that Southend United have played in the FA Youth Cup since its inception. This information is proving pretty hard to come by, so I was wondering if anyone has this sort of information hidden away that they can...
  7. The Artful Shrimper

    An adultish joke

    Bob and his wife Carol are about to go to a "Mime and Masquerade" party which is all the rage. You all go in costumes and throughout the night, face hidden, you are not allowed to speak. Carol unfortuanatly develops a headache and tells husband Bob that she can't make it. "That's a shame," he...
  8. The Emperor's new clothes

    Slight twist on DtS's excellent thread, as suggested by Firestorm. His nominations were Shane Westley and John Keeley. My nominations would be: Flahavan - I see a midget shotstopper who is dodgy at crosses; everyone else sees the best keeper in the division. (although at the moment...
  9. MrB

    Woo and indeed, hoo!

    Having been selected to represent the BDF in the IFC, an Inter-Fed tournament contested between 5 federations I was a bit concerned when I came up against a very useful looking PM trainer away in Germany. As expected he beat me in midfield but in a rare victory for the defence trainer my...
  10. Hidden costs

    Just signed up for the game - it says it is free. Is there any hidden costs on when paying for internet use? Particulalry worried because using work computer to sort out my team!! Can anybody verify?
  11. Lease Expiration AGAIN?!

    On December 5 2002, amidst much celebration, Ron Martin announced that a three-year extension to the lease on Roots Hall which had been signed after plans to move to a new stadium were back on after a deal had been struck with Lansbury. The original lease deal was due to end in March 2003 so...
  12. Einstein

    Evening Echo (KARERS)

    Haven't seen any mention of it on here today, but I noticed a small letter from Sue Steer just reinstating that there is a group called KARERS opposed to any development on Fossetts Farm. Now always in the past the Echo seem to have been behind them, but to put her letter halfway through...
  13. Howard Southwood

    I know Howard Southwood can be a misearble old git but his letter to the EE on Wed night was spot-on. Basically he was telling the blues board to stop "Sitting on their hands" and give Tilly & Brush the job. He questioned if there was a hidden agenda and reason why the standard...
  14. Napster

    Groundhog Day

    My favourite film... Sunday February 1, 2004 The Observer (Today) is Groundhog Day. Perhaps your diary does not remind you of this celebration; mine lists nothing between Epiphany and St Valentine's. Maybe because the 117-year-old Groundhog festival takes place in Punxsutawney, western...