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  1. Blues4LifeDan

    Goal of the season?

    The 2nd goal yesterday was goal of the season in my opinion. The build up play, vision from Cox and run/finish from Marc was brilliant. We all appreciate individual goals from outside the area but yesterdays goal was such a good team goal. When you consider this is the same set of players that...
  2. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-0 Daggers

    You know what to do people. Awful game IMO. Dull as dishwater and we lack zero ideas apart from hoof it. :zzzzz:
  3. John White

    Enough is enough, since his shoulder injury not been the same player. Poor performance at centre half playing hoof ball and should have cost us a goal ,saved by Bentley. At full back decent enough defender but gives us nothing going forward. Time to lose the captaincy John and take a long holiday.
  4. Onion_Bag_Dave

    Get it forward...

    So after that I'm feeling very emotional. The biggest joke of them all is that I hear the same people complaining about us playing direct football now encouraging it! "Don't just hoof it up there, keep the ball" has now become, "hoof it up there stop playing pointless 5 yard passes." So the...
  5. Cricko

    I am confused here

    So what exactly is PS's plan here. We have at least 3 players on board who like the ball to their feet during play, Eastwood, Benyon and Harris, Last season we tried the hoof route to the likes of Dicko etc and to some part it worked.Why sign players who prefer it on the deck if you want to play...
  6. onlyonekingkevin

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-1 Accrington Stanley

    :'( same old !
  7. IloveShrimp

    Paul Sturrock - Director of Football?

    Personally I think that Mr Sturrock has done fantastic in saving our club and some of the signings have been excellent considering the circumastances. However I really do think that he has lost the plot when it comes to team selections and tactics (if there are any apart from hoof!), and I...
  8. TACTICS. Crunch Time.

    We have 3 tactics. 1; Play it out wide, especially from midfield with sideways passing only in their locker, 2; direct (Hoof) up to Dickinson from the back.3; Midfielders bursting through to be an extra striker (Timlin and Ferdinand). This was paying results earlier on in the season as...
  9. Cricko

    Why are we playing rubbish football ?

    With the players in the squad we have, who seem to have talent, why is it we are playing such crap football. Is it that PS knows only one game and that is hoof ball or is it that the formation is completely wrong..I don't mind picking up points but I hate seeing the style of football we have to...
  10. Cricko

    The new players

    Ok let us discuss the new players that have joined the squad this year to hopefully help the mid table team from last year..How do you see there progress so far and give them a rating. This is my opinion. Neil Harris: failed to impress at all so far , maybe the hoof ball has not helped his...
  11. Hoof Ball

    Why oh why are we regularly hoofing the ball up to our front two, instead of playing it along the ground? 9 out of 10 teams in this league hoof the ball but I honestly thought Sturrock would tell the players to keep it on the ground. For points during the game we looked decent playing it...
  12. Results must improve sturrock

    We must start looking like a team now and start playing like one. How long do the club give him? I would have Ricky Duncan as Manager tomorrow at least he gets the kids to play rather than hoof ball
  13. Sturrock on West Ham

    Speaking on Blues player... * Delighted with performance * Pleased to push a Premiership side so much * Please Zabboub and Blair got a run out - but will be 'a while' before they are fit * Great work rate and attitude - showing the attributes that PS likes. * 'Icing on the cake' would be a...
  14. Thrills, Spills and Unpaid Bills - The League One Review Part One

    So, another season bites the dust and it’s all over bar the fighting at the Wembley mud bath. As ever, ten months of football has served up more twists, turns and travesties than a Mail on Sunday honey trap and hopefully this should spread some light on the season just gone. Norwich Starting...
  15. Full backs

    Now im not to moan usually and very positive about the team most times but i cant remember the last time i saw a pair of full backs as poor today. Che Wilson at his worst was far better than what i saw today! Watched Friend at Brighton and he was ok but had the tendency to 'hoof' it. In my...
  16. In it to win it ?

    Racked off with the pessimists all over this board I was falling asleep last night realisingthere was no reason why we can't win this league .... after all Barney is going to stay fit and hit 25 gals - Freedman is going to play only 23 games and contribute 17 goals, James Walker will be...
  17. Slipperduke

    Sven Will It Go Wrong?

    In 2001, in the wake of the dotcom crash, I lost my job. For 18 months, I had been the deputy shift leader of a surly band of financial journalists, charged with staying up all night and reviewing the first editions of the newspapers for a raft of corporate clients. It wasn't much, but it was a...
  18. Magnum PI

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Hereford United 0-1 Southend United

    Just back from Hereford. Didnt think we would edge it once Laurent missed that chance, but we certainly got stronger as the match went on and probably just deserved it, although the penalty was right in front of me, and I would have been pretty peeved to have that given against us. I reckon he...
  19. pickledseal

    Comic Relief...."My mate is a Brighton fan..."

    If the fact that my mate Brett is a Brighton fan is not comedy enough, he's decided to do a Comic Relief fundraiser: "This year I shall be donating money to Comic Relief through the medium of the Seagull Soccerflid Circus. In the biggest 6 pointer since Todd Carty on Celebrity Dancing On Ice...
  20. Silencer

    It's Just like watching Southend...

    ...Sorry to moan but tonight was nothing short of being Dreadfull. It reminded me of the pre-Tilson years when we were down in the doldrums of the bottom division and flirted with mid-table at best year after year. Some of the player's are simply not good enough. Our Midfield tried to...