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  1. The Passing Game

    Thought Friday night just shows you how effective you can be by passing rather than hoofing!! Great display especially in the second half. Hursts cross for Tomlins first was sublime. More of the same please.. P.S. Happy Christmas to all. MR G
  2. Rattus Norvegicus

    How do you defend a lead with 10 minutes to go?

    Perhaps we could share the benefit of our wisdom ............ :winking: I think there is only one way ....... to continue to play in the same method that got you the lead in the first place! Best of all, go and get another goal. (Easier said than done of course but I've always valued a good...
  3. Cricko

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Southend United 0-1 Bradford City

    What an absolute load of toilet.....Worst game I have seen us play in years.
  4. Hoof Ball

    Why oh why are we regularly hoofing the ball up to our front two, instead of playing it along the ground? 9 out of 10 teams in this league hoof the ball but I honestly thought Sturrock would tell the players to keep it on the ground. For points during the game we looked decent playing it...
  5. Stevenage Managers Take on Sending Off - Farcical!!!

    Go on to the BBC Match report and listen to the Stevenage Manager's interpretation of the game and the tackle on Cloughessy - the man must be on drugs!! It has to be one of the worst tackles I have seen in 40 years of watching football. Stevenage have to be the worst team we have played in ages...
  6. Learn from Ricky, Sturrock

    Passion, flair, nice football and a team with a smile on there face Lets put the youth team out at Rotherham Saturday at least you get to see some passion and some free flowing moves not hoofing it and hoping for the best. well done ricky!!!
  7. Please stop the awful hoofing!!!

    I think (maybe wrong) we have players who can keep the ball on the ground so why nearly every time we get the ball in defence the whole of our midfield turn their backs to the player and run away? Also when a midfielder gets the ball he looks up to find everyone static. The movement of the side...
  8. steveo

    Deja Vu

    The game last night and reports by others indicate that without our loan players, we would be struggling badly. Below are a few bits I posted after the cheltenham game in August: Most of these could easily be applied to last night and unless i am mistaken this was the only other game we saw...
  9. steveo

    Got away with it

    1)When Macca got crunched it was plain to see he wasnt giving 100% and should have been replaced by the Moose. 2)Around about that tme we started hitting everything long which we are no good at. 3) Walker, when Sullivan was wasting time with the ball at his feet, you should go to him and make...
  10. Happy New Year...

    ...or not as the case may be. Absolutely woeful performance from us today, never looked a real threat, never looked like we were going to create anything and never looked like we were bothered about the game. Collis - 6 - Virtual spectator for the majority of the game. Made one decent save...
  11. wiggy

    Wiggy's ratings, last night.....

    Collis 6 nothing to do, kicking wayward 1st half Barratt 7 got stuck in and got forward Clark 9 brilliant, quality player if he can cut out the odd mistake Hunt 3 oh dear, not up to the job, got slaughtered 1st half, one of 2 weak links Gower 6 poor 1st half and got involved in aggro, improved...
  12. duncan bulgaria

    People's ideas of Attacking /defending

    After reading most posts of this season on here , and especially last night , something has got me a little baffled. On how people judge a good defender/ forward. For a start my take on defending is as long as you clear your lines and don't let anything past you,then if the ball ends up over...
  13. Alex

    This is what needs to be done

    We need to bring Cole back asap. Hunt, Francis and Clarke are NOT midfielders, so dont play them there. Hammell needs to be dropped. His distribution from the back is terrible. Gower needs to be moved from the flank. He is very creative but his crossing tonight was shocking. I think he could do...
  14. Matt the Shrimp

    Southend v. Tranmere

    Erm... am I missing something here, or has no one managed to put up a match report for our 0-0 draw at Tranmere? Oh well... not much to report, really.  We were as mediocre at Prenton Park as we had been scintillating the previous week against Brentford. I'm too tired tonight to do a big, long...
  15. Southendsleeper

    On the rampage - match report

    A game of two halves. Dodgy first half, too much hoofing it out of defence and hoping that Gray or Goater would get on the end of it. Nathan Jones got a nice reception, his constant back chat to the ref earned him the crowds ire. A dodgy reffing decision lead to a free kick, which unfortunately...
  16. Kenny


    oh dear, upto about the middle of August and not liking it very much at all. The new layout is ok once you get hang of it but so many missing features like not being able offload players by circulating their names to other clubs, Media interaction. I started as Southend and straight away...
  17. wiggy

    Dudders roasted em today,

    Lincoln were full of 6 foot 6 plus stick insects so what do we do, lump it in the air. As soon as Dudfield comes on he whips round the back of them and looks dangerous. Bad team selection i am afraid, all that hoofing was never going to work so a hold up player like Lawrie was a must from the...
  18. chadded

    Driving test.

    Passed first time with 7 minors. Hoofing! To make it even better, I was getting paid to learn, and, I'm getting let loose on trailers and land rovers now.
  19. Matt the Shrimp

    Random stuff

    Some random burblings for you: *Our win against Wycombe was the first time we had won 3 games on the bounce for... well, for absolutely ages.  Can anyone remember when was the last time we did that?  And, before you ask, no - this isn't a quiz.  I don't know when it was! *The unusual feature...
  20. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    The home match against Boston last season was the match when I made my “debut” as an official SZ reporter.  We lost that game 2-0 and the atmosphere afterwards resembled that of a funeral. Stark contrast tonight – the game had everything and for once the Blues did NOT let a large crowd – 5688 –...