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  1. OldBlueLady

    Happy Wedding Day

    I know we've had many a difference over the years, but I'd like to wish our own Trueblue and the soon to be Mrs Trueblue, all the best on their wedding day today. Hope you'll have a day full of happy memories by the end of the day!
  2. Stirring Emoticon

    Any chance of adding: to the list of emoticons? I can think of quite a few zoners who could make good use of it.....
  3. The General

    My avatar

    Now Stanley is out of the question. Who do i change my picture too ...!? Kev
  4. Vange Shrimper

    Just Wondering......

    On the threads, on the different areas of the forums, what is with the blue and red arrows? What do they mean?
  5. chadded

    Groyne Strain

    When you say you take a dim view of underage drinking, do you mean all minors that drink alcoholic beverages, or the 15 year olds who think they are hard by having far too much to drink and making themselves look stupid when the walk home? Now I know it might be illegal, but I like to think...
  6. Bob Cratchitt


    Well the 2nd weeks games has passed us by, how did everyone get on?? I won 4-0 with only nine men on the pitch lost first player (28 mins) and second player (56 mins) 1st Half possesion 92% 2nd Half possesion 93% Top of the table Pl W D L F A Pts 2 2 0 0 9 0 3
  7. England win World Cup

    After a cracking match, and nervous end to the game, England walk out World Champions. Well done Wilkinson, whos drop kick won us the game. Every one in Aussie land believed we could only play rugby one way, but we showed them how its done. Well done to Australia, who got right back into the...
  8. Friday Funny

    There are two Mexicans who have been lost in the desert for weeks, and they're at death's door. As they stumble on, hoping for salvation in the form of an oasis or something similar, they suddenly spy, through the heat haze, a tree, off in the distance. As they get closer, they can...
  9. Spaceman Spiff

    Shrimpers duo handed transfers

    Shrimpers duo handed transfers Morecambe boss Jimmy Harvey has continued the shake-up of his squad by putting striker Wayne Curtis and full-back Chris Lane on the transfer list. Curtis has spent six years at Christie Park and scored 32 goals in 54 starts in the Conference. Former Everton...
  10. Trains to Ipswich?

    Can anyone tell me if trains run from Southend to Ipswich or do I have to go via London or something? I am visiting Southend for the first time tomorrow, and will be at the match on Saturday. I am planning on visiting my brother in Ipswich on Sunday and wondered about the trains, and how often...
  11. Madness

    Finally i get to see them Live !! Tickets came through this morning 8th Dec Has anyone ever seen them Live ?
  12. Leeboy

    Stan Collymore

  13. palexander

    Top Live performances

    For me, after football (and sex!) there is nowt better than live music. Lets have your top 5 live musical performances you've witnessed in person... 1) Faith No More, Brixton Academy (weeks before they split ) 2) Green Day, V98 (I think) - No better band for entertainment. 3)...
  14. MrB

    Hat Trick

    So how did everyone's league campaigns set off? Odysseus find themselves at 1-1 after 68 minutes then suddenly wake up and run out 6-1 victors. Only puts us second in our league though Friendly against Gambero to come, expecting a tonking.
  15. Sandbach Shrimper

    One Jonny Wilkinson!

    What a legend! Good performance today from England,not brilliant,but better than France.Jonny Wilkinson is just superb,the best in the world,and he'll be the key to beating the Aussies.At last England are actually doing well at something
  16. Thanks Duera

    whatever i did the email is now working again. i accessed it over the internet and now it is working. whether it was a fluke or pure genius i dont care . Thanks            
  17. Outlook 6 on blueyonder

    The email account for outlook 6 has been launched for some time, however over last few days, it has not been recieving emails. However the email still sends emails, which do reach the destination. I have tried sending emails to the outlook address however they do not reach the address. I have...
  18. The General

    No Doubt - Its My Life

    ... does the start of the said song sound like the start of an S Club 7 song. If so, which one!? Kev
  19. The General

    Pro Direct Soccer

    How long will i be waiting for my boots to show?! Kev P.s It is a great site and well recommend it if your after some good quality boots. Head HERE to visit the site. Great range of stuff on there. Head to HERE if you want some of last years gear. Most of the stuff is like 50% off and...
  20. 'Todd kops off with his mum'

    Todd, You've been a naughty boy according to the Sun (Mondays edition)