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  1. SUFC_Ross

    World Cup Emoji Challenge

    I've had a lot of fun doing this on group chat with pals this morning! thoufght I'd share, each one is a player going to the world cup. Some very clever, some a bit dubious! Enjoy!
  2. Napster

    Dave Penney

    Sporting Director of York City http://www.nonleaguedaily.com/headlines/incoming-york-sporting-director-penney-explains-club-roles.html
  3. Tommy2holes

    When will we make our first signing?

    I know people always harp on that it's too early etc but it's now 5 weeks and it doesn't sound imminent that there will be a new signing incoming. Other clubs have managed to sign some very good players. I don't buy into the myth that you should wait. If a player is there to be signed and is...
  4. Nile Ranger suspended for recent misdemeanour

    Chris just tweeted working on a big story..... what do we reckon? Stadium news? Ranger in more trouble? Transfer news, incoming or outgoing?
  5. Challenge yourself **Migrant death - contains disturbing picture**

    Look at the photos and think what you can do, and what we as a country should be doing. Literally, the bodies of toddlers are washing up on our holiday resort beaches. We have the capacity to be doing so much better...
  6. New kits are incoming!!

    Will be released next weekend as per tweet from the club. Should please a few on here. Will be be debuted against West Ham.
  7. OldBlueLady

    Suarez....flawed genius

    Think of Bilel Mohsni, then multiply that maverick attitude to a world class player, and there you have Louis Suarez. His behaviour in the Liverpool v Chelsea game today, biting an opponent, was nothing short of disgraceful, and yet, the skill of the player leaves you wondering what the heck...
  8. fbm

    Sturrock still to lead team out at Wembley

    Official statement now up. PS contract not renewed at end of season. New manager appointed tomorrow. PS still to lead team out at Wembley and manage them for the day. Coughlan for manager then? Would any other new incoming manager accept that scenario?
  9. Vodafone

    Found this on another forum, had me in stitches! Dear All I thought I would share my ongoing, and unresolved, problems with Vodafone in case anyone had never used their crummy tax-avoiding service before. In summary, I have spoken to a total of 14 (forteen) different customer services...
  10. Can a footballer learn to control anger?

    Or for that matter can any human being learn to control anger? Well the simple answer is yes we can learn to control anger. But in general anger cannot be managed simply by someone trying harder next time to avoid getting angry (as some seem to think). I have never heard of footballers...
  11. Paul Sturrocks Charity Drive

    Apparently (and again, I've not seen it with my own eyes), Paul Sturrock goes on the beg in the Echo today. He puts an appeal out for furnished place on the outskirts of town that a fan would like to rent (for him, or a doss house for the incoming players????) and also if any fans want to go...
  12. Midweek Dilemma

    Katy Perry. Would you, Could you, Should you... Even though she's wearing a Wet Sham shirt at the time?
  13. The Man from Uefa. He say Okay.

    Strikers around the world rejoice! You can indeed feign a collision with a goalkeeper, be awarded a penalty, and even escape punishment when replays show you for the cheat you are. UEFA bowed to Arsenal's appeal and today retracted Eduardo's two-game ban levied at him in the wake of his antics...
  14. Aberdeen Shrimper

    Setting up a basic home network

    I am looking to set up a home wireless network. I have brought a wireless printer, a router that has a wireless adapter dongle thing and next month will be getting a new laptop. I currently have a little box called a speedtouch provided by Toucan (Pipex) it has to outlets, one to the incoming...
  15. MisterStubbs

    Would League 2 be that bad?

    Now im know we are not yet certain to go down and we are in a strong posistion to stay in League 1. But ask yourself, would League 2 at this moment in time be that bad for the club? Like a lot of you, i am frustrated with the poor performances and the lack of transfers going through but i...
  16. Uncle Leo

    US Sports - The Bill Simmons manifesto

    ESPN's Bill Simmons outlines what he'd do if he was made Obama's "Sports Tsar". Some crackers in here... Creations: A college football playoff system; a uniform boxing organization; a better trophy for the World Series; championship belts for the defending NBA champs that they must bring to...
  17. Slipperduke

    "squeaky-bottom time."

    For the first time since 1968, the destination of the title will be decided on the last day between two teams on level points. One slip-up, one mistake, and an entire season's hard work will come crashing down around the ears of one unfortunate manager. Hundreds of millions of people will crowd...
  18. Bob Cratchitt

    c2c Latest

    I have just been sent this
  19. Pale Blue Dot

    Calling all Indie Loving Shrimperzoners

    Hi, So my band are playing in London on January 21st all the details are below. Its quite a big deal for us so it would be wicked to see some of you there Matty The Colours Play London @ The Fly on New Oxford Street (nr Tottenham Court Road, Map below)...
  20. Smiffy

    Deadline Day Rumours Thread

    I thought I would take it upon myself to create a fresh thread for any rumours you have heard regarding incoming/outgoings at our beloved club.. Fire away people... I'll start.. Paul Hayes to sign at lunchtime. ;)