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  1. Just realized I never introduced myself

    Hi all, I'm 30 odd posts in already but I didn't introduce myself when I joined which was rude so here goes. From the age of 2 until nearly 7 my family lived in The Hague so, when we came back to live in Saarfend, I knew nothing of english football. A school friend showed me book that had...
  2. Slightly concerned

    I do not wish to introduce any negativity to CP's reign but something is concerning me. It seems Chris does not fancy Elvis or Kyp. Wabo out on loan and what happened to Ba ? I thought when Chris arrived the youth would be encouraged and given chances. Seems only Dru is considered worthy. What...

    Doncaster Information

    Hello everyone First can I introduce myself I am the Supporter Liaison Officer at Doncaster Rovers. I am here just to post a quick message and some information regarding your visit to the Keepmoat Stadium. On Saturday the Southend fans will be allocated our North Stand, which holds around...
  4. Proposed Football Rule Changes

    When I first saw this on social media yesterday, I thought it was another piece of "Fake News", but perhaps it's not. The main stream media (newspapers and Sky Sports News etc) seem to be following the story. Have Fifa & Marco Van Basten completely lost the plot? or do you welcome these...
  5. Massimo Giovanni

    10 yard spray

    It is obvious to me that the ref using spray has helped in prem games. Yesterday's game with Shrews saw a few disputes over getting the wall back and keeping it in place. Don't the Football League and Ref's Association witness the improvement? AND why don't they get on board and introduce it in...
  6. Hello

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself to Shrimper Zone, I now live in Greater Manchester, but come from Hockley, My first Southend match was the famous Liverpool game in 79 ( yes i know, glory hunter !). Still go and watch the blues, when they are up norf, and get to about 5 home games a season...
  7. Smiffy

    Football training for 3-6 year olds...

    Our very popular Southend "Manor Mini's" training session for 3-6 year old's (Boys & Girls of all abilities) is back from this Saturday 31st Aug, 11:15am-12:15pm at Southchurch Park, with our "UEFA A" coach Dave Thompson, who was involved with the SUFC COE not that long ago. And at the same time...
  8. New Here

    Hi friends my name is Omarion i am new here i recently join this great community this is great forum to get information i read out all the threads on this forum and get pretty knowledge and also shared my knowledge in this forum.... Anyways would you like to introduce your self...??
  9. scrounger

    Smooth Operator: 27 ways to make girls smile.... NOT SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE

    Number 22 makes me laugh... 1. When she asks how she looks, shrug and say "could be better" - this will keep her on her toes. And girls love that. 2. Never hold her hand. This can be interpreted as a sign of weakness, (or if she grabs your hand, squeeze hers really really hard until she...
  10. Winkle

    Your top soooooooooooul grooves!

    Kicking off from crickos disco day a couple of weeks ago for all us over 30 somethings, I would welcome your favorite soul/funk track because believe it or not "the days of hot pants" are coming back....... just for a day or two on S.Z. Any way pop pickers I am going to introduce to you my...
  11. BrettieAngell

    Metal Monday Pt. 15

    SUFC_Al is currently exiled in Kiddermnister (poor *******!) so I'm doing metal Monday this week in his absence! This week I would like to introduce one of the most influential Metal bands this country has produced and the pioneers of the genre Grindcore Napalm Death. This band first formed in...
  12. SUFC_Al

    Metal Monday Pt.13 (Again not for the faint hearted)

    Hailing from Buffalo, New York this band helped shape a genre. Even some of their own fans are split as to which 'version' of Cannibal Corpse they prefer, with the band shifting to uber-detuned guitars and adding more slower, groovier riffs from their original thrash metal influenced early...
  13. MrB

    One to Start the Weekend - Week 33

    Davros is deprived of the interweb at the mo so has nominated me as proxy to introduce this weeks track. Not being an officianado of the genre, I know nothing about this track however Wiki tells me it hit the heady heights of #34 in March 2001 but was then re-released in Feb 2002 and got to #7...
  14. Smiffy

    TrueBlue - New SUFC Ultra's Group..

    Whilst watching the Besiktas V Liverpool game on Wednesday night, it amazed me how much colour and noise the Besiktas Ultra's created.. So it got me thinking.. We should create our own group of Ultra's, to help improve the atmosphere when we move to Fossetts Farm. My idea's/thoughts are as...
  15. DTS

    Are your partners mate good looking and is this a bad thing?

    Last night Mrs DtS had a day off so she could help one of her mates go flat hunting. She text me about 3pm to say did I mind if he mates stays for dinner - No skin of my nose so of course she can stay. I was sort of looking forward to seeing her mate as Mrs DtS keep telling me she is the best...
  16. Say No To Id Cards

    As most people, know the age of big brother is upon ,us your movements are tracked from cradle to grave, and the latest imposition by this goverment of ours is to introduce the id card, which at current rates is going to cost £199 and will be offence if you lose it!!! But there is still time to...
  17. fbm

    fbm at the Marlborough Head

    As there seem to be various threads on these forums about the Marlborough, I thought I'd take the opportunity to advise that my duo, "How Bizarre", are at the Marlborough Head on Thursday 27th September. Any zoners who are there feel free to come up and introduce yourselves. Cheers
  18. Ricey

    Shocking Decision's!!!

    After watching MOTD! Two incidents: Wayne Routlidge's disallowed goal for spurs and David Healy's disallowed goal for Fulham. They need to introduce a sort of hawk eye system cause this is getting silly, I mean teams like us could lose points because of ****e decisions of linesmen and ref...
  19. andrew_sthnd

    Roots Hall

    I am very much looking forward to the new stadium - I feel it will really push the club on to new levels but I tell you one thing; I ain't half gonna miss Roots Hall! I was sitting at the game last night and thinking about how much I loved the place. I still get that surge of adrenaline every...
  20. An open letter to Southend United

    Dear SUFC, I am posting this open letter because whenever I have emailed the club over the years I have never received a reply. I am a season card holder with my young son in the West Stand and was appalled at the lack of segregation on offer at today's match with West Ham, and...