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  1. Shrimp and two veg

    Elvis or Dimi ?

    I've been so impresed with Elvis since he broke through with Phil Brown. He's a real SCP kind of player too, fantastic mobility, seems his attitude is good, has real pace and covers his centre backs intelligently. A ball winner that doesnt sell himself, whereas as much as i like Jason Dimi he...
  2. enough of Jack Payne cant play in midfield

    JP looked the best player on the pitch, for 30 min, i would really like to see PB include him in his starting eleven. Those that say he cant play in a 442, because his tracking back isnt all it should be, imo are missing the point, i would rather win 3 2 than 1 0, that imo would get more fans...
  3. Shrimp and two veg

    Looking ahead with Phil

    So chatting to my West Ham friend and drawing obvious parrallels with Sam Allardyce and Phil Brown, no suprise as they worked together that Phil's style should draw many similarities. Both managers have really racked up the wins and points when their squad and more importantly their best players...
  4. thenobster

    Goal of the month

    Isnt it sad that t FIVE goals available o vote for in Augusts' goal of the month, includes Lee Barnards' penalty? Not enough others from free play to makeup the numbers. Also, how many included Corr in the set up, for all you knockers. he's still an important part of the team.
  5. question ???

    Why did we sign besentie Gomes it must be going through other fans minds as to why Phil brown has brought him in only for him to monly see the pitch during the warm ups .And then sit on the bench game after game .Surly if this guy was good enough then give him some game time .IF he isnt then why...
  6. Football Vs Homophobia campaign

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26021176 i see our name isnt on the list of clubs backing the campaign, does anybody else think we should be?
  7. new centre backs and centre mids

    so we've been given 150-180k for Ryan Cresswell, while im sad to see him go and thank him for his efforts, we have to look to the future without him, and who should replace him, i think bennett isnt who we want, to injury prone for me, who do people think we should sign?? also i think we...
  8. Question youth team

    having seen crewe have a successful youth system, and hearing that ours isnt that bad, i was wondering, does anyone know who is in our youth team, and what type of contracts their on at the mo
  9. Question How do you feel!

    Im 28000 miles away in Melbourne, its now 8-47am here ,and after reading all your threads on the game i feelso bloody low ,my day as been ruined by the inept display by the team i love, got to feel for all you loyal supporters their in the home of my birth.You pay good money , go out in the cold...
  10. Is it the poor home form

    I have a thought on the so called nerves at home that gives the team the poor home stats . When we play away with such freedom .Is it that the playing surface on other grounds is better than at Rootshall .The pitch at the hall isnt at its best .The goalmouths look like a muddy bog and lots of...
  11. What would your Team be if everyone was fit?

    Was thinking today if we had a fit squad who'd id like to see play; Smith (Still unsure on him but experience over Bentley is useful at this level) Clohessy - Phillips - Cresswell - Barker (Pace may let him down) Hurst - Timlin - Tomlin Freddy Corr - Assomlobonga this would be my...
  12. onlyonekingkevin

    Question Jeremy Christie ???

    i wasnt at the wakering game so i didn't even know he was playing let alone how he played . on paper he seems a good player but the games isnt played on paper . did he look like a good player ?
  13. shrimperjon

    West Ham - Saturday

    I was thinking today about the West Ham game this saturday and how quiet evrything is leading up to this game. Nothing on the website, re ticket sales etc. Does anyone know how they have gone? Also based on the fact we have no GK (Bentley apart) and only one CM available (Kane, assuming MT...
  14. Longest serving player?

    With Grant gone, our 'longest serving player' stat is going to be quite unique in its lowness isnt it? Who is it anyways? I'm guessing Clohessey with around 90 appearances?
  15. Kent Shrimper

    Hodgson next England Manager

    Not inspired by this at all, isnt it just another Maclaren?
  16. The fat lady still isnt signing

    Now I know its clutching at straws but if the strange things were to happen and Torquay only draw the last home game .And crawley drew against A Battleing Hereford .then we beat Oxford then the last sataday would be fun with the other two away and us at home . Still at worse we have cemented our...
  17. Official Match Thread Southend United V Crawley

    Same lineup then from the win V Burton, going for a 2-0 win. Belford, Clohessy, Barker, Phillips, Hills, Sawyer, Timlin, Grant, Martin, Sampson, Harris. Prosser, Ferdinand, Dickinson, Benyon, Baldwin. Gilmartin, James, Cummings, Mills, Davis, Simpson, Bulman, Davies, Torres, Batt, Clarke...
  18. Strykr

    Will Sawyer ever play for the first team again?

    As the title suggests, will he get the chance again? Seems Sturrock isnt a fan, or at least not a fan of Sawyers ability to learn/tow the line. I think he's got a lot of potential myself, and at the very least I think he should be an impact sub to change the game. If PS wont ever play him...
  19. thenobster

    Question What if.........................we get promoted?

    Can we afford it? The back bone of a new squad would be required on higher wages that we may not be able to afford. Would the crowd increase significantly thus bringing in the revenue? Could we afford to wait an extra year whilst the new ground gets built? Now I admit my finger isnt on...
  20. shrimperjon

    W block and the Blue Voice

    I would first like to say that in no way am i criticising the Blue Voice, i would like to make a few points and ask a few questions. My reasoning behind this thread has come about from watching last nights Palace v Cardiff game and the atmosphere created initially by the Cardiff fans but more...