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  1. RobM

    Away fans treatment

    Is it just me (quite likely) or is anyone else a tad miffed about how away supporters are generally treated as second-class? Poorer view, ghastly toilets, can't see the scoreboard, higher price tickets (£28 at Peterborough for some) just some examples. Not everywhere I agree but certainly some...
  2. The Big Dady


    Is the Zone protected from the latest ransomware called "WannaCry" that attacks Windows operating systems and infecting them around the world? Serious question, as I do not want to loose my Shrimpers football fix. Is this Pandemic which has now spread to over 100 countries, is it that...
  3. RHB

    Just in case you want to know

    It's been a long hot summer so far and there has been some pretty strongly felt feelings posted on here, especially in Chit-Chat. As with all things, strongly held views can sometimes manifest themselves in a heated way. I've just reminded myself of what some of the SZ basic rules are, and I've...
  4. Lets make lots of money.

    There is a lovely house for sale in our village for a massive 10,000 euros which is about £7,500 so if any one wants to wack it on their credit card let me know. Two bed but can be made into a 4/5 bed,on the pilgrim route and great for airbnb and holiday lets so should pay for itself in around...
  5. Rob Noxious

    Memory Lane FM247: Radios In Motion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrZyqo-kiZE&nohtml5=False This might resonate a little for anyone who's come back to Southend after a little while away. I was staying in town over the w/e and was at a bit of a loose end between an afternoon curry and seeing a gig at The Railway. I had a...
  6. RHB

    It's time for my reality check

    The season to date has been about unexpected highs and predictable lows. We got promoted by taking the last (4th) promotion place, doing so with a fairy tale ending at Wembley. That sort of finish to the season has tended to cloud our reality genes and we therefore believe we can do it again...
  7. OldBlueLady

    Mr Kettle caused a little steam to be let off yesterday....

    Really surprised this hasn't popped up on here as yet - at least, not as far as I've seen. AFC Wimbledon v Accrington Stanley, our friend, Trevor Kettle the ref. So, resident refs and members of SZ, what do we make of this? Was he right or was he wrong? Certainly I think the majority of refs...
  8. Levvog

    Long overdue!

    There was I thinking Social Media provided everything I needed when I finally realised there was even more to be gained from being a part of ShrimperZone too! Attending games since the seventies, when you could rattle around the enormous south bank and watching the European Champions Liverpool...
  9. Cheeky bar-steward (Cov fan article)

    Q How concerning have their last couple of results been? The defeat at Southend seemed particularly surprising. When looking at our last 10 league fixtures, we lie 18th in the form table. That speaks for itself and if we don't get back to winning ways soon, the play-offs will begin to look...
  10. Rusty Shackleford

    The Clock Ticks On

    From Mark Steyn: The world divides into those who sincerely believe in that "Coexist" sticker and those who think it's a delusional evasion. After all, if it weren't for that big Muslim crescent "C" at the front, you wouldn't need a bumper sticker at all: That peace-symbol "O"? It's Muslims...
  11. londonblue

    Play Off Final DVD - My Own Version

    I've been experimenting with a Dazzle. I've started with the first period of extra time, and have copied that onto my PC from the Sky box. On the PC the quality seems to be quite good, even if it’s not the HD quality it was originally recorded in. Part of the reason for that is because I used a...
  12. Team line up for Sat

    The back 5 picks itself...
  13. southchurch

    Tranmere shows what could happen

    Despite the fact that Ron gets abused on this site on a regular basis, Tranmere Rovers proofs just how hard it is to make a club of this size pay for itself and flourish. Lets look at Southend and Tranmere. Both have spent the majority of their life's kicking around the bottom 2 levels of the...
  14. BoyWonder2

    Referee & Assistant Referee Required

    I'm hoping the good folk of Shrimperzone would be able to help me. As most of you know, I'm organising a Charity Football Match and Family Fun Day on Sunday 17th May in support of Essex Air Ambulance http://www.shrimperzone.com/vb/showthread.php?83649-Charity-Football-Match-amp-Family-Fun-Day...
  15. £10,000,000 per game !

    10 million per game is the amount SKY and BT have paid for the prem. Now will we see ticket prices reduce ? I doubt it. The Premiership is eating itself !
  16. DoDTS

    Slight re-shuffle

    The general set-up for the Prediction League is 4 sessions a year with 13 fixtures in each, i.e. 52 fixtures in all. That is 46 League matches and six cup matches from the FA Cup, League Cup and JPT. However we have been let down by the Cup performances this year and only have a maximum of 49...
  17. Goodbye PB.

    Its early in the season but I have had enough. I truly thought PB could be a good appointment but I am sick and tired of his ridiculous ways. We have a toothless attack force and PB has the audacity to say he wants to get clean sheets at the back and let the attack take care of itself. Here we...
  18. Napster

    Phil the Pundit

    This Brown thing is a complete non-story. The Sun is owned by the same person who owns Sky, who employ Phil to do punditry etc. So, Phil clearly does not have a problem with his employer otherwise he wouldn't be working there last night. And the story itself is old and hardly news-worthy...
  19. lee bradbury is a legend

    Good Omen?

    When we won our League Two Play Off Semi back in 2005 at home it was on the same day Arsenal last won The FA Cup. I'm hoping history repeats itself tomorrow :)
  20. Question Companies House latest

    Probably not much relevance to this is but let's face it Ron doesn't normally do something for nothing, unless the nothing is pay tax. Geoffrey King Now all over the place as he has just been appointed as director of an additional number of Ron's companies (he's already on the board of SUFC &...