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  1. New Training Ground

    This morning there is a JCB clearing ground at the top of Fossets Way.It seems to be the area where the training pitches will be.
  2. shrimperjon

    Dome update

    Just dropped my son off at Boots and Laces as he is playing for Sufc in Kent today. As we are waiting what should pull into the car park but a large lifting JCB. It came in then proceeded to turn round and drive out. Also standing near by was a member of the ground staff. I asked what was that...
  3. The Big Dady

    JCB Digger seen at Fossetts Farm

    JCB Digger was seen this morning at the roundabout at Fossetts Way/Sutton Road, looked like it may have been removing the hedge row.
  4. Southminster_Shrimper

    The Most Bizarre Thread - Index (Pages 79-145)

    THE BIZARRE THREAD – SUMMARY OF PAGES 79-145 Names key: Mr RG - BrettieAngel Mrs RG - Vange_Shrimper S_S - Me I_S - Irish Shrimper Huttons - SUFCHutton and Amy Special Announcement ·...
  5. Southminster_Shrimper

    The Most Bizarre Thread - Index (First 78 Pages)

    An index or a guide..... - Jay Shrimpers New Sex Mad Chick (assistance provided by Playgirl_Bunny) - Essex Girls Being After Just Money (vigorously refuted by Vange_Shrimper) - Romantic Gestures (including flowers, meals out, etc) - The Love Life Of Young Mr Hutton (From Page 5 – surprisingly...
  6. * ORM *

    Don't mess with JCB Drivers

  7. * ORM *

    JCR Digs himself a hole !

    Oh sorry. That should read JCB !      
  8. wiggy

    Jay Smith,

    His first 4 touches belonged in the Premier$hite, his vision is unbelievable and he is only on the bench. Along with Freddy and JCB they moved the game up 3 gears when they came on!