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  1. DTS

    How many people are employed by the club?

    Just wondering as a matter of interest - Including players, staff, back office etc etc how many FULL TIME jobs do you reckon there are at the club. I am going for 75.
  2. Jam_Man

    Bell - Petrol Station Cloning...

    My mum had her card cloned at the petrol station at the Bell. Whats the world coming to ? These people have nice jobs with flexible working hours where they get their own office and are their own boss, yet they still turn to crime. Beware....
  3. DTS

    Your "I wonder where I would be now" Moment.

    You know the feeling. Sometimes you sit there and think I wonder what if that moment or decision you made had not been made. Mine has got to be the day I got my first job in Mortgages. I had been for loads of random interviews and had no idea what I really wanted to do. had loads of knock...
  4. Napster

    Scriven interview

    From the Trust newsletter, I quote the juiciest bits “We were in League Two when I started here, and we have won two promotions in my time at the club. I’m really the tactical mastermind behind Steve Tilson and Paul Brush!” “The club have progressed at first team level, and in turn, we have...
  5. DTS

    More on Racism in Football.

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/6376121.stm I really hate Garth Crooks. Is it me or is this just another load of bollocks. The so called "Top Black Managers" that havent got jobs are Keith Alexander who has a pretty basic record and Leroy Rosenior who was cack at Brentford. :finger:
  6. dead already?

    Once again it seems that the Minority will outweigh the Majority. I have lived in Southend all my life and have supported our team for over 35 years but once again it seems the backward thinking of this council and a few select groups will stop any progress as far as our New Stadium and future...
  7. Ten Reasons why Steve Tilson

    1 - He played in a team which won back to back promotions 2 - He saved us from relegation in his first season as manager 3 - He managed a team that won back to back promotions 4 - He took us to our first ever national cup final, 5 - and then repeated the feat a year later 6 - He has taken us to...
  8. * ORM *

    IE Fonts - Bloody Kids

    Since the kids were unleashed on the PC this morning my IE fonts on certain pages (especially the search page) are double, if not treble, the usual size. This is a bit of a bummer if you're trying to search for jobs as everything is taking twice as long with all the additional scrolling. It...
  9. East Yellow Moaning Squad!

    This is a bit of a rant.. Aimed not at our fabulous team after an heroic display but at some of our fans.. I have a season card in East Yellow row O and 6 weeks into the season am constantly diappointed to hear some of our fans shouting out at Tilson during games - a guy 2 rows in front of me...
  10. DTS

    Football on a Sunday

    )Just in the process of doing a mortgage for an Italian bloke at the moment. Mad Inter fan. Anyway was talking about football and I was demostrating my complete lack of interest in Italian football when a good point cropped up. He said he is annoyed as he has to work on a Saturday and doesn't...
  11. * ORM *

    Dodgy Porn Picture on Zone

    Come on mods - do your jobs Ban this spammer
  12. Shrimper2thecore

    The Summer

    Anywhere recruiting for summer jobs now? Thought i would ask you lot on here, as the employers who told me I had a job appear to be trying to screw me over!!
  13. Stats

    SZFC Big Brother Special

    SZFC Big Brother Special Line Up ORM Shags Leeboy Leopard Kev (The General) Toddy Stats Andee (Bob Cratchitt) Mr B Carter (Carter True Blue) Napster Barris Einstein Dangle (Shrimpersarmy) WK 1: All housemates get on reasonably well however by the end of the week Kev's general mincing...
  14. C C Csiders

    Who will get these jobs

    At least these seven managerial jobs are available. I predict (based on gut feeling, and some media reports) the following: Middlesbrough - El Veg Charlton - Peter Taylor Ipswich - Plankinson Sunderland - (a bit of a wild card, this one) Gary Johnson Forest - Martin O'Neill Millwall - Mick...
  15. fbm

    The League Paper

    Front page advert for an article inside headed up "TILSON: WHY I WON'T BE TOP BOSS". Now there's me thinking this was a huge pledge to us for his future. Reading the article - a big double page spread - it is referring to the fact that he feels foreigners and top ex-Prem...
  16. fbm

    Tilly to Charlton?

    On Talksport this morning Alan Brazil and Graham Beecroft were discussing the possible successors to Alan Curbishley at Charlton, and thought that an up and coming young manager, like Phil Parkinson or Steve Tilson, both of whom have done excellent jobs, would be in the frame. With Sir Chris...