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  1. IloveShrimp

    Players attitude

    Someone (a loyal supporter and season ticket holder) I was sitting next to in the West Stand last night, suggested something that I really hadn't thought of before. His statement was: "Club wants to get promoted - players don't!" When I asked him what he meant he said, "most of the players...
  2. Napster

    Jobs etc

    I thought it might be an idea for everyone to state their job title, or whether they're students/carers etc. That way we can avoid any arguments as to who said what. Of course, anyone on Linkedin, can join the Southend United Fans in Business group. Barry the Dog has just joined. Me: freelance...
  3. Regional growth fund

    After months of the coalition doing their best to eliminate any chance of economic growth they have finally announced a policy that suggests that they haven't entirely forgotten the meaning of the term 'econmic growth'...
  4. Does the Marketing leave a lot to be desired ?

    Similay to the Tara has backfired article. I believe the marketing area of the Club is not as good as it was when Brian Wheeler was at the helm. Admittedly things were easier then as we achieved back to back promotions. For me things could still improve in this capacity but as someone...
  5. Club re-invigoration needed?

    A few have posted that they are not best pleased with how the ticket office is operating and that the promoting / marketing of the Club is not as good as it was when Brian Wheeler was here. Maybe things were easier back then as we were in the Championship. I for one think the Club could be...
  6. Fairy Jobmother - Southend.

    Glad the girls found jobs but did anyone else feel the show had been edited to show Southend in the worst possible light?
  7. pickledseal

    Question Anyone else on strike next Thursday in Southend?

    I'll prob join the rally in Southend High Street at 12.30pm: http://www.j30strike.org/location/southend/ ------------ Defending our pensions to protect education For every teacher, lecturer and leader, educating our students is the most important aspect of our working life. And it’s for this...
  8. Thorpe Groyney

    RBS Marriage Cheat Revealed

    So there we have it, while Sir Fred Goodwin was screwing up everyday people's money, jobs, etc, he was also doing something similar in his private life, though not to his wife. A bank employee no less. All whilst trying to hide behind a High Court judge at the same time. Such a busy man. Did...
  9. Jam_Man

    No need to worry about the future of SUFC - Judgment day 21st May 2011

    Nice knowing you lot but Ill be raptured tomorrow no doubt as its Judgement Day apparently. Wish Id known earlier as wouldnt have bothered paying some of my bills this month. There are actually some idiots who truly believe this wont happen. Atheists eh ?! Nutjobs...
  10. milhouse

    Tube Strikes

    Not on the politics sub-forum as I don't see this as political but common sense. I note that the RMT intend to strike 2 x 3 days over two weeks in order to save the jobs of, er, TWO of their members. Here's a shock, they just happen to be senior union activists. I don't wish to be...
  11. smudgster

    Southend against the cuts

    Before the game against Gillingham i and several others will be handing out fliers advertising a march through southend protesting against the government cuts and the attack on the welfare state. These cuts will affect everybody including SUFC who will be hit by the knock on affect of people...
  12. Thorpe Groyney

    Top Gear: Alan Partridge Speaks Out

    Good column here from Steve Coogan. "As a huge fan of Top Gear. I normally regard the presenters' brand of irreverence as a part of the rough and tumble that goes with having a sense of humour. I've been on the show three times and had a go at their celebrity-lap challenge, and I would love to...
  13. Benfleet A1

    Now I Know What the Helmets For.

    Since joining my new company things have moved along in the recovery world for me. My gaffer is one of these chaps who wont ask you to do something he wouldn't or couldn't do himself which is in sharp contrast to the last lot. He loaths paperwork and if the true is told, sitting in his office...
  14. Sandbach Shrimper

    Blame the Manager?

    Just read this article - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/9346616.stm - and with all the speculation about the jobs of Grant, Hodgson and Ancelotti and the number of managers who have been sacked in the last couple of weeks, it's got me thinking. Why is always the managers who get the...
  15. Jack The Flag

    Part time jobs

    Anyone know of any part time jobs in retail or anywhere else for a 17year old?
  16. Lord Football

    Food For Thought.

    I've been a bit quiet on here for a while, frankly the whole political arena is depressing. Even so, I've busy doing what I do. I thought I'd share some thoughts.... The Recession The recession was caused, in essence, by the collapse of the banking industry that took a gung-ho approach to...
  17. Thorpe Groyney

    Blues Call Centre Staff Are Laid Off

    For the record, another Echo article confirming staff redundancies (Christine Sexton, Wed 7 July 2010) Southend United have laid off call centre staff at the club in the wake of mounting financial pressure. Young people employed to sell Southend United branded products to shops and season...
  18. Thorpe Groyney

    FA Cup Draw On 1 July

    1pm at FA Headquarters. Details of who our local sides get will be posted as soon as I get them (by the way it should be noted that a full Southend Manor first team squad were back for pre-season training last Thursday). Basildon United have had the dubious distinction of being mentioned in...
  19. Pale Blue Dot

    its been a slow day applying for jobs

  20. ldnfatso

    Jobcentre advertising Porn Jobs!